does high art or folk art best express racial pride essay

At times, the narrator uses imperfect English, such as “He wasn’t on no train” (495) and this blunt, imperfect language gives more credence to the casual and intimate relationship Hughes wanted to create between the narrator and the reader. This sad implausibility of the image on which the two have based their hopes is alluded to throughout the story. This insight into Sargeant’s past shows that his troubles are not something new to him, that he has been living the life of a vagabond for some time. / Ain’t you heard / The boogie-woogie rumble / Of a dream deferred?” (“Dream Boogie” 1-4). Despaired by the boundaries of America’s work society, Tateh saw no other way out. In 1926 Douglas married Alta Sawyer. Print. In the other incident, Hughes talks of ‘a prominent Negro clubwoman in Philadelphia’ who paid to see a white musician but would not do the same to see a black woman sing which demonstrates class based elitism with racial implications. This is a result of the reader basing his or her own feelings about the character on the way the narrator describes him, and that is due to the intimacy created by the language and the second person point of view. Marxist criticism refers to this as sign value because it is not that the look of the stairs makes them any easier to climb, yet the appearance of the stairs is assumed, at least by the characters, to be an indication of power. In Grant Wood’s pamphlet Revolt Against the City, published in Iowa City in 1935, he asserts that American artists and buyers of art were no longer looking to Parisian culture for subject matter and style. Such a reading is not incorrect; certainly, the Depression and the economic failures that accompanied it play an enormous role in the work. The ambiguity of the Mother’s issues and the Black dialect make it that much more relatable. The lives of the story’s two protagonists, George and Lennie, are dictated largely by their social and economic status. Create a free website or blog at Contrary to the prevalent theory that America is the land of equality, the speaker recognizes a number of shortfalls of this proclaimed freedom when put into practice. Folk music, type of traditional and generally rural music that originally was passed down through families and other small social groups. Many artists involved in the movement studied with or under Benton at the Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI), such as John Stockton de Martelly, Frederic James, and Pat Potucek. Since the reader is not given an identity, an “I”, he must imagine being a maybe of an audience whom Hayden is addressing. Ed. They fantasize about owning their own farm and having “a little house and a couple of acres an’ a cow and some pigs…” (Steinbeck 14). As the poem progresses, the reader gains a better understanding of the musician’s mental process. By the 1940s there was a strong debate among the Regionalists and the Social Realists in rural areas, whose work addressed social, economic, and political issues; and the Abstract artists in New York City who embraced Modernism.

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