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(DVD + CD Soundtrack), Mr. Lobo's Cinema Insomnia: A Hard Day's Nightmare. Oops, we do not have information on videos. comrade x is still alive. Something that didn't stop until Hitler broke the non-aggression pact in 1941.And Hedy Lamarr is sure no Garbo, but she acquits herself nicely in the role of the fuzzy headed idealist. Vanya fears for the safety of his daughter Golubka ("Theodore") and blackmails Mac into helping her leave the country. This product is made-on-demand by the manufacturer using DVD-R recordable media. McKinley B. It happens to be Clark Gable and the whole Soviet secret police apparatus is after him.But a valet at a hotel where the foreign correspondents stay played by Felix Bressart comes upon his secret. Convicts escaping from Devil's Island come under the influence of a strange Christ-like figure. Directed by King Vidor. It even got a few good knocks in on Nazi Germany with Sig Ruman playing a German correspondent. to the viewer. Ben Hecht and Charles Lederer wrote the screenplay for this … But Soviet authorites eventually catch on to the scam, imprison the pair, and sentence them to death. We moderate all the reviews. A U.S. Navy crew aboard a merchant marine ship battle Nazis. (uncredited), Marriage Bureau Customer 1940 Directed by King Vidor. ... Comrade X on the Web:IMDb. Vanya discovers Mac’s secret camera & true identity and because he wants to protect his daughter from the instability inherent in the system during that time he ‘forces’ him to agree to take Golubka out of the country for her own safety. Banned Cartoons: A Historical Archive of the Shameful... Sons of Kong: 10 Full-Length Movies on 3-DVDs (3D Pop-Up... Redneck Zombies (20th Anniversary Ed.) Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. He offers a deal to Gable, he won't turn him in if Gable convinces Bressart's daughter Hedy Lamarr to leave the Soviet Union with him and come to America.Easier said than done because Lamarr is as committed a Communist as Greta Garbo was in Ninotchka. Mac is happier about his task once he meets lovely Theodore, but can he convince her of his sincerity? Release Dates An American reporter smuggling news out of Soviet Moscow is blackmailed into helping a beautiful Communist leave the country. title details and video sharing options. When so many misguided leftists of the 1940's were defending communism, this film courageously suggests the pervasiveness of the totalitarian government of Stalin. Comrade X (1940) is directed by , produced by , starring .We have also provided 0 trailers and videos, 4 photos, 0 user reviews, and 0 critic reviews.You can review, like, dislike this movie and also can add to favorites. Vanya fears for the safety of his daughter Golubka ("Theodore") and blackmails Mac into helping her leave the country. A jewel thief and a con artist are rivals in the theft of a valuable gem as the Japanese army invades China. Posted on August 29, 2014 by Rob in Other Reviews, Warner Archive Collection // 0 Comments. Comrade X is a 1940 American comedy spy film directed by King Vidor and starring Clark Gable, Hedy Lamarr, and Oskar Homolka.In February 2020, the film was shown at the 70th Berlin International Film Festival, as part of a retrospective dedicated to King Vidor's career. To address this, the manufacturer recommends viewing this product on a DVD player The anti-communist humor becomes alternately grim and farcical. Will Mac melt Theodore's icy heart? Gable, Lamarr, and Bressart get caught up in the internal politics of the Soviet Union and have to flee the country. Play Trailer; This Year's Laugh Riot! The film is directed by King Vidor, produced by Gottfried Reinhardt. Comrade X (1940) – full review! HTML code is not allowed. Mac is happier about his task once he meets lovely Theodore, but can he convince her of his sincerity? after making: a full confession. COMRADE X is one of the favorite films of artist Joseph Cornell. The initially reluctant reporter is more positive about this arrangement after meeting the young woman, who can be convinced to leave only with the promise that she'll be allowed to promote her political beliefs in the U.S. Watch Comrade X Full Movie Online. In 1940 Gable and Lamarr were quite possibly the best looking couple in movies, or maybe even on the entire planet. Title: You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Gable here is at his most debonair, schmoozing men and charming the ladies. "Mac" Thompson, American reporter in Moscow, smuggles out uncensored news under the alias "Comrade X," but hotel valet Vanya discovers his secret. Filmiclub provides free movie and TV shows reviews right in your inbox. Comrade X reteamed Clark Gable and Hedy Lamarr who had just worked together in Boom Town (1940), alongside Spencer Tracy and Claudette Colbert. | (uncredited), World Press Attendee With Glasses A doctor (Spencer Tracy) marries a suicidal woman (Hedy Lamarr) but begins to doubt her fidelity. Subscribe now! of my country: whom he eliminated. McKinley B. Official Sites Certificate: Passed Rod Crawford . You can also find information on showtimes, CDs, DVDs, online rental, online free watching. Danny, a poor northern Californian Mexican-American, inherits two houses from his grandfather and is quickly taken advantage of by his vagabond friends. (uncredited), Streetcar Passenger What happens to them is the balance of the film and it is hilarious.One of the best films done by both of the stars. Plus, see what some of your favorite '90s stars look like now. was mistaken, unfortunately for him. the name of comrade x. pardon me, commissar, bu comrade molkoff assured us. Please contact us if you have any issues. COMRADE X was cowritten by the legendary Ben Hecht and features an excellent group of character actors. In pre-World War II Russia, the two share a comedy-and-action-filled adventure involving secret identities, a marriage of convenience, hairbreadth escapes and a thrilling tank-chase finale as Mac tries to help Theodore vamoose to the USA one step ahead of the corrupt secret police.

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