hey duggee season 3 episode 31

Meet Duggee, a big lovable dog who runs a club for pre-schoolers that inspires children to have fun, be energetic, and - most of all - to do things! Or, if all of that doesn't work, maybe the Squirrels make some funny faces to cheer up Whoooooo? Or rather to his giant sneezes, which made the ruby come loose and fly into a trifle. They're just about to get bouncing - when a big gloomy cloud settles down and falls asleep right over the bouncy castle. It’s Duggee’s day off, but it’s not long before the Squirrels show up to tell him about their adventures on their own days off - earning their Day Off badges in the process! The Squirrels work hard to help Duggee clean his workshop but when they finish they can't find him. ... Hey Duggee: The Be Careful Badge and Other Stories 2015 Hey Duggee - The Fashion Badge & Other Stories 2018 The squirrels want to learn how to whistle. More. Norrie wants to seek out new horizons, and Happy's philosophy is just, well, to be Happy. A WOOF WOOF - THE DUGGEEPEDIA.

Luckily, Duggee has his Sharing Badge!

She soon cheers up when she finds out that some trees shed their leaves in autumn, and actually it's quite good fun playing and jumping in piles of leaves. They've hidden in really good places, but Duggee finds everyone except Roly... where could he be? Mawk, the bird, lands in the snow, suitcase and all. King Tiger is reunited with his ruby, the Squirrels get their Mystery Badges, and everyone gets to eat the trifle! She chases it all the way up a tree until she gets herself stuck!

The squirrels help Duggee to make a fire engine so that they can all rescue Enid together.

Season 2.

Duggee helps the Squirrels learn about all the amazing things trees do for the creatures who live among them, and earn their tree badges in the process!


JavaScript seems to be disabled. The Squirrels are inspired to learn how to sing a cappella style after hearing a famous bird quartet singing in a nearby tree.

Duggee takes the Squirrels and their parents on an exciting mystery trip, where they learn they can make anywhere special and earn their Big Day Out badges in the process! KJBulger NOGGINTV. Norrie is upset when she sees a leaf fall from the tree. Duggee decides to make an omelette but there are no eggs in the basket. EP 4 THE …

Duggee is working on an inventory of the clubhouse's supplies to plan for the future. Well done Squirrels! He's swallowed too much mud and he's making a funny noise. Animated TV Shows to Stream Now With Prime Video. Can the squirrels help him, and will they know what to pack in Mawk's suitcase?

Each episode of this colourful, entertaining and occasionally surreal animated series starts with Duggee welcoming the Squirrels, a bunch of curious little characters who are dropped off at the club by their parents. The A Cappella Badge. skills, the Squirrels are keen to make topiary themselves. Carrot! There are sheep everywhere!

The squirrels are digging in the garden when they come across a fossil, so Duggee and Narrator explain all about fossils and prehistoric times.

Duggee shows the Squirrels his private cheese vault, where some of the rarest and smelliest cheeses on Earth are kept - but one of them makes its way into the outside world.

The squirrels follow lots of different footprints that take them to their friend but there is one set they can't work out.

Duggee's Top of the Pups Playlist on CBeebies Radio.

Just as he gets started Naughty Monkey steals the barrel of fruit and runs off with it. He asks the Squirrels if they want to help decorate the clubhouse for Christmas. It's a lovely sunny day, and the squirrels are all excited. The Squirrels wonder how long ago that is.

Duggee is putting up a picture of himself and the old friends he grew up with, who are just like family to him.

But Happy doesn't know that the puddle is home to the tiny citizens Midgetropolis, who were just going about their daily lives until a large shadow was cast upon them by a monster - Happy!

The squirrels are playing in the clubhouse when Norrie discovers a spider in the dressing up box. Could the clubhouse be in space?

Hey Duggee season 3 overview. Betty shows the squirrels her superhero comic called Super Puppy. He was looking forward to going on his summer holiday because that's what birds do in the winter.

Duggee and the Squirrels go on an adventure to find a famously shy creature called The Snard who doesn’t like noise… time to earn their Being Quiet badges!

Hey Duggee - Series 3: 31.


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