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Marian Peck commented on our Facebook call out explaining her recollections of ‘backslang’. For example, the East Midlands verb to scraight ('to cry') is thought to be derived from the Norse, skrike in modern Scandinavian, also meaning to cry.[2]. The West Midlands has an extensive canal network and Birmingham is said to have more miles of canal than Venice. You will be able to discover the terms words and phrases that make up a unique playground culture. You'll 'ave it dark is a phrase accusing someone of being too slow in doing something, meaning it will be night by the time they have finished a task. New references to popular culture have been updating the canon since Victoria sat on the throne. Someone who is half-soaked is stupid or slow-witted. Aris is short for Aristotle. 14. ', 2.

Slummocking is standing, moving or walking in a slouching or slovenly way. [citation needed], Also of note is the anomalous dialect of Corbyite spoken around Corby in the north of Northamptonshire, which reflects the migration of large numbers of Scottish and Irish steelworkers to the town during the 20th century. So, despite change and time, maybe it’ll never really be ‘brown bread’.To find out more about Cockney rhyming slang, you can watch this archive footage about how it was used.

The Wrekin, a well-known hill that has found its way into a Midlands expression, Fittle means food and this Christmas dinner might well be described as 'bostin' fittle', with bostin' the local word for amazing or brilliant, A piece means a slice of bread and butter, Soft drinks are called pop in Birmingham and the Black Country. I’m trying to keep the Cockney language alive by teaching my godchildren.’. 34. People from Leicester are known in the popular holiday resort Skegness as "Chisits", due to their expression for "how much is it" when asking the price of goods in shops.[19]. The city of Derby, as well as boroughs in the vicinity of the city such as Amber Valley and Erewash share a common Derby dialect, which sounds largely similar to other East Midlands dialects such as Nottingham and Leicester. Birmingham folk call a forward roll a gambol. "It’s a bit black over Bill’s mother’s means that the sky is dark with rain. Bostin' is a well-known word meaning amazing, brilliant or excellent.

And, how on earth does a word like ‘plates’ come to mean ‘feet’?

A lot of rhyming slang has been made up in recent years, there is nothing wrong with that, but please recognise it as such. (In this respect "northern English" includes the everyda… 20. 31. 13. Barmy means mad or insane as in 'He was driving me barmy.'. ‘Joanna’ means piano, relying on the ‘piannah’ pronunciation. See Stephen Whyles's book A Scab is no Son of Mine for examples of speech of the Worksop area. 43. The East Midlands dialect of Middle English which extended over a much larger area, as far south as Middlesex, is the precursor of modern English spoken today,[3] which has descended from the early modern English of the early 16th century. 23. Bost is (like the similar word bust) slang for broken, and so the word bostin' means the same as 'smashing. 25. Other older examples relate to London locations. An island is what we call a traffic roundabout in the West Midlands. Sign up to The Slice from Roman Road LDN to get the latest news, events and must-read features

Chobbling is a word for chomping or munching loudly, and youngsters crunching on sweets might well be told to 'stop chobbling yer rocks.'. What time will US Presidential Election 2020 result be announced? East Midlands English is a dialect, including local and social variations spoken in most parts of East Midlands England. The phrase also describes someone who is left-handed. Carol Legg’s nan ‘used to talk of the Artful that lived up the road’, referring to the lodger (Artful Dodger). Comments about a person’s looks could be exchanged this way as well. Swear words were also “translated” so that they were not offensive to the casual passerby.

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You may remember your grandparents speaking it growing up, or perhaps you’ve heard a phrase or two being thrown about as you walk down Roman Road Market, hunting for a bargain. (We shall have to do it ourselves. Likewise “Barnet”, the link to hair only occurs if you know about the fair. If someone talks about a couple or three, they just mean two or more, a few but not very many. The greeting 'now then' (as 'Nah theen') is still in use in Lincolnshire and North-East Derbyshire, used where other people might say "Hello". Although it comes from the East End, the use of Cockney rhyming slang spreads far beyond the Bow Bells. The dialect of Coalville in Leicestershire is said to resemble that of Derbyshire because many of the Coalville miners came from there. When someone is said to have 'got a bob on himself/herself', it means they think they are better than others.

