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I have carried out a soft and hard reboot, turned Bluetooth mode on and off, selected forget device, cleared my Bluetooth list from my device (Bose wireless headphones) and set to pairing mode. Considering all the things you have tried, it may well be a problem on the logic board. Once your device gets turned OFF, press and hold the Top or Side button until the Apple logo appears. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, and requires screwdrivers and prying tools. Simply follow the solutions mentioned in the guide one-by-one and check your problem is solved or not. Second, you have to make sure that the Bluetooth device you’re trying to connect is in range of your iPhone. Below find out how to turn off and turn on Bluetooth on iPhone. Resetting network settings will simply give your iPhone a complete fresh start when you connect it to Bluetooth device, which can sometimes fix the problem. I have the same problem. I am a retired aerospace mfg engineer and have plenty of experience inspecting and understanding solder joint and circuity integrity. Then turn off ipad completely and turn back on. Also Read: iPhone Security: Tips To Protect Your iPhone From Hackers Or Theft. Here follow the complete tutorial guide to fix iOS system to normal using iOS Repair Software. Hi Paul! It won’t simply turn on no matter what they do. Tried all of these. [])). Further, make sure that your Bluetooth accessory is compatible with your iOS device. I will open it up and do a closer inspection of the circuitry. Just got my new i phone 7 and the bluetooth keeps spinning on devices. Make sure that your iPhone battery power is at least 50-60%, if not then plug it to power source. okay, the iPhone will only search and try to find a device, and that is why it is spinning. How To Restore iPhone XS/XS Max/XR From iTunes Backup [2 Ways], 16 Solutions To Fix iPhone Won’t Connect To Bluetooth, Fix iPhone 6s/6s Plus Bluetooth not finding devices, Fix iPhone 8 Bluetooth not finding devices, Fix iPhone XS (Max) Plus Bluetooth Not Discovering Devices, Fixed iPhone 4/4s Bluetooth Not Finding Devices, Fixed iPhone 8/8 Plus Bluetooth not discovering devices, How To Fix iPhone 6/6 Plus Bluetooth Not Discovering Devices, How To Fix iPhone SE Bluetooth Not Discovering Devices, Solved iPhone 5/5s/5c Bluetooth Not Discovering Devices, Solved iPhone 7/7 Plus Bluetooth not discovering devices, Solved iPhone X/XR Plus Bluetooth Not Finding Devices, Why does my iPhone not find Bluetooth devices, Fixed “Cannot Get Mail: The Connection To The Server Failed” Error on iPhone/iPad. Make sure that it is fully charged. Technician's Assistant: Have you installed any updates recently? Technician's Assistant: What OS X (Operating System, e.g. Your device will restart automatically after the process completion. If your accessory uses batteries, see if … Turn on airplane mode. You can go to Settings > General and Software Update to check for updates. Russ Walden, Just upped to 10.3 just the same but thanks for your answer, 04/02/2017 by 2nd Solution: Try to restart your iPhone X. Obviously this is only applicable to the 5C due to the flexibility of the polycarbonate case (no way you're getting a fingernail in a 5 or 5S like that), but if you've got a 5C with this issue then it's worth a try. Talk about screw the customer – so unsatisfactory! If you can’t turn on Bluetooth or you see a spinning gear, restart your iOS device. Press and hold the Top or Side button until you see the slider appears. and now my Bluetooth is no longer working Required fields are marked *. Swipe up from the very bottom of your screen in order to bring up the, Next, tap on Bluetooth icon again to turn switch it ON. Toggle the switch to OFF position next to Bluetooth. same issue on my iphone se, bluetooth seems active when i tap the bluetooth, but it wont turn off , i go to setting when i open bluetooth , viola just spinning wheel looks like serching, and i wont stop till battery die.

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