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» Water Taxi to Anchorage / Walk Back to Marahau (4 Hours / 12.4 KM), » Water Taxi to Bark Bay / Walk to Anchorage / Water Taxi Back to Marahau (4 Hours / 11.5 KM), » Water Taxi to Bark Bay / Walk Back to Marahau (8 Hours / 23.9 KM), Day 1: Water Taxi to Bark Bay / Walk to Anchorage (4 Hours / 11.5 KM)Day 2: Walk from Anchorage to Marahau (4 Hours / 12.4 KM), Day 1: Water Taxi to Awaroa / Walk to Bark Bay (4.5 Hours / 13.5KM)Day 2: Walk to Anchorage / Water Taxi to Marahau OR Walk all the way to Marahau (4 Hours / 11.5KM OR 8 Hours / 23.9KM). amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon";

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5 Day Option (According to the New Zealand DOC), Day 1: Marahau to Anchorage 12.4 KM / 4 Hours, Day 2: Anchorage to Bark Bay 11.5 KM / 4 Hours, Day 3: Bark Bay to Awaroa 13.5 KM / 4.5 Hours, Day 4: Awaroa to Whariwharangi 16.9 KM / 5.5 Hours, Day 5: Whariwharangi to Totarunui (via Wainui and Gibbs Hill) / Water taxi back to Marahau 14.7KM / 5 Hours, Take a Look at Some New Zealand Guide Books For Your Trip. Thank you! When you think about New Zealand hiking the first few things that may come to mind are vast mountain views, beautiful lakes, and plenty of climbing. You can reserve your spots here if you are taking part of a multi day hike. It really was one of my favorite places I have been to and I am hoping this guide can help you out as you plan your trip there. There are a few companies that run these water taxis daily to and from many of the main parts of the coastal track. If it is low tide then you will save about an hour of hiking. The viewpoints are top notch as you take in the beautiful turquoise water of Abel Tasman. Have fun out there and safe travels!

If you are interested in completing the entire trail, below would be the 5 day route (either starting or ending in Marahau). Tides vary eachcday so to determine tide times for a given date in Abel Tasman, use the tide times for Nelson but subtract 20 minutes.

Accommodation on the Track.

» There are plenty of other 1 and 2 day options if you want to explore the northern end of the track. The water temperature typically reaches a comfortable 18C (65F). We are a genuine, small kayak hire and kayak tour company, 100% locally owned and operated, with loads of experience taking guided kayak trips in the Abel Tasman. Awaroa Inlet: You must cross the Awaroa Inlet within 1.5-2 hours of low tide. Totaranui is the furthest on the track that water taxis are available.

I will go into more detail about the water taxis later on in this guide. There is a trail that can take you around the high tide on an alternative track. There is a large tidal range along the Abel Tasman coast so it's important that you take tides into consideration when planning a kayaking journey. At Awaroa estuary, there is no alterate route and the estuary can only be crossed 1 ½ hours before low tide and 2 hours after – know before you go to avoid becoming stuck. Several walking tracks in the Park include tidal lagoon crossings, which can only be crossed 2 hours either side of low tide. A Helpful Okere Falls Walk Guide | The 7 Meter Plunge, Kuirau Park in Rotorua | Mud Pools, Lakes, & Geothermal Activity, A Visit to the Blue and Green Lakes Rotorua Lookout Viewpoint. If headed out to the track by water taxi, simply head to their office in Marahau, jump on the boat right there, and then they will tractor pull your boat into the water and you will be off. If taking part of just a day trip, it could get tricky with the crossings, but if you do have a few days to spare you will have more flexibility when to cross. These huts and campsites can be reserved in advance if you would like to take part of a multi day hike and need somewhere to sleep at night (more on that later on in this guide). Kahu Kayaks welcomes you to the Abel Tasman National Park, our golden piece of Aotearoa.

We usually get around 2400 sunshine hours per year, so pack your sunscreen! As you can see, the trail is mostly packed dirt, with some bridges and beaches spread throughout. What I love most about the track in general is that all the scenery around you is constantly changing and you never know what you will come across around the corner. These can either be in the form of DOC campsites or huts and must be reserved in advance.
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Campsites can be found at 18 different places along the trail while huts can be found at 4 different locations.

As you can see on the map, the trail winds its way throughout the national park as it stops by various beaches and bays along the way, giving hikers the chance to cool down and enjoy the water at different points of the track. Compared to other hikes in New Zealand like Roys Peak in Wanaka or Ben Lomond Track in Queenstown, this should be much less strenuous. It includes everything I bring along on day hikes, and it will have you better prepared when taking part of trails all over New Zealand.

What you can also see on the map are some huts and campsites that are governed by the NZ DOC (Department of Conservation). Below is a gallery of images from the trail starting in Bark Bay down to Anchorage.
amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; If you are using them to get back to Marahau, just be sure you time your hikes accordingly so you will be at the pickup point at the right time – you don’t want to miss that boat!

Note: Although the official ending point is in Wainui Bay, if you do not have transport back from the car park there, you can walk another 3 hours / 9 KM back to Totaranui via the Gibbs Hill Track to get picked up by a water taxi.

You can also check out the schedule for Marahau Water Taxis. Several walking tracks in the Park include tidal lagoon crossings, which can only be crossed 2 hours either side of low tide. amzn_assoc_linkid = "c5ca1a34ebb2d0024e0cd3f07dcd3cb3"; Here in the Abel Tasman National Park we can boast some of New Zealand's best weather. Have fun out there! These can either be in the form of DOC campsites or huts and must be reserved in advance. Any time other than that and you will be stuck where you are.

I ended up stopping at most of them as they were only a few minutes off the main trail and it was great to rest the legs a bit and enjoy the water.

Once complete with the walk to Anchorage (either the same day or the next) you can continue along to the base town of Abel Tasman – Marahau. I actually preferred the high tide route as you get to see a beautiful view of the bay and you are able to visit the Cleopatra Pools more easily.

amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Below is a map (courtesy of the NZ DOC) of the Abel Tasman Track with the “normal” 5 day route with the starting point in Marahau, ending point in Wainui, and the overnights squared off. Throughout your time on the trail you will be walking through forests, crossing suspension bridges, visiting bays and beaches, and enjoying plenty of viewpoints along the way. If you want to take part of the Abel Tasman Track you do have several options to choose from – either by just doing a 1 day hike and completing part of the trail or heading out on a 5 day hike and completing the whole thing. The track is actually one of New Zealand’s Great Walks (altogether there are 10 of them currently around the country) and it is advertised as a 5 day trail if you want to set out to do the entire thing. Rainfall tends to fall quite evenly throughout the year and you should be prepared for winds to occur at any time. If you're walking the coastal track and need to cross these estuaries, it's even more important that you time your walk to coincide with the tides.

Outside of that, the blue waters recede to golden sand. So once you better understand which hiking option is best for you, go ahead and secure your spot. Come kayaking with us in summer and you'll see that our golden beaches get busy in these months. 2 hours either side of low tide gives a comfortable safety margin. The average daily temperatures in winter range from 4C (39F) - 12C (54F) and on a crisp sunny day the kayaking can be beautiful. Well sign up and join the TripTins community to receive monthly newsletters that will recap everything you need to know to make that trip as memorable as can be.

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