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I couldn't even get her to tell me who my grandfather was until she was already passing away of … line-height: 1.4em; But bloodline still is here. Jason Whittle holds the net worth of $3.5 million. } 1313 Dead End Drive Commercial, Four-legged friend “Jasper” shows just who’s top dog. 570 Am Radio Station, According to sources, he is 6 feet and 5 inches or 1.96 meters tall and weighs 295 pounds or 134 kilograms. If it's a private matter why did the family go running to the tabloids with this? Image: gettyimages.comSource: Getty Images.

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The story of Jason Whittle is an ironic counter-point to the movie Dirty Dancing, which portrayed sexual flings and subsequent abortions positively -- and which made Patrick Swayze an international star. At the time, he served as a guard for Camdenton Lakers. The only opinions that matter are your own and Gods2. They were married for over three decades until Patrick's untimely death in 2009. letter-spacing:.1em; }, Most of the comments I read are sort of pitiful on both sides of the baby daddy argument. She was one of the sweetest people I ever knew. And I think his mother had a lot of integrity not contacting Patrick swayze all those years and it makes sense to me to wait until her. text-decoration:none; At the time, he served as a guard for Camdenton Lakers. Cherokee Language Study,

Jason Whittle is the only son of the late American celebrity, Patrick Swayze. type="font" default="normal normal 78% 'Trebuchet MS', Trebuchet, Arial, Verdana, Sans-serif">.

So, apart from the rumoured Jason Whittle, there are no Patrick Swayze kids.


Bonnie passed away from cancer in 2012 but not before telling Jason the truth about his father. He as an individual, like you, like me, like this author, could only be us because of the individual egg and individual sperm that came together to create each of us, an individual and now 44 years later someone suggests that he should have been aborted? The pair first met in 1975 in Texas, at Patrick's mom's dance studio. What's up with that - and last but not least did anyone even consider that perhaps Patrick's Widow did the right thing and wrote checks 2 perhaps pay off his mortgage fund an education education for his his children and I don't know buy him a car or two .... complete Financial Security for yourself and your family is truly a blessing and the best part of being wealthy if any or all of this for true the public would never know and it would keep them out of the Courts not to mention the total cost of all of this would probably be less then the bill for the lawyers if it were litigated, OMG!

----------------------------------------------- */ And if it is proven to be his son, he does deserve something as a descendant and an heir.

margin-left: auto; Patrick Swayze’s son was born on March 7, 1975 in Springfield, Missouri. The celebrity is not only an entertainer, she is also an inspiration to many people suffering chronic pain. Jason Whittle is also the name of a famous football player. Fernanda Colombo bio: Who is this beautiful female referee? This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. After viewing side-by-side photos of the two, plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn tells Globe they both have similar eye shape and color, the same noses and the same lips. Patrick's alleged son shown on the cover of Globe. I would just like to say my grandmother never once bragged about sleeping with the actor / movie star Patrick Swayze. Listen 107 Rewind, /* Header Blows my mind. How much is R Kelly worth even after the great scandal?

This article is full of what if and maybe's!

It was reported Lisa said it's all untrue. Jennifer Grey is an actress with a lot to be proud of. Lisa Niemi and Patrick Swayze had one of the most romantic relationships in Hollywood. letter-spacing: .1em; margin:.25em 0 0; I say God Bless both sides of the family. Castlevania Portrait Of Ruin All Missions,

Their fairytale romance was at times unspoiled, but the couple had their ups and downs. Reports claim the Jason was a secret love child. It was a short relationship, and she said she stayed there all night.”.

After the miscarriage, the couple tried for another baby, but Lisa failed to get pregnant again. Patrick Swayze died before he could enjoy the joys of fatherhood, but according to the recent Patrick Swayze son reports, he might have left a son behind, a 45-year old by the name Jason Whittle.

Sources tell Globe that Jason could make a legal move for a chunk of the late actor’s fortune.

Reportedly, Jason is the result of a one night stand Patrick Swayze, when he was 20, had with Bonnie Kay, who was under-age at that time. Now Jason Whittle, a 44-year-old father-of-three who lives in Missouri, is seeking a DNA test to prove he’s Swayze’s son. margin:.75em 0; Come talk to me in person, and you'll see real power. default="normal normal 200% Georgia, Serif"> border:1px solid #cccccc; This I would like to know too.

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