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If you do not choose one of our babies, I strongly encourage you to visit any cattery you are considering before paying a deposit. The short-medium silky Mau coats make care easy; their high level of intelligence allows them to be trained to walk on a leash, play fetch, do tricks, etc; and their chirpy, chortle vocalizations will lift your heart!!!! By continuing we assume you accept the use of cookies. If you have never owned a Egyptian Mau before, or are interested in reading more information on these amazing cats, check out our Egyptian Mau Cat Breed Information page. This facilitates the task of choosing the best kitten from the litter – they are all perfect in terms of temperament. FaLang translation system by Faboba. Keep in mind, we are not a kitten mill, and we breed selectively to produce well-socialized, healthy kittens without the inbreeding issues that are so prevalent. Looking forward to hearing from you! Some genetic studies indicate that they are the oldest domesticated breed of cat. We do not place unaltered cats/kittens in any home/cattery with connections to other unaltered breeds/exotics. These cats are very musical, emitting unusual vocalizations. They make terrific pets for seniors, for homes with small children, dogs or other pets, single people, families and even those indifferent to pets altogether. Here at Local Kittens For Sale our goal is to help connect anyone who is interested in getting a specific breed of cat with a trustworthy and reputable breeder in their area. The Egyptian Mau face shows tabby-like markings including the characteristic “M” on the forehead. Egyptian Mau Cats available for sale in Georgia from top breeders and individuals. Proudly created with, Welcome to our small farm and cattery! All photos are completely without any retouching at my request to be as honest as possible. This widening of the gene pool was conducive to the breed's ultimate health and well-being. For some reason, men who have claimed that they don’t particularly like cats feel very differently about Egyptian Maus once they get to know them, including weary servicemen and war veterans. All are startlingly beautiful. Be the first to hear when new Egyptian Mau litters arrive! Our Queens. Best Egyptian Mau Kitten Of The Year RW BW CELESTIALSPOTS SUNGRAZER BLACK SILVER SPOTTED TABBY Bred/Owned By: DENISE B SPRAKER. Find more Egyptian Mau kittens for sale in these neighboring states: Or, for the complete list of Egyptian Mau cat breeders in the entire USA. The black Mau is not eligible for the show ring, but can be registered. But the Mau’s spots are natural and one of the breed's most striking features. Egyptian Maus are a relatively rare breed to encounter. /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */. Please fill out a kitten approval form and be approved before sending a deposit. Our family has a deep love and respect for these captivating breeds and each and every one of our cats is truly a member of our own family. Cattitude is a TICA and CFA registered cattery where we specialize in breeding stunning Silver Egyptian Maus!! Kittens For Sale!STUNNING EGYPTIAN MAUS!! This breed dates back over 4,000 years! margin-left: 0; The Egyptian Mau is a very rare, elegant, and quite extraordinary cat. Best Egyptian Mau Alter Of The Year LA BW SGCA EGYPTSILA ANUBIS BLACK SILVER SPOTTED TABBY Bred/Owned By: POLINA GORELKINA. Through the efforts of the exiled Russian Princess Nathalie Troubetskoy, the Mau was redeemed from the brink of extinction. Although its popularity is steadily growing, the Egyptian Mau breed is still quite rare, and the demand for kittens tends to exceed the supply. Maus are also distinguished by their very musical voices. Egyptian Mau Male & Female. Finally, in the 1980s, breeder Cathie Rowan brought thirteen additional Maus into the United States, opening the way for more imports. Unaltered males will likely spray, have foul urine, and be anxious to travel to "find love." Christmas Pics by Savannah Renfro Photography - margin-top: 10px; The elegant Egyptian Mau is a friendly cat. Egyptian Maus are small to medium-sized, short-haired cats. #gallery-2 img { Egyptian Mau cats are a moderately active cat. Located on 13 beautiful acres in the area known as Green Country in Southeast Oklahoma (the state where Savannah cats originated), Regal1 is a small, family-owned cattery which is a member of the Feline Conservation Federation, registered with both TICA and CFA and Cat Kingpin certified.

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