caballo lake water level

The lake can now hold 343,000 acre-feet of water. The Bliss Formation was deposited during a east-northeast transgression of the ocean in a near shore environment. 2.92   1.5 vaww02. The lake is way down, but it stays that way. Shallow seas advanced and retreated across the area several times between 510 and 340 million years ago, depositing limestone, dolomite, shale and sandstone, until the second mountain building event, Ancestral Rockies deformation, began. The basal part of the Palm Park Formation is a poorly-sorted conglomerate with clasts of Paleozoic sedimentary, Proterozoic basement, and intermediate composition porphyritic volcanic rocks in a tuffacous muddy matrix. Laramide deformation reached its peak during Eocene time, forming a northwest-trending uplift in the southern Caballo Mountains and a basin in the northeastern Caballo Mountains (Figure 9). Customize table to display other current-condition parameters. Buck B.J., and Mack, G.H., 1995, Latest Cretaceous (Maastrictian) aridity indicated by paleosols in the McRae Formation, south central New Mexico: Cretaceous Research, v. 16, p. 559-572. Search by city or zip code. Caballo Lake State Park Framed against the Caballo Mountains, this lake boasts an array of water recreation, such as boating, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, swimming, and fishing. Horizontal Datum: Minor faulting accompanied regional volcanism. Several small bodies of a brick-red igneous rock known as syenite intrude the Proterozoic granites in the southern Caballo Mountains. Choose from 170 campsites, with plenty of sites with utility hookups for RVs. Park Elevation 4,447 ft. National Water Information System: Web Interface, Add up to 2 more sites and replot for "Temperature, water, degrees Celsius", Add up to 2 more sites and replot for "Gage height, feet", Add up to 2 more sites and replot for "Specific conductance, water, unfiltered, microsiemens per centimeter at 25 degrees Celsius", Add up to 2 more sites and replot for "Salinity, water, unfiltered, parts per thousand", Accessibility The Caballo Mountains are an east-dipping fault block with Proterozoic granitic and metamorphic rocks exposed on the rugged western side. Superintendent Title: USGS Current Conditions for the Nation Camping, picnicing, and boating facilities are available at this state park. Operate slowly and take greater care at night. No age dates are available, but McLemore (1986) speculates that these intrusions are Cambrian in age, based on the similarity of these rocks to dated Cambrian intrusions in other parts of New Mexico. The main phases of faulting include (1) latest Eocene to late Oligocene minor faulting coincident with extensive volcanism, (2) late Oligocene to late Miocene rapid extension with minor volcanism, and (3) latest Miocene to early Pliocene continued faulting and volcanism, with each phase disrupting earlier rift basins, and in some cases, reversing the dip of the early rift half-grabens (Figure 12). ; UPDATE November 1, 7:15 pm ET: Real-time data delivery to NWISWeb has been restored at this time. The upper third of the Love Ranch Formation was deposited by rivers draining toward the north and northeast. Basalt flows that are 2 to 4 million years old are interbedded with the sediments. The roots of the earliest mountain ranges in south-central New Mexico, which generally trended northeast (Condie and Budding, 1979; Karlstrom et al., 2004), are preserved in the Proterozoic amphibolite, schist, and gneiss exposed on the west side of the Caballo Mountains. United States ; New Mexico (NM) ... Any water in the desert is amazing. Rocks older than early Mississippian in age (>340 million years old) in the Caballo Mountains were tilted toward the southeast and eroded prior to deposition of early Pennsylvanian sediments about 312 million years ago. As the basin closed and this portion of New Mexico became part of the North American continent, the rocks were folded and heated to become amphibolite-grade metamorphic rocks in the root of an ancient mountain range. Upchurch, G.R., Jr., and Mack, G.H., 1998, Latest Cretaceous leaf megafloras from the Jose Creek Member, McRae Formation of New Mexico: New Mexico Geological Society Guidebook 49, p. 209-222. The bluish gray limestone, dolomite, and cherty limestone of the Lake Valley Formation was deposited on a south-dipping marine ramp during the transgression that began in Late Devonian time. Perhaps because of the low water levels. Volcanic rock fragments, including andesitic, dacitic, and felsic clasts, found in the Upper Cretaceous sandstones in the Caballo Mountains may have come from southern Arizona (Seager and Mack, 2003; Cumella, 1983). Karlstrom, K.E., Amato, J.M., Williams, M.L., Heizler, M., Shaw, C., Read, A., and Bauer, P., 2004, Proterozoic tectonic evolution of the New Mexico region: a synthesis. Page Last Modified: 2020-11-03 18:56:31 EST The units thicken toward the east, into the Orogrande Basin. Sea level subsequently dropped, depositing bioturbated sandstone, shale, and minor coal along the shoreline. Please click on Park Alerts for more information. For the latest boating conditions and ramp status, see the New Mexico State Parks website. The upper McRae Formation is purple mudstone, sandstone, quartzite-clast conglomerate, and pink felsic tuff. Warning: Javascript must be enabled to use all the features on this page! The Upper Cretaceous rocks preserve a history of the oscillating landward and seaward migration of the shoreline of the Western Interior Seaway across this area about 95 to 80 million years ago. The original intended capacity was 344,000 acre-feet, but sedimentation over the years is gradually reducing the lake's storage capacity. Warning: Javascript must be enabled to use all the features on this page! A little more awareness will help you focus on the fun during our lower water levels.. Take it slow and easy during the first outing.. note observed hazards and mark them on your map. Caballo Lake State Park, Truth or Consequences: Address, Caballo Lake State Park Reviews: 4/5. Following retreat of the sea, the Caballo Mountains were apparently covered with andesitic lavas from a stratovolcano located to the west of the range that has since been buried beneath the Rio Grande rift. Chapin, C.E. Windblown sand dune deposits marked a significant drying trend in New Mexico starting ~270 to 280 million years ago. The Caballo Mountains were located on the western margin of one of the basins, the Orogrande Basin, so tectonism in this area related to this event was relatively mild. Volcanism was followed by, and was in part coeval with, extension starting about 36 million years ago, leading to the development of the Rio Grande rift. In the early stages of this tectonic episode, shallow seas persisted in the Caballo Mountain region until ~290 million years ago, when sea level dropped and rivers started to flow southward across the area. The plant assemblage and paleosols in this lower member indicate subhumid, subtropical conditions (Upchurch and Mack, 1998; Buck and Mack, 1995). The Middle Silurian Fusselman Dolomite consists of a basal cross-bedded sandy dolomite and a gray, medium-bedded cherty dolomite above. The upper part of the Bliss Formation consists of green siltstone and gray-brown limestone. The Dakota Sandstone contains sandstone, shale, and conglomerate. Starting about 36 million years ago caldera eruptions in areas to the west and northwest of the Caballo Mountains blanketed the area with rhyolitic tuff and tuffacous volcaniclastic sediments, while basaltic andesite from shield volcanoes and fissure eruptive centers to the southwest (Cedar Hills vent zone, Figure 10) and east (Point of Rocks) of the range flowed across the region.

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