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Credit: Jamie MacMillan, “Our audience are bored, suburban kids a lot of the time. Along the way they have cultivated a young fanbase given to making memes and congregating on a WhatsApp group with the band. Cheers. Originally scheduled to play at The Current + eventbrite Music Day Party at SXSW, their plans were cancelled, similarly to those of many musicians all over the world. “And yet everyone has your number on a WhatsApp group,” says the bassist, Oli Dewdney, after a perfect comic beat. They are an endearing group, frequently bursting into laughter around the pub table, and weren’t always enamoured of their moodier London peers. “High streets are covered in people’s symbols of belonging – like an Emma Bridgewater tin.”. Basically, they like to toot their own horn and they’ve earned the right to do so. A second EP called ‘Keep Walking!’ arrived in March, which was then followed by a host of singles that sound like pure anthems. “Loads of great music comes out of dull, middle-class suburbia,” Alex continues, before beginning to speak in the kind of tribal terms that used to define British guitar music, and that make Sports Team such a polarising prospect. We’ve got this opportunity to be really subtle and actually engage people, rather than just trotting out talking points.” A union-jack-wearing character in their song The Races appears to be your typical side of Tory gammon – “He’ll never buy you a drink / But he’ll let you know he can” – but Rice says “there’s always an empathetic take. Don’t neglect this chance and try to react quickly. I don’t want to be the champion of the Tunbridge Wells Pitcher & Piano crew,” he laughs, openly admitting the band’s middle-class upbringings while steering far clear from a ‘posh kids have it so hard’ narrative, “but there’s a lot of truth in it.”. At the merch desk, the band are selling seed tins as a pre-order for their upcoming debut album, which they shift hundreds of on night one alone. I think it can be really tough, and hopefully the government takes some pretty serious measures. “It very quickly became so routine. I’m glad to hear that you’re able to stay busy, tie up some loose ends, and get to recording some music that you want to record. It could be London in the sunshine. Someone plays the Forum and everyone pats themselves on the back and says ‘guitar music’s back!’ It’s nowhere near.”. That’s probably the most creative one I’ve heard so far. Is it hard to feel creative with everything going on around you? While things are on pause in the music industry, are you feeling inspired? Credit: Jamie MacMillan, They also sit deliberately apart from those talking about a ‘resurgence’ of the genre; they, and their quickly growing legions of fans, never stopped listening to these kinds of bands, and their decision to write Pavement-esque indie-rock when they formed at Cambridge University was a necessity rather than a choice. Before the gig, keyboardist Ben Mack gets stopped by a fan who hands him a demo CD, with a message written on the back. Behind all this, the six-piece act as the wedding band, belting out their new single ‘The Races’, in which frontman Alex Rice interrogates the character of your racist uncle over Christmas dinner. The best station in the world. We’re sad not to be coming to the U.S., obviously. Credit: Jamie MacMillan “Our audience are bored, suburban kids a lot of the time. The Cambridge graduates have found success with prosaic songs about phones, pubs and motorways, but that doesn’t stop them being rude about their rivals, Last modified on Wed 12 Aug 2020 06.10 EDT, Given the general absence of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, bands tend to run away from middle England. Glasgow’s Walt Disco kick things off, channelling the shiny synths of the ‘80s and possessing a frontman in James Potter that could rival Sports Team’s Alex Rice for flamboyance. We’re quite lucky as well because this is a way we can engage with our fans. “Our audience is bored, suburban kids a lot of the time, which I think is different from [those bands’] crowd,” Alex tells NME during a cigarette break in between wedding-based carnage. The next over-the-top graduation comes this week at the Forum (December 5), which is also creeping towards a sell-out. “We had this experience of life being quite mundane,” says the frontman, Alex Rice, whose bandmates grew up in Cheshire, Kent and Leeds. You really feel for all the people who are involved in festivals and our touring staff.

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