38 special cast bullet load data

A 4 inch barrel would be my choice as well. ALL THESE LOADS ARE PLUS P, SPECIAL HOT - 21,000 PSI 9 and others like 2400 2 5.3 gr. In a nutshell & I mean very short version. 2 4.0 gr. I never really set my sights, in a manner of speaking, on the .38 cartridge like I did other rounds. Only the Model 60 sometimes have factory installed grips that are not worthless. The big medicine was delivered by a 1911, but S&W K frames (favorites were Models 12 & 64) took care of everything else. True Blue 3.78 gr. The beauty of shooting a .38 is that you can easily practice at the ranges you’d fight at using basically any cheap bullet at minimal expense. 838 And this is a guy who normally trusted nothing but a 45 acp. (Note (+P) means higher pressures, use in guns I’ve also switched from lead to Berry’s Preferred copper plated bullets. I just don’t like practicing with it. 889 And Vihtavouri's N320 Thanks for the excellent article, Josh! 773 fps * If all you practice with is the easy comfortable stuff, it’s not really practice. 10. .38 Special is a lot more comfortable in a service size revolver like my Model 10. I’ve been looking for a reason to get into reloading, and am particularly intrigued by the extremely long case life of .38 Special. I dont miss lubing cases……carbide is king! 782 minimum H4227 (+P)11.0 gr. Compac for my little finger to wrap around under the butt. Unique 4.5 gr. And if you’re doing that with a snub….let me know… I wanna watch you shoot em. 820 PowerPistol 6.2 gr. Recoil in that gun is less than most 45 ACP 1911’s I have shot, and its still got around 500-600ft lbs of energy which is more than enough for feral hogs around the ranch back home. For those who have issues using auto pistils, due ti arthritis or other medical issues with the hands an LCR or 642 is a great choice. hi=849 lo=728 ES=122 (powder up and down) I carry my M642 extensively, but I only shoot it occasionally because it is a snappy little b!tch with standard loads. 1,090 231 (+P) 4.4 gr. Clays 3.5 gr. 723 (in 7" bbl)(same in 4 5/8" bbl) +P? Bullseye 4.5 gr. It’s hard to find those swaged SWCs and hollow point bullets anyone; it seems everyone is only interested in hard cast for velocity and penetration. One cool load I’m working on is two pellets of 000 Buck. 964 (+P) CAREFUL! Then duplicate with reloads for practice. 6.) 760 2 3.6 gr. Unique 4.9 gr. 540 (+P) 8.2 gr. No. bullets have been sized and lubricated. hi=859 lo=743 ES=116 *(my personal medium load) 756 FPS minimum 697 (mild load) Universal 3.5 gr. hi=740 lo=648 ES=92 (powder up and down) No more lead in the barrel or on my hands. Send the cylinder out to get cut for moon clips and adapted to 9mm, so you can shoot both 38/357/9mm and use all on moon clips. I carried a lightly customized 4 inch heavy barrel model 10 for years, with a black cerakote job. Competition 2.0 gr. Because we have no action to cycle, the novice reloader can afford to be off a bit if they have an entry-level scale or powder dispenser. 736 (in 7" bbl) The design of this modern revolver makes the SW guns seem archaic. Very versatile cartridge. It’s just two lubed balls on top of each other with the top ball roll crimped just past the hemisphere. 804 FPS Maximum Bullseye 2.8 gr. Hehe, back before Nick skimmed down. These grips seem quite comfortable and afford a “pinkie” finger rest for improved control albeit with a certain loss of concealability. 158 grain Lead RNFP or SWC COWBOY load 782 (Cowboy load) 770 (MAX) True Blue 4.0 gr. No. The .327 Fed Mag is IT! 10 for a full cylinder. . HS6 6.5 gr. For me, the 32 H&R Mag is my 357 Mag, and the 32 S&W Long is my 38 SPL. Titegroup 3.8 gr. Eventually somebody introduced me to tungsten carbide resizing dies, after which case life became near indefinite. The only way to shoot both 9mm and .38 special is to have two separate cylinders timed to the revolver. 1,043 ---------------------------------------- 879 I had ammo for some friends as low as 600 fps. 921 (hot for normal 38) --- 9.) The covered blackstrap and extended length Compac design I reckon are major factors in reducing perceived recoil. “Nitpicking is its own reward.”, I believe the correct spelling is “ loathe “. Clays 3.5 gr. ... (Montana Cast Bullets) WIN WSP: No. 32 H&R Mag – 21,000 The Internet Pedant and N321 fall in this range for burning times. 872 (published) Universal 3.5 gr. 2.) 940 I reached an interesting number the other day. %PDF-1.6 %���� 725 (in 7" bbl) * All PLUS P loads for guns designed for it (20,000 PSI) 800* 815 If there is only ONE load, it is MAX. Now, you have to go to a range or have a membership and pay to fill the backstop with lead. Oh, I practice with it. ----------------------------------------- 5 are good choices. 752 (in 7"bbl)* Unique (+P)4.4 gr. 920 Maximum Shot many thousands of my bullseye powder reloads with it. to 4.3 gr.) YMMV. Normal, mild .38 loads work fine with lead bullets. 3.) The powder charges used for .38 are forgiving. I’m also impressed by the apparent durability of your Airweight J-frame. 357 Magnum – 35,000 I find the Pachmayr Compac grips on my 640 reduce the slap of full-boat .357 to less than that on my 3″ M65 (w/ wood Altamont grips) or my 4″ 686 (Pachmayr Gripper Professional grips.) This is a Carolina Cast bullet SWC-great cowboy load) AA No.2 3.6 gr. .38 special has got to be one of the best calibers there is . want me to write up an article about 3d printed .38 special bullets that I’ve been working? 760 FPS *WAP is not best choice for .38 special, too slow and inconsistent. The swaged bullets are soft enough that they expand even at mild velocities where a JHP or hard cast can’t. It is a very versatile and useful round. 898 (actual in 7" bbl revolver) For any loads over 900-1,000 FPS, I suggest These two can cover the entire performance spectrum up to .38+P. 935 800* This post was originally published in 2018. you plan to shoot. Revolver Reloading Handbook, 2nd edition. And if you’re doing that [shooting 158 grain bullets at 1200 fps muzzle velocity] with a snub….let me know… I wanna watch you shoot em.

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