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We really don't,” Kapszukiewicz said. DPS oversees several areas within the City including Parks, Recreation & Forestry; Facility & Fleet Operations; Solid Waste; Streets, Bridges & Harbor; and Transportation. The primary coordinates for Grassy Island places it within the OH 43616 ZIP Code delivery area. This map shows all Water Quality Portal stations that are 10 miles upstream (dashed dark blue) and 10 miles downstream (solid light blue) of this monitoring location (indicated by the large blue circle). Increase recreational opportunities, such as kayaking, hunting, fishing and birdwatching . This project is located north of the opening between Grassy Island and the Cullen Park causeway in Maumee Bay. We, the undersigned, demand that the City of Toledo, Toledo Lucas County Port Authority, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources cease and desist from continuing forward with, and that they abandon, the Cullen Park Project and Grassy Island Project to build swamps (wetlands are defined as swamps and vice versa)  in the Cullen Park Bay and Maumee Bay at the mouth of the Maumee River and that the US Army Corps. Details about what’s on the ballot for local voters. Will you do the same? Description: island in Lucas County, United States of America. Early Head Start allows the youngest of the county’s at-risk children to receive services as early as birth. The swamps will negatively affect health: The swamps would be built in a residential area. But he knows well, the somewhat treacherous terrain to get out there,” DeBacker said. This petition starter stood up and took action. is now owned by the U.S. LimnoTechLimnoTech is supporting the project by describing how site-specific factors affecting water and sediment movement, water quality and wave action can inform the design. The wetlands will seek to maintain and even enhance the current benefits of the area. The size and scope of the swamps cannot be controlled: Phragmites are an uncontrollable invasive species that has taken over most of existing swampy areas in and around the Point Place area. The Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority focuses on maritime, aviation and development to drive and grow the region’s transportation and logistics infrastructure and its economic prosperity for all. Election officials say there were fears of the pandemic causing a shortage. For the definitions of the metadata elements, please go to the Water Quality Portal user guide, NATIONAL WATER QUALITY MONITORING COUNCIL, Learn more about Water Quality Portal Data Providers, MAUMEE BAY AT TOLEDO, BETWEEN GRASSY ISLAND & CULLEN PARK, HorizontalCoordinateReferenceSystemDatumName. But there may be new life for the mysterious grassy island. An act of congress Aug. 3, 1961 ((the year I was born, lol))...deeded the 2 islands to Wyandotte for use as a National Wildlife Refuge....Grassy Isl. And it delayed him back to a couple of meetings the rest of the day, but obviously, he survived. In addition to masks and social distancing, the BOE has a lot of extra protocols in place. Sitting at the end of the Maumee and the Ottawa Rivers is a blank canvas, and an area most people don't know about. Copyright © 2020 HTL, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Improve water quality for long-term use and enjoyment of Maumee Bay and the Maumee River, Reduce nearshore wave action and coastal erosion, Create a diverse aquatic ecosystem using a variety of depths and native plant species, Restore habitat for native plant, fish and bird species, Increase recreational opportunities for local residents and visitors. The Mannik & Smith Group, Inc.MSG was selected as the engineering and design firm to lead the study and design. This project is located north of the opening between Grassy Island and the Cullen Park causeway in Maumee Bay. Grassy Island is an island in Ohio. You do have a right to access goverment property that is open to the general public. To better compete with great lakes rivals, the mayor wants to change that. This filtering will cause a higher concentrations of these toxins in the Cullen Park and Maumee Bays. It is something that he's passionate about,” DeBacker said. Grassy Island - near Cullen Park in Toledo; Girty's Island - two miles downstream of Florida, Ohio; Preston Island - near Defiance, Ohio; Read more about this topic: Maumee River. These projects will culminate in a design of wetlands made of varying water depths to create an ecologically diverse habitat. Unless you have a boat, it's not easy for Toledoans to enjoy Lake Erie. “That's a grown-up real park waiting to happen,” Kapszukiewicz said. Project size: 100 Acres Grassy Island: maps, driving directions and local area information. © Ohio Departments of Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environmental Protection. That's because the Army Corps of Engineers currently owns the island and uses it for dredging. Ohio continues to set daily records for new cases of coronavirus, with 4,229 cases reported within a 24 hour period on Tuesday. Provided by Dodge Data & analytics. In contrast to the significant detrimental effects these swamps will have on Toledo and the surrounding communities, the proposed swamps will have a negligible effect on the total toxins that flow from the Maumee River Watershed into Lake Erie and cause the blue green algae blooms in Lake Erie. The swamps will negatively affect recreation: The swamps would be built in waters that are used for recreation by citizens of Toledo and surrounding areas all year round. It's estimated there are 13,000 signs per candidate in Lucas and Wood counties alone. H2Ohio is Governor Mike DeWine’s initiative to ensure safe and clean water for all Ohioans. using the datum NAD27. The following are but a few of the reasons for this demand. But the mayor wants to get this done soon. This site is in the watershed defined by the 8 … The Grassy Island Project is also located on the Maumee River and will utilize $700,000 in H2Ohio funds toward contracting services for planning, permitting and engineering and design costs to create wetlands at Grassy Island. RFQ/AE: Grassy Island Wetland Restoration construction project in TOLEDO, OH . WQP Home > Providers > STORET > 21OHIO_WQX At Thursday night's state of the city, Toledo’s mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz unveiled a surprise project: to turn the abandoned Grassy Island into a new 150 acre city park. Now, the state wants to spend $5M to create a wetlands at Cullen Park and another $750k on enhancing the filtration capabilities of Grassy Island. Long way to go,” Kapszukiewicz said. Youth poll workers step up during pandemic. Hart is a communications agency headquartered in downtown Toledo. GNIS Feature Detail Report for Grassy Island, Get Current Demographic Data for Cities, Towns, and ZIP Codes, View Boundary Maps, for Cities, Towns, and ZIP Codes, Locate Physical, Cultural, and Historical Features, Ohio physical, cultural and historic features. Toledo-Lucas County Port AuthorityThe Port Authority is overseeing all aspects of the work as the contract administrator for the program. It is a comprehensive, data-driven approach to improve water quality over the long term. The Cullen Park and Grassy Island Wetlands Restoration projects are just two of the projects being implemented under this initiative. Grassy Island is covered by the Oregon, OH US Topo Map quadrant Algae in Lake Erie is still a major concern. “Timeline is also undetermined, but I can tell you that the mayor is very much focused on this project. This lake site, maintained by the Division of Surface water (Ohio) (identifier 21OHIO_WQX), has the name "P11S31-MAUMEE BAY AT TOLEDO, BETWEEN GRASSY ISLAND & CULLEN PARK" and has the identifier 21OHIO_WQX-P11S31. There were also a number of things to keep voters safe. Grassy Island is situated nearby to Ranch Gardens, close to Island View Park.

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