is josuke based on prince

In Diamond is Unbreakable, Josue's character design, from his hairstyle to elaborate clothing, is heavily based on the musician Prince. Dexter Thomas is from San Bernardino and is a PhD candidate in East Asian studies at Cornell University. Josuke heals Hayato's nosebleed, insisting he's a friend. Josuke's hair continues to stand if he uses his HHA or GHA while this ability is active. Your hairdo isn't rock'n roll at all. Birthday ! Josuke crying tears of joy to see Okuyasu alive. When Yasuho and Josuke come to Yoshikage Kira's home, they see a naked woman bathing in a way similar to the room 237 scene of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. The feature most important to him is his well-maintained pompadourW, styled after that of an unknown man who saved his life as a child. Unlike some actual Prince comic books, the musician never appears in the series as himself. Higashikata Family Josuke Higashikata is the main protagonist and illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar. Josuke wounded badly by debris from the explosion. A skill exclusive to this form is "I'm not done kicking your ass!" ", replacing the last two hits with Crazy Diamond flying backward and flicking a shard of broken glass at the opponent that boomerangs back through them using their blood, dealing extra damage and leaving them at Josuke's feet. By spending an extra half of a bar of his Heart Heat Gauge, Josuke can add a supplementary attack to the move, "Meet my 'homing missile'! Josuke trying to keep himself from laughing at his scheme. Josuke while drunk from Harvest's attack. If it connects, the opponent is blown back onto the floor, before Josuke swaggers over to them. Judicial seats on the Superior Court may seem the most obscure ballot items, but they now loom large as building blocks in a foundation of justice. Both meet Terunosuke Miyamoto, the user of Enigma, a Stand which imprisons people in paper. Josuke watches confused as Mikitaka transforms in front of him. Another reference is that one of White Album's special skills 'Gently Weeps' is a reference to the song "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" within this album. Josuke unknowingly passes Yoshikage Kira. What's with that shameful, ugly hair?! Josuke is a powerful and easy-to-use character. A man with expensive taste, Josuke wears Mr. Junko original socks, ¥25,000 black BallyW shoes[6] and MoschinoW brand underwear[7]. Game Debut Josuke grosses out after Mikitaka throws up on him. It’s a little hard to explain what this special power (technically called a “stand” in the series) is, but you can get a feel for it by watching some footage of a video game adaptation of the series. Also, the healing power cannot be used on Josuke himself, or strictly speaking, anything that can be considered a part of his current self, body or even his own clothes. Feeling poetic today? Boar Happy over how much money they can get from cutting off Shigechi. Josuke strikes a pose as he and his friends prepare to have another great day. When it begins to rain, Angelo carries his Stand in on the raindrops and began to boil water inside the house. However, in other versions, his name is referred to as Kenny G., after the popular Jazz saxophonist. In the same way, Josuke tries to live up to Jotaro, whom he admires, and has been nervous around him for fear of not living up to the task Jotaro entrusted to him. Caught in a landslide,/No escape from reality." Voters must chose among 33 candidates for four seats on the the Los Angeles Community College District’s seven-member board. This family is mentioned in every JoJo series. Dislikes Status After his grandfather dies, Josuke takes it upon himself to protect his beloved town from malevolent Stand users. Lady Gaga’s ‘rural voter’ video sparks fan love — and unflattering imitations. Two gatherings in L.A. on Halloween — one wild affair in the Hollywood Hills, one more chill in Echo Park — took different approaches to partying during COVID. Artists the world over counted him as an influence and mentor, and Japan is no exception. I don't feel any soul from it! So far, Araki hasn't released a public statement about Prince's death. After Yukako Yamagishi's intense declaration of love, Koichi confides his troubles with his friends Josuke and Okuyasu. Your guide to the 2020 election in California. This is a list of the various insults each character gives to Josuke's hair in both All Star Battle[13] and Eyes of Heaven. One of the most noticeable is that of the 'Zeppeli', a family name of native Italians that are first introduced in Phantom Blood and are a recurring ally to the Joestar family. Worried that Mikitaka might blow their cover due to Rohan's multiple losses. Josuke's HHA, "You're in my range!" Physical fineness: Josuke possesses substantial athletic ability. He soon meets Jotaro Kujo, who informs him that he is Joseph Joestar's illegitimate son. Green shoes. Moreover, he has been shown to throw projectiles with great efficiency thanks to his Stand's sheer strength and precision. Josuke was born to a family of Joseph Joestar and Tomoko Higashikata. Exclusive to Josuke is the ability "Watch your mouth! JoJo's Bizarre Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. One day when he was ill, he had to be taken to the hospital but his mother's car was blocked in the middle of nowhere. Josuke and Yuya search for Koichi's whereabouts. I'll have to straighten that pretentious hairstyle of yours! ), (Navy uniform with yellow undershirt and gold accessories. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Josuke steals a man's cell phone to call Koichi. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. His jacket conforms to his body, extending to the middle of his thigh, accompanied by a pair of wide-legged pants. As such, it may not be considered canon.). JoJo (given to him by delinquents) From his fair skin, blonde hairstyle, and light eyes, to his fashion sense. Additionally, Josuke has been shown to use his seemingly restricted power for a wide array of tactical goals. If Crazy Diamond's punch hits Josuke's partner, they will recover a small amount of health. Seeking to stop a potential swarm of rat Stand users, Jotaro and Josuke hunt what is revealed to be two rats, which can melt anyone with darts. Los Angeles Community College District elections: Everything you need to know. Josuke then proceeds to imprison him in the library. Soft and Wet can use bubbles to take attributes (Only one at a time) from people or hold small items, although it isn't really all that strong, and like Josuke and Crazy Diamond, any damage Soft and Wet takes, so does Josuke. HUH? [9] He does not shoo them away like Jotaro but doesn't relentlessly flirt or pursue any. Manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Capcom fighting game, The Book: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 4th Another Day, the American Alternative Rock band of the same name, (Ghost) Riders in the Sky: A Cowboy Legend,,, The song used for the first ending of the, The university where Jonathan and Dio studied is named Hugh Hudson Academy.

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