cultural taboo threats

tiger We defined “taboo” to mean a strong cultural warning or prohibition against an action, such that violating a taboo is an act of serious aberrance which can result in feelings of guilt or shame and/or direct or indirect social sanction. 49 Retrieved October 16, 2020 from The taboo and the sacred are often justified on moral or religious bases, but some may result from ecological and economic conditions. ray ), Proceedings of the International Workshop on Natural and Man-Made Hazards in Africa (January 31 to February 3, 1993 in Awka, Nigeria) (Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society, Jos, 1995), pp. The Sankana community in northern Ghana serves as a sanctuary for pythons and frogs because community members consider it taboo to consume them (Diawuo and Issifu, 2015). 39 V One variation explains how sea turtles helped the Dangme people of southeastern Ghana cross the Volta Estuary while retreating from an attacking Ashante army. Stud. As far as we know, no previous study has provided a synthesis of the relations between threatened species, their protection, and taboos. 35, Table 1 Just about the only thing (nearly) everyone agrees on is that sentient beings have auras. This fear that something horrible will happen to the individual or the community leads to intensive policing of taboo behavior. Retrieved from Such taboos totally protect animals and plants, both in time and space, by prohibiting their killing and detrimental use by all members of a human community. sargeant major A. Okojie and D. U. U. Okale (eds. We defined “sacred” to mean a strong cultural veneration. 17 or "Vulnerable," but are at risk. The authors are grateful to the HINU students and faculty who participated in this study. Gila monster What is at core here is that species conservation exists in DEFORESTATION: A reduction in the area of a forest resulting from human activity. E In the same manner, taboos may be employed as a social mechanism for the enforcement of ecologically adaptive behavior, even though different cultural contexts are attached to them. doi: 10.4103/0972-4923.62669, Keywords: sea turtles, social taboos, conservation, biodiversity, Ghana, Africa, Citation: Alexander L, Agyekumhene A and Allman P (2017) The Role of Taboos in the Protection and Recovery of Sea Turtles. Ecology 87, 1967–1972. Even though such Grimley, V (2015). Culture refers to the influence of religious, family, educational, and social systems on people, how they live their lives, and the choices they make. Thus, a specific-species taboo may Soc. 1986, Brown and Navajo taboos. (2012) found several social taboos that ultimately lend themselves to biodiversity conservation are under attack from the effects of colonization.

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