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Izaya sees Mikado about to save Anri from a group of ganguro girls and helps intervene. He tracks Shizuo to a large warehouse on the edge of town and continues to observe the situation from the roof of a nearby building. Blood type Now he’s tied down to his wheelchair, assumed death by those who knew his name, Izaya Orihara became nothing more than a what used to be. They often differ in length or where the lining is, e.g. Later, Izaya began meeting suicidal women online and inviting them to die with him, only for him to mock them and after drugging them, having Celty dump them on random park benches. But Izaya enjoyed being a step away from his surroundings. Later, he is hired by Akabayashi to gain intel on Mikado. Unfortunately for Masaomi, Izaya had already had a hand in influencing Mikado. Alias He makes connections for information by approaching key people, including one of the new maids for the Adamura family. Tuxedo took the role of the founder of the Miracle Elite agency. He knew he was a top student, however, he did not think the people around him were idiots and did not look down on them. Izaya Orihara is a protagonist villain in the light novel and anime series Durarara!!. Izaya then outs himself as Kanra by calling Mikado Tarou Tanaka. However, despite her efforts, Izaya remains silent. Izaya and Adachi both have symptoms of psychopathy or sociopathy. View and download this 700x500 DURARARA!! Izaya's rival is Shizuo Heiwajima a man with superhuman strength. As the smoke clears, Izaya becomes aware that Shizuo has punched a hole in the floor to escape. Earthworm tries to order her underlings to fight, but they seem to be in a trance and ignore her. They also stumble open a heavily injured Egor who politely asks them for directions to a restaurant called Russia Sushi. He has Nakura also supply her with a modified stun gun and sends her after Shizuo. He is described as being emotionally fragile, and that if his heart were to be filled with human love or hate, it would shatter. He has two sisters who he practically raised himself, he claims unlike the rest of humanity he cannot understand them, though he does show some reluctant affection towards them. His hatred of Shizuo stems from Izaya seeing him as something 'inhuman' or 'monstrous'. He heard that Dormammu (Fake) is dead. Namie gives back some sarcastic comments regarding his lack of sociability, pointing out he is just a loner with no friends. I drew Izaya and his younger twin sisters, Mairu and Kururi. She also lets it slip she has a boss. Namie hires Mairu and Kururi to spy on her little brother Seiji Yagiri and his girlfriend Mika Harima on her behalf. Shortly after, Shinra and Celty host a hotpot party and invite all their friends, including Shizuo, Mairu, and Kururi, but neglect to invite him. Voiced by Examples include, while having previously been indifferent to hearing about a man taller the Simon with super strength, he became very distressed upon learning the man could lift a vending machine, but calmed down after finding out said person couldn't throw it. He does not care if people become unstable due to his influence and appears to like it even more as he loves unpredictable behavior. Upon their return they find Egor and the serial killer Hollywood jointly assaulting the Toramaru members, and all present watch the one-sided fight in awe. !_characters&oldid=986916130#Izaya_Orihara, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles containing Russian-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 19:09. Izaya gets up, alive but badly injured and coughing up blood. Izaya takes it and begins talking about his fear of death, and theorizes that dullahans are actually Nordic valkyries fallen to earth. However, it soon became apparent that Izaya had developed a certain curiosity with Shinra. When he regains consciousness; an injured Izaya slowly escapes the building. The room is revealed to be one of the many offices of the Awakusu-Kai, and the Awakusu hunt Shizuo down mercilessly while Izaya watched the fireworks. Kousuke Kira . However, both were only using it for a front. Birthday As Izaya falls, Shizuo hits him with a metal beam into another building. Izaya returns home with a black eye and realizes with glee Namie was the one who told Horada about Mikado, and invites Masaomi onto the chatroom. Earthworm also orders her subordinates to attack but they simply do nothing but stand there and stare with glowing red eyes. He is an infamous information broker who claims to love humanity and greatly enjoys messing with the lives of the people in Ikebukuro. They do good deeds around the city in the name of the Dollars. He then orders her to take control of Earthworm as well promising to let her see Mr. Nasujima if she does. Izaya shakes the ropes loose and joins the Dragon Zombie members standing next to the door. Online name View and download this 966x600 DURARARA!! Some time later, several members of Heaven's Slave tail Mairu while she is on her way to meet with Kururi. Lacking powers, Izaya makes up for it with his mind, as he can accurately predict the actions others will make. Later, Izaya figures out that Yodogiri is not a real person and has been merely played by many different men after his passing, with Kujiragi acting as his secretary and pulling all the strings. Like Kururi, Mairu regularly attends martial arts classes and is a skilled fighter. Izaya is later seen at the Dollars meeting, excited over the turnout. However, after noticing Mikado had been gone too long as well as a suspicious cleaning van, Izaya and Celty go in to find Mikado being attacked by Yagiri Pharmaceuticals' thugs, and the girl long gone. Neither of the two really have motives to justify their immoral actions. Izaya shares the same dub voice actor, Johnny Yong Bosch, with Tohru Adachi from Persona 4. Izaya had planned all along to lead Shizuo into a highly populated area, wanting everyone to witness the monster in action. He is greatly upset when he has to rely on Shinichi Tsukumoya for info on the events surrounding Hollywood. 14 (at start)17 (SH) Izaya assisted Masaomi initially, but after Saki was kidnapped, Izaya suddenly ceased all contact with Masaomi which resulted in the Yellow Scarves being defeated and Saki severely injured. Family His favorite quote is: "It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. In the original light novel, he makes a suicide pact with Manami and another girl. He then goes to see Celty, who he had hired to get the laptop stolen and protect his sisters. Shizuo chases Izaya back into the city. It has been stated that Izaya views Namie as a housewife, not a friend and holds no romantic interest in her, calling her an awful person. Chat Room: Mai (参) Occupation His last name "Orihara" in Japanese may mean "ori" (fold) and "hara" (field) which translates "folding field" which can refer to the folding field knife, his signature weapon. She attacks him with a knife, but Izaya overpowers her and pins her to the floor ranting excitedly. When Saburo does arrive, so to does a Toramaru group five times the size of the first one in a bid for revenge—and they proceed to have a car chase with Saburo and company around the city. He later has Celty cart their unconscious bodies home. The cape also comes with a fur-lined hood. Shinra tells Izaya to stop but gets brushed off each time. He talks to Namie about his sisters and remarks that he feels bad for anyone who tries to bully them and later discovers, much to his annoyance, Mahiru and Kururi were invited onto the chat room. Izaya wakes up in a car being driven by Kine. Izaya is surprised that Aoba was able to obtain his personal information through the Dollars network while Aoba is surprised that Izaya tracked him down so quickly. Mairu Orihara (折原 舞流 Orihara Mairu) is one of Izaya Orihara's younger sisters and the younger twin sister of Kururi Orihara. In one of the novel volumes, it is stated that Izaya is "ticklish". Durarara!! Izaya Orihara He tells everyone about the bounty on the Black Rider. Thrax convinced the remaining seven thieves that it was Izaya who was responsible for attempting abuse them and convinced them to mutiny against him. Due to ongoing events involving Celty, Izaya's stab wound is sealed by her shadows in an attempt to 'fix' all the trouble she has caused by existing among humans.

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