guinea pig molars

The mouth of a guinea pig with malocclusion may hang slightly open. In-Depth Understanding Of All Aspects Of Their Diet, List Of Vegetables And Fruits Guinea Pigs Can Eat, Importance Of Vitamin C and Calcium+ How To Balance It, Water For Your Guinea Pig (How It Can Lead To Bladder Stone), 4 Complete Diet Chart To Follow With Veggie List, Learn All About Setting Up Perfect Living Environment, Understand Common Behavior And How To Deal With It, An Insight On Common Health Problems And What To Do About It, A Complete Care Guide To Keep Your Guinea Pig's Healthy and Happy, Covers All The Practical Aspect Of Keeping Guinea Pigs, Printed On Good Quality White Paper With Glossy Cover. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases made by our readers with no extra cost added to you all! These includes: Please note that regular inspection of your guinea pig’s teeth is essential to keep track of their dental health. I usually like to have 2-3 different sets of toys, and I rotate them every time I deep clean their cage. You can get your guinea pig’s teeth trimmed on an outpatient basis, under anesthetic. They sit far back in your guinea pigs mouth, which is often full of food, making checking difficult. Guinea pigs need to replicate their wild counterparts to ensure they have healthy teeth. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. This ensures they are never bored with it, and they will also have different types of toys and surfaces to chew on. If you find them longer or notice that your guinea pig has a hard time keeping their mouth closed, then it is a sign of overgrown teeth. Good teeth are essential to your pet's health. Sometimes, the roots of your guinea pig’s teeth can get pushed up or start growing into the jaw. Usually the teeth will grow back fine on their own and do not require clipping. My motto with this blog is to help guinea pig owners understand their pets better so they can provide them with the life they deserve. However, it is best to seek advice from your vet when selecting a mineral block for guinea pig use. Take any of the tooth clippers which you may find suitable for the job(mentioned above) and clip a small amount of tooth from the upper incisor. You can learn more about hay, safe wood for guinea pigs, etc from our articles below: Before you read further, Here are some of our popular books that provides you great value. Don’t cut it too far or you may hurt your guinea pigs. Before you learn more,here are some hand-picked supplies for your guinea pigs that you must add to your wishlist today: Guinea Pig Tooth Trim with Carlito the Cuy. Providing your guinea pigs with chew toys is also an excellent way to grind those long teeth and keep your guinea pig’s entertained as well. Our site intends to provide you with the most accurate and updated information about guinea pigs. However, checking their premolars and molars might need a trip to a veterinarian. However, the important thing for you to check is if there are any sharp edges left behind, then you might need to trim the same before it ends up hurting your guinea pigs. (Causes+What To Do), Hay for guinea pigs: What type, How much & more, Safe wood for guinea pigs. In Diseases of Domestic Guinea Pigs, Virginia C. G. Richardson writes, “Molar malocclusion can be an inherited condition, or it can develop in any guinea pig over 1 year of age. If the incisors grow past their lips, they’re too long. Any sharp or serrated edges can puncture and damage the inside of your guinea pigs mouth. Guinea pig’s teeth continue to grow due to the diet and living conditions of the guinea pigs. If you are experienced, you might trim their teeth at home as well. Find answers to many of your questions on this site. Why is my guinea pig not eating their vegetables? Under government guidelines, there may be some delay in responses, however, we are fully operating at normal business hours. Ensure that you understand fully what this means. As a result, many guinea pig owners often find their guinea pigs in pain at some point in their life. Guinea pig having difficulties eating vegetables? For guinea pigs who are in the early staged of the condition a chin sling may be used.

The most common sings of this disorder are lost of interest in eating, particularly, when you pet is unable to hold the food in a mouth properly. Soft cotton or fleece towels or face cloths. Providing your guinea pig’s with lots of timothy hay is important to keep your guinea pig’s teeth in the right shape. Charlwood Road, Lowfield Heath, Guinea pigs can be vulnerable to broken teeth, particularly if their diet is inadequate and lacking Vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for bone and tooth growth. Some of the most common problems include: One of the common problems with overgrown teeth is malocclusion. It is important to keep the hole clean to prevent infection. How much does it cost to get a guinea pig’s teeth trimmed? Wrap your guinea pigs with a towel to ensure they remain calm and still. If your guinea pig’s appetite changes, it is most likely due to dental problems. If your guinea pig has dental problems, then it is recommended to serve them with first cut timothy hay. As a result, one or the other teeth might end up penetrating your guinea pig’s gums and skin. Wild guinea pigs used to chew on tree branches, hay, and other natural wood that helped to keep their teeth in shape. Instead, they have a gap called the diastema. A physical injury can displace the teeth that can eventually fall out.

