el mencho dead

It can be found in small towns and unexpected places from the suburbs of Tacoma, Washington, and the sandy beaches of Gulfport, Mississippi, to the hills of North Carolina and Kentucky horse country. She is fluent in English and Spanish. Another day, and I did not find him. They’d left a store and started to cross the street when two vans filled with armed men hemmed them in. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador denied Monday that the notorious drug lord “El Mencho” is dead. The current government is known for its non-aggressive approach to combating organized crime.

“What did he do to you? Four others were kidnapped from the same neighborhood. They’re common with Mexican cartels. Authorities have few photos of the elusive El Mencho today. The death of her second husband — Jorge’s father — from the bullet of a neighbor high on drugs. At night, you go to bed with the uncertainty of whether tomorrow will appear. He spends hours every day on his makeup but insists he hasn't had surgery to enhance his looks, Woman thought to have jumped to her death was 'murdered by boyfriend after a row', Shmuel Levine, 34, allegedly told cops he beat Danielle Marrano, 37, to death after she cheated on him and refused to show him her phone before her body was discovered by US police, Ed Woodward's response to Jose Mourinho demand shows Solskjaer is failing at Man Utd, Manchester United are struggling in the Premier League under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and it has seen the pressure ramp up on him as a result and Paul Ince is confused by his transfer policy, Porn star parents face awkward encounter after pals discover lucrative career, A husband and wife revealed their school gate humiliation in a new Channel 5 documentary after kickstarting a career in the porn industry, filming every day before the school run. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. She’s also known other women who have found pieces of their sons at the morgue. What was your son doing? There was no ransom demand, no phone call from the kidnappers.

She never imagined her family could be taken. “No one is exempt from this,” said Eduardo Fernández, another member of For the Love of Them. But it had been beset by reports that El Mencho had died or had been captured by police.

“They ask you thousands of questions that you don’t know at the time,” she said. Sometimes I write, ‘I keep looking for you, son.’, “Or my slogan: ‘I promised not to die until I found you.'". Romero on the right. "What we want is for there to be peace, tranquility.

Her first husband’s death from cancer. Sarah Ladd, a breaking news reporter at The Courier Journal since August, contributed research to this report. Prosecutors asked neighbors what they knew. “If my son is alive, if he is watching or listening to this — or someone knows where he is — please tell me where my son is. Jalisco had broken off from El Chapo's gang in 2014 and have been embroiled in a bloody war for Mexico's drug routes. They share photos of homeless people and the dead in morgues hoping another mother or father can identify their hijos, their children. And to Mexico City. Mexican drug lord's super cartel infiltrates US small towns, How a Mexican cartel turned a rural area into a hidden cocaine hub, One mistake trapped a desperate dad in a Mexican drug cartel's web. They’d found a 25-year-old man, thin, with tattoos. “I said 'fortunately' it is not, but now I say 'unfortunately' it is not because the uncertainty of looking for him is worse than knowing where he is and being able to rest.”. South Africa recorded 74 new coronavirus-related deaths late Tuesday, taking the total number of fatalities to 19,539, said Health Minister Zweli Mkhize. Democratic nominee Joe Biden took an early election night lead Tuesday, outpacing US President Donald Trump in this year's race for the White House... JOHANNESBURG I have to find you.”. “Lies,” Lopez Obrador said in a morning press conference. Unlike the more militant approach of past administrations, the president has advocated for addressing what he believes are the root causes of violence such as job insecurity, the lack of education and poverty. By then, it was late in the night, and neighbors had gathered outside her house. He said: "It was found that it was a rumour, that what was mentioned did not happen, that he had died or had been arrested are lies. Cristopher Rogel Blanquet/Special to Courier Journal. “He would have found the way.”. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. There’s only one prosecutor for missing persons cases in all of Jalisco, she said, and the official in that job has changed three times since Jorge went missing. Desaparecido, it reads. He was wearing a gray, short-sleeved shirt with buttons, jeans and Puma sneakers, she told them. To be careful of what they post on social media.

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