big rocks planning template

Not putting your business first is what leads to “feast and famine” syndrome. When I was a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, one of the best skills that I learned was time management. But at the end of the week, you can look back and say that you’ve been productive. I find that really restrictive and my inner rebel won’t play along. I also set aside time each week for a review and planning session – and then I write my weekly newsletter and schedule it to go out on Sunday. We start with the idea that you have a finite amount of time. When you’re planning your month, your week or your day, and even when you’re making specific decisions during the day, refer back to your list of big rocks. Now, imagine that you have a glass jar that you need to fill up with all of your rocks, big and small. I’ve tried this myself and that’s when I discovered that my actual limitation is not TIME – it’s ENERGY. ): Make a list. That’s about half of a regular workweek reserved for Big Rocks. Some of them are critical and must get done in order for you to reach your goals. I can’t think straight and I don’t have any creativity left. Your buckets fill up faster than you know it, and once your buckets are full, you’re done. Some people (like my husband) prefer to slot those tasks into the calendar so that they know exactly what they need to do at exactly what time. Get collaborative support developing marketing messaging that conveys your true value, sets you apart from your competition and attracts your ideal clients. This is the Big Rocks template I use to plan each week. These are the Big Rocks. Then I block out time each week to work on those projects. I should also point out that the idea is not Covey’s originally (although I might have read it from him first) – he relates the Big Rocks story as one that his associate heard at a seminar. This is the Big Rocks template I use to plan each week. Find a way that works for you. When you’re loading up your Time Jar for the week or for the day, put the big rocks in first – your most important tasks – the things that will move your business forward. These Big Rocks get pushed back from week to week because we never have time to do them — our days fill up too quickly, and before we know it, weeks have passed and the Big Rocks are still sitting on the side, untouched. Big Rocks Exercise Productivity & Priorities Tool Email: Page 2 of 4 Grow Your Business Coaching, LLC Phone: (317) 755-6963 Identify & Prioritise Your Rocks! These are the day-to-day tasks like walking the dog, filing an expense report, or cleaning your home, and they are your Small Rocks. Big Rocks are your MITs for the week. My first response: You picked the wrong person to ask! Every Monday is Productivity & Organization Day at Zen Habits. These activities are in contrast to gravel, which represents all the … It’s about getting the important stuff done. Sure, you’ll still have to worry about the little stuff. The idea is that in your life, you have all kinds of responsibilities and tasks that need to get done each day. If it’s something I need to do for my own business, I’ll put it off. So I plan for my week around energy instead of time. Plan your week ahead of time, placing your Big Rocks first. (Because I meet with my clients on alternating weeks, I have one of these for First + Third weeks and another for Second + Fourth).

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