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Featuring a star… We have the world’s largest and diverse range of surfboard models including Softboards, Shortboards, Hybrids, Mini Mals, Funboards, Longboards and Mid-lengths. ADA Compliance We ship clearance surfboards domestic and international. Greek Surfboards. Greek Retro T-shirt - Black $24.95. Unlimited beaches and shoreline. longboard, shortboard, or other surfing gear when someone in Greece is selling it at a big discount. A consummate tinkerer who loves technology, Bob recently invented the patented Turbo Tunnel® fin system, which is designed to channel water through a center "tunnel," helping to control the forward, horizontal and vertical movement of a surfboard. Check out our surfboard sale below. Bob didn't have the money to fund the endeavor, so the shop owner paid for materials and Bob built boards in his father's garage. Bob "the Greek" Bolen started surfing in 1958 and made his first surfboard in 1959 while still a student at Bolsa Grande High School in Garden Grove, California. At the time, shapers usually worked for a well-known shaper/mentor before opening their own shops--but not the Greek. sale is FREE too. Greek Triangle T-shirt ... Sale. Meet the multi-talented Universal+ Series Nexus with fully customizable handling. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. In 1964, he introduced what is considered to be the first East Coast signature model for team rider Bruce Clelland. An error occurred, please try again later. Check out our surfboard sale below. Other members of the Greek's surf team included such well-known riders as Herbie Fletcher and Tiger Espere. Designed by Out of the Sandbox. You've come to the right place. Greek Triangle T-shirt - Black $23.95 $17.95. You've come to the right place. Instead, he bought his first blank from Bill Holden and some stringer material from Chuck Foss, picked up his planer and started making foam dust. Sort by: Greek Triangle T-shirt - White $24.95. The perfect addition to your rough commutes, day hikes, or kayak sessions, this Rambler ... Join the REAL Newsletter for exclusive offers and updates. Bob learned to surf at Doheny and Huntington Beach, but loved surfing Dana Point in the early '60s--before the harbor was completed in 1968. You are here: Surfboards for sale >> Greece. Now a successful real estate broker in Huntington Beach, surfing will always be a part of his heart and soul. Looking for a great deal on a surfboard? We have tons discounted and marked down surfboards. is Europe’s largest, and favourite, online surfboard retailer. Greece Surfboards for sale. © 2020 Last Wave Originals The Surfboard Warehouse has become one of Australia’s largest suppliers of surfboards, with stores in Byron Bay, Tweed Heads South, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. Powered by Shopify, Channel Islands Biscuit Discount Surfboard, Channel Islands Black Beauty Discount Surfboard - Futures, Channel Islands Rocket 9 Surfboard - Futures, Channel Islands Rocket Wide Discount Surfboard, Channel Islands Rookie 15 Surfboard - FCS II, Channel Islands Twin Fin Surfboard - Futures, Sharp Eye Disco Inferno Fusion Dual-Core Surfboard - FCS II. Futures Mayhem Honeycomb/Carbon Tri/Quad Fin Set-Blue-Large, Patagonia M's R2 Yulex Back-Zip Wetsuit-Black, Patagonia W's R3 Yulex Back-Zip Wetsuit-Black, Billabong Sundays Airlite Boardshorts-Navy, REAL Wmn's Shred Supply Tee-Storm Triblend, REAL Youth Shred Supply Tee-Heather Team Purple, Billabong Windy Beach Sweatshirt-Athletic Grey, YETI Rambler 18 oz Bottle-Stainless Steel, Maurice Cole Red Dingo PU/Poly 7'6" (Blem), Maurice Cole Reverse Vee Double D PU/Poly 6'4" (Blem), Dan Mann Baked Potato Firewire TT 5'1" (Blem), Christenson Bonneville PU/Poly 9'6" (Blem), FCD Grasshopper Foil Surfboard EPS/Epoxy 5'6", FCD Grasshopper Foil Surfboard EPS/Epoxy 6'0". Even though he closed his shop years ago, Bob has continued to produce a small quantity of his longboards each year. How should you care for your surfboard? Please note we currently only connect buyers and sellers. The resort features a range of luxury places to stay with incredible water views. In 1960, Bob opened his own surf shop in Huntington Beach. At the time, shapers usually worked for a well-known shaper/mentor before opening their own shops--but not the Greek. "My real estate office looks more like a surf shop than a real estate office," he says proudly. The Lift eFoil allows riders of all levels to experience flight over almost any body of water at up to 25 mph, no waves or ... A high-performance, neoprene-free wetsuit with easy-access entry, the R2 Yulex Back-Zip Full Suit is made of 85% Yulex natural rubber/15% synthetic... Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Surfboards by the Greek The 18 oz Rambler Bottle is a next-level insulated bottle. Take a look at the surfboards for sale in Greece below. Watermen's Retreat is a waterfront resort located in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. | Sitemap |. With thousands of Surfboards to browse and choose from there is something for every level of skill. Surfboards by the Greek Bob "the Greek" Bolen started surfing in 1958 and made his first surfboard in 1959 while still a student at Bolsa Grande High School in Garden Grove, California. For the next twenty years, Bob was one of the top surfboard builders in the business and was known for his many popular model designations that included the Eliminator, Liquidator, Maui Model and Pickle. "I surfed out there with Dick Dale a few times, and Mickey Munoz would come around and Peter Peterson was catching waves in his canoe. Greek Retro T-shirt - White $24.95. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Damned yacht harbor..." Terms of Service Privacy Policy. Join our team and live in one of the best locations for wind and surf in the world. Check out our surfboard sale below. An athletic kite that is never too cool to learn a new trick. Sale. The Surf Station has the largest selection of new & used surfboards on the East Coast of the U.S. Our core crew of surfing experts is available on live chat with any questions you have about surfboards or accessories. provides surfers with the best and largest selection of surfboards for sale in Greece. Greek Retro Surfer T-shirt - White $24.95 Greek Maui T-shirt - … Witnessing the huge growth in surfing's popularity, he asked Bob to make boards to sell in his bike shop. There is absolutely no sense in buying a brand new surfboard. If there is a board you are interested in buying or you would like to list one for sale email: Beautiful sunrises and sunsets, both over the water. Epic winds. So signup and sell your used surfing gear. A longer board will enable you to grasp the basics faster, start catching waves, and generally enjoy the experience as you work your way toward shorter surfboards. Give them the gift of choice with a REAL Gift Card. © 2020 Surf Station Store. World famous kiteboarding competitions, summer concert series and surf movie premiers are just some of the events that fill our Cape Hatteras event schedule. Shop our collection of sale surfboards for huge savings. From beginner boards to high-performance thrusters, mini mals to retro mid-lengths, fishes and funboards to single-fin longboards, we have absolutely every angle covered. Clearance Surfboards Sale now at the Surf Station online store. Bob has also introduced the Stylemaster, a modern longboard shape he designed specifically for Surf Tech's extensive line of high-tech surfboards. © 2020 REAL Watersports. We ship clearance surfboards domestic and international. World-class waves. COVID UPDATE: We are still fully operational. Signup today for and get in on all the action. Bob "the Greek" Bolen is an energetic, affable guy who truly loves surfing and is still one of the sport's innovators. Become a VIP Member today and enjoy exclusive updates, new arrivals before they hit the racks and members-only discounts. We list as much information as the board owners provide. Our employees come from diverse backgrounds and bring a high level of professionalism and drive to the REAL team. In the summer of 1980, Bob closed the doors to his surf shop forever. Watermen's Bar & Grill serves delicious, freshly prepared food, plus the best coffee, beers and mixed drinks on the Outer Banks. Whe... From Lift Foils Beginner Surfboards Single Fin Surfboards Soft Top Surfboards Shortboard / Performance Small Wave / Performance Retro / Classic Big Wave / Gun Longboard Surfboard Big Guy Surfboards Step Up Shortboards Hybrid / All Rounder Grom Surfboards Twin Fin Surfboards Wave Pool Surfboards Summer Surfboards 2020 / 2021 Nicknamed "the Greek" by high school buddies because of his Greek ancestry, he decided to call his brand "Surfboards by the Greek." Its FREE to join, and posting your items for This 6’0 shortboard thruster was made for and ridden by Bruce Irons in the early 2000’s. Discover the Bear Surfboards world were “boards were made of wood and men were made of iron” - SS20 collection represent values and emotions related to the worlds of surfing and skateboarding There is absolutely no sense in buying a brand new surfboard. provides surfers with the best and largest selection of surfboards for sale in Greece. We ship clearance surfboards domestic and international. Aspects of this portal are patented, patent-pending, or patent-applied-for. Designed using the latest CAD software and built from the most advanced manufacturing materials and techniques, our surfboard range caters to all surfing genres, styles and abilities from beginners through to the more experienced surfer.

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