The only way to keep their teeth in shape is to provide them with good quality hay and wooden chew toys. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Guinea pig’s teeth must be properly aligned, and they must be able to close their mouth properly. Guinea pigs have sharp front teeth, so it is best not to let them nibble anything and everything. This can be a painful situation for guinea pigs. For any medical assistance and advice, it is recommended to consult a licensed veterinarian. Your guinea pigs will not be able to self groom. Check The Academy of Veterinary Dentistry to see if there is a veterinary dentist nearby. Also, trim one incisor at a time. Maloccluded teeth are teeth that have not worn properly and are overgrown. However, monitor your guinea pig to check that the remaining teeth do not get too long and start causing damage to the gums or lining of the mouth. You might need someone to hold your guinea pig just in case you are attempting it for the first time. Guinea pigs don’t enjoy when someone touches their mouth or nose area, and thus they might get a little aggressive. Failure to do so can result in a harrowing situation as overgrown teeth can hinder their ability to eat and chew. (Normal & Abnormal Poop). With healthy guinea pigs, any damaged or lost tooth will grow back absolutely fine. You must be wondering why is my guinea pig always hungry. A lack of vitamin c, Calcium, and other essential nutrients in their diet can weaken the teeth, and as a result, it will fall out. As guinea pigs don’t have canine, the space of those is empty, followed by the premolars. The top and bottom incisors can grow up to 1.5 centimetres long. Your guinea pigs might not be able to chew their food. It may only appear that the front teeth are being affected but, more often than not, it occurs in the both the front and back teeth at the same time. If your guinea pig has healthy teeth, this is an indication that their diet is appropriate and they are getting all the nutrients they need from their food.

Guinea pigs need a lot of hay and chew toys, solid but safe woodblocks, and branches to keep their teeth in shape. A teaspoon of salt in a pint of warm water will do the trick. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. You have to take your pet to the vet to resolve this issue. Since the mouth can no longer close completely (due to overgrowth of the teeth), the hair under the chin may be wet. -- from the House Rabbit Society website. Peg teeth in rabbits: Rabbits have four incisors, two on the top, and two on the bottom. The Chin Sling can provide support for a weak jaw, encourages normal wear of the teeth, and helps build muscle. Guinea Pig Coloring Book: Let Your Anxiety Go Away! Molar Spurs In Guinea Pigs. Guinea pigs’ teeth usually grow around 2mm every week.

Guinea pigs might lose their teeth at any time in their life. Understandably they are a lot harder to examine. For your understanding, let’s learn about the guinea pigs’ teeth anatomy. Maloccluded molars will be ground and filed, usually under anaesthetic. Hardwoods such as apple, hickory, maple or oak are ideal and will have your guinea pig nibbling for hours. Your email address will not be published. Also, avoid cats and dogs chew toys as they tend to be made up of flimsy plastic and are too large for our guinea pigs as well. West Sussex RH11 0PT

Guinea Pig Coloring Book: Halloween Theme. Make sure you lookout for signs of discoloration, misalignment, sharp edges, and overgrown teeth. Sized At 8.5x11, A Perfect Size To Color And Frame! Ensure your hand, as well as their tongue, is out of the way. This can lead to a lot of bleeding and bacterial infection. This means they need to be continually chewing hay and rough natural wood to keep their teeth in shape. In most guinea pigs the bottom molars grow towards the tongue, whereas the top molars grow outwards towards the cheeks.

Although it may only look like your guinea pig has two upper and two lower incisors, they actually have twenty teeth. The cost to get a guinea pig’s teeth trimmed might depend upon your vet, but expect to pay anywhere between 80$-150$ on an average. When it comes to your guinea pig’s molars, it is best to let the vet handle any examination unless something is glaringly obvious. They have a total of 20 teethes, which consist of: 2 lower and 2 upper premolars 2 lower and 2 upper incisors You don't want to miss them out! There are hardly any ways to check their molars without keeping them under anesthetics.

The right food can help keep dental problems at bay. Having a look at their incisors can also give you a good insight. This can be a painful situation for guinea pigs. I am an Animal Nutritionist by education but a pet blogger by profession. If a tooth is broken or lost, your guinea pigs teeth will fall out of line. Guinea pigs are popular across the US and UK. They also have molars in the back of their mouths that you cannot see.

Make sure you do it little by little. You must look out for other signs to overgrown teeth and visit a vet if you are unsure. Interestingly, guinea pigs do not have canines. If these become overgrown, the guinea pig will have trouble eating, will lose weight, and … However, if they are visible, then it means there is a problem. Your guinea pigs might not show any sign of discomfort or any ill effect it they lose one of their teeth. How Much Time Should You Spend With Your Guinea Pig? Pet Migration offer specialist one way emigration insurance for your cat or dog’s journey plus 36 hours upon arrival. However, sometimes even after dong everything correctly, your guinea pigs might end up with longer teeth. Maloccluded teeth can cause sores, injuries, and infections in your guinea pigs mouth. However, they are usually smaller and allows guinea pigs to close their mouth comfortably. "The second set may erupt later in life.". In the wild, the roughage was enough to keep their teeth in shape. Fat pads in the cheeks make examination of the molars difficult. Your guinea pig picking at food or not eating at all (anorexia), The mouth of your guinea pig constantly hanging slightly open, Wet hair under the chin and around the mouth, Discharge from your guinea pig’s eyes or nose, Small pieces of food dropping out your guinea pig’s mouth. Thus, even in captivity, we must provide lots of hay, chew toys, and safe/solid wood blocks or tree branches to keep our guinea pigs teeth in shape. What are molar spurs? The enamel is white in color and the front teeth can be sharp. Overgrown molars are the worst as it makes food swallowing really tough for our guinea pigs. Many people do not realise guinea pigs have molars due to fat pads in their cheeks making them invisible.

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