People who watched them sometimes remarked that they could "swim like ducks", an observation.

I’m a septic tank—and I use these all the time (and I’m not telling porkies). and whole sentences were constructed with back slang and rhyming slang so that the casual bystander or the authorities did not know what was being discussed. The East Midlands accent has substituted ‘Derby Road’ for ‘cold’ and, down under, the name of Australian businessman Reg Grundy created ‘grundies’ (an Aussie word for ‘undies’). Despite their travels, these phrases are undoubtedly heard most satisfyingly from the buoyant vocal box of a true, old-school, Cockney. However, there are many words in use in the traditional East Midlands Dialect which do not appear in standard English. This page was last edited on 29 October 2020, at 10:42. As for “apples and pears” the idea of using two words to describe one word is not quite true, the second word “apples” was used alone, and you had to know to add pears to get the rhyme, other than that apples on its own meant nothing. Riling describes the action of fidgeting or rolling about, usually directed at restless children clambering around on the furniture or play-fighting. The Wrekin, a well-known hill that has found its way into a Midlands expression.

Birmingham and the Black Country are well known for their words and phrases as well as their distinctive accents.

In fact, some terms won’t make sense in any other accent. 4. Called a mate on the old ‘dog and bone’?

16. Some think me crocs ‘n gators. A cob is the local word for a bread roll, supposedly because the small round loaves look like street cobbles. 17. ), Humorous texts, such as Nottingham As it is Spoke, have used their phonetically spelled words to deliberately confuse non-natives of the region.[9]. Thank you. It can be tricky to determine exactly they originated because language spreads over time. Clarting about is a local phrase for messing around. The expression 'Never in a rain of pigs pudding' means something will never happen.

So cat would be ‘ata’, television would be ‘elevisiona’.He came from Poplar, but worked as a bell boy in a London Hotel in the 1920s.

But experts say they are actually two different things - crumpets are made in rings and so they are thick and always round, while pikelets are flatter and thinner because the batter is just dropped into the pan. 5. 30. Thieves and vagabonds could use this type of ‘cryptolect’, a secretive language, to keep their liaisons well kept from eavesdropping authorities. Livery Street is a very long street in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.

Oxfordshire) and the East Anglian English (e.g. The Danelaw split the present county into a Viking north and a Saxon south. The most proficient Cockney would usually shorten this back down to one word (plates). 1.

With their conquest, the county towns of the East Midlands counties were converted into fortified, Viking city-states, known as the Five Boroughs of the Danelaw. East of the Lincolnshire Wolds, in the southern part of the county, the Lincolnshire dialect is closely linked to The Fens and East Anglia where East Anglian English is spoken, and, in the northern areas of the county, the local speech has characteristics in common with the speech of the East Riding of Yorkshire. A face as long as Livery Street means someone looks miserable. We have not put our digital content behind a paywall or membership scheme as we think the benefits of an independent, local publication should be available to everyone living in our area. Bill is a reference to William Shakespeare, with his mother being Mary Arden of Stratford and the rainstorm usually approaching from the south-westerly direction (one of the main directions for incoming winds and storms to sweep into the UK from the Atlantic). Suddenly the expression ‘me plates are killing me’ translates as ‘my feet hurt’.Don’t be fooled by the off-the-tongue ease at which it is most authentically delivered. Although it comes from the East End, the use of Cockney rhyming slang spreads far beyond the Bow Bells.

Snap is a word for food or a meal - "I'm off to get my snap" is what someone might say when they are going to get their dinner. East Ender, Kim West, recalls, ‘I remember as a child in the hop fields, the adults would use slang and us kids would pick it up. 46. If a fraction of the local 40,000 residents donated two pounds a month to Roman Road LDN it would be enough for our editorial team to serve the area full time and be beholden only to the community. ', 48. A bobowler is a West Midlands name for a large moth.

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