intex pool unlevel by 3 inches

Unlevel Intex pools may have one part of the pool lower than other parts, and this unevenly distributes pressure on your pool’s walls. Pools that are unlevel by more than an inch it is going to look slanted. 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Unfortunately, once your liner rips, the pool will no longer be watertight and you will find yourself constantly patching it before having to replace the entire liner. I would not be afraid to use and enjoy the pool. Also, the inflatable ring pools are more likely to fold under the force and blow out causing major damage and a safety hazard. They will ruin it completely. Do you think this degree of unlevelness is acceptable? So you’ve got yourself a brand new Intex pool, installed it in your backyard, but there’s only one slight problem. Step-by-Step Guide On How To Level The Ground For Your Pool. How? ), upgrading the pump and dump fees (diposal of top soil and sod) to try to get mine right. ✔ HIGH VISIBILITY: These ratchet straps are a highly visible shade of yellow. Most instruction manuals for above grounds are useless. Awning Contractors Let’s face it, many people buy Intex or above ground pools because they are cheaper than in-ground pools. The water presses against one section of the pool with more force than the rest and it will be blown out due to uneven weight distribution. Also being on concrete means there will not be any shifting that would cause the level to get worse. It shouldn’t be unlevel even for a single inch because of the reasons we have listed above. Another part of your Intex pool that can be damaged by it being unlevel is your pool liner. Before you start leveling the ground for your Intex pool, get the needed materials and equipment first. Polyester webbing barely stretches under heavy loads and water slides right off it. Pool Liners Josh Hurd has been freelance writing since 2006. I bet I have a few hundred dollars between materials (two yards of brick sand! One side is 3-4 inches lower than the other side. Intex 16'x48" metal frame pool unlevel After filling the pool I noticed it is slightly unlevel, about 2.5-3in difference from low to high. What this means is a lot of property damage and injury to people around and in your pool when it gives in. If you have the extra money, we consider hiring a professional the best solution to level your concrete for your Intex pool properly. Hopefully, your pool will hold. If you notice your pool is unleveled when already using it, the best way is to seek the service of a professional to reinstall it for you. 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If it’s under two inches, you may choose to install your pool without leveling the concrete surface. I couldn't fill it anymore or it would have poured over the side. If your Intex pool is unlevel by more than 3 inches, we suggest draining the whole pool. You can rent a lawn roller at your local hardware store and run it over the sand to pack it down. If you Intex Pool is installed on the uneven surface, you might end up in a lot of trouble with water level, the liner, and walls. It is important to keep yourself and others safe while swimming. He attended the University of Akron, graduating with a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing. The water reaches the skimmer sufficiently. If it’s only by a few inches or is less than 2 inches, you may drain only half the water on your Intex pool. ; Dimension - 96 x 4 x 2 in. The pool will twist, buckle, or even collapse, causing property damage and injury to anyone in or around the pool. Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Also, as mentioned earlier, there is a risk of collapse or tear of your pool’s interior, and you don’t want that occurring when your kids are using your Intex pool. Always try to ensure that your Intex pool is on level ground. When installing your Intex pool, choose an area that is free of trees and about three feet from all structures. Once the pool settles, the difference will increase and a half an inch will become a few inches and so on. So if you are putting up an Intex inflatable or metal frame pool with a width of eight feet you would need a board that is eight feet long. Look around your yard for the flattest spot you can find. X 4 in. Everything ElseAbove Ground Pool, Join in and write your own page! Leave the plastic sheeting in place to kill the grass and get the area ready for the pool. Trouble with your pool’s walls. Even the slightest unlevel surface could make the pressure to be higher on one wall than the others. by Kevin Traptow (Innisfail, Alberta) We just bought an 18' Intex metal frame pool. Done. In an extreme case, the pool will collapse from the pressure. It is on the natural dirt, no added sand or dirt, grass removed. Type above and press Enter to search. It is probably about a 6 inch difference around the pool in water levels. It is in the spot where the ladder is located. But when setting up any type of above ground pool, including an Intex metal frame or inflatable pool, it is critical that the ground be perfectly level. This applies to both framed pools and inflatable pool sets. ✔ WORKING LOAD LIMIT: This heavy duty tie down strap has a Working Load Limit of 3,333 lbs. Beaded Liners If your Intex pool is unlevel by more than 3 inches, we suggest draining the whole pool. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If it’s more than 2 inches, then you may have to gather some leveling blocks like a pressure-treated lumber, patio pavers, or concrete blocks. It can be hard to tell sometimes if the yard is not flat, but at two inches, the mind picks up the differentiation and will see that something is not right. It can be incredibly tricky to level a pool, even for an excellent installer. This may not seem like a big deal but over time it will become one. One side is 3-4 inches lower than the other side. If your Intex pool is placed on an uneven surface, its liner might not rest flat, leading to folds and wrinkles. After filling about 3" of water we are finding that there is a slope of about 3" meaning 3" of water to 6" of water from one side to the other. Since this can cause stress on both your pool liner and your frame legs if you have any. Before installing your new pool, be sure to look for an area away from trees and other architecture in the yard. Private Counsel Pool Parts Is this dangerous or could it make it through the summer. You may set your Intex pool on a sloping yard as long as it does not make your Intex pool unlevel by more than 2 inches. Oval Pools, Swimming Pool Contractors My intex easy set 12'x30" looks almost entirely the same and I have never met anyone who has set one up with any success. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. While the directions want you to be within an inch there are exceptions. Intex pools that are three inches off or more will not last and no one should be swimming in one. Let me assure you that it's no fine!! To level your inflatable Intex pool, you may put blocks on the ground to have a level Intex pool. Intex pools are popular with those who want the fun and excitement of a swimming pool without the hassle and expense of installing an in-ground pool.

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