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Jacob Pavlovich Adler (born Yankev P. Adler;[1] February 12, 1855 – April 1, 1926)[2] was a Jewish actor and star of Yiddish theater, first in Odessa, and later in London and in New York City's Yiddish Theater District. A song of Grodner's about an old father turned away by his children would later be the germ of the idea for The Yiddish King Lear.
However, according to Adler, the real patriarch of the family was his wealthy uncle Aaron "Arke" Trachtenberg, who would later be the model for his portrayal of roles such as Gordin's Jewish King Lear. Chief Rabbi Adler and his son and eventual successor Hermann Adler were present, and both, especially the younger rabbi, were favorably impressed. A stroke in 1920 while vacationing in upstate New York nearly ended his acting career, although he continued to appear occasionally, usually as part of a benefit performance for himself, often playing Act I of The Yiddish King Lear: the title character remains seated throughout the entire act. [44], Playing to small audiences, on tiny stages, in communal troupes where all but the stars had day jobs, and playing only Saturday and Sunday (the pious London Jews would never have tolerated Friday performances), Adler focused on serious theater like never before. [2][5] His shows paid tribute to the performers who had shaped his own style including Danny Kaye, Sammy Davis, Jr., Red Buttons, Cab Calloway and Jimmy Durante, among others. Adler hung on, but the Thomashefskys were making a fortune at the Thalia; plays with titles like Minke the Servant Girl were far outdrawing fare like Gordin's Dementia Americana (1909). It seated 300; playing every night except Friday, he was earning about £3 s.10 a week, but with a fame well out of proportion to the meagre money. The mourning for the tsar meant there would be no performances in the capital; in addition the political climate of Russia turned sharply against the Jews. [51], Adler went on the road with Boris Thomashefsky, who at the time was pioneering the touring circuit for Yiddish theater in America. Goldfaden's own account says he came there at the urging of his father; Adler attributes it to Rosenberg and Spivakovsky's "enemies". [4][6] Adler soon started a company of his own, ushering in a new, more serious Yiddish theater, most notably by recruiting the Yiddish theater's first realistic playwright, Jacob Gordin. "[11], He grew up with both Jewish and Christian playmates, but also survived one of the Odessa pogroms around 1862. [36], The financial consequences of the collapse of their company were mitigated by a series of three benefit performances, in coordination with the local Russian-language theater company. His first brush with stardom was that he briefly became a boxer, known as Yankele Kulachnik, "Jake the Fist". Through his uncle Arke, "a hot theater lover", he became interested in the theater, at first in the beauty of Olga Glebova and the cut of Ivan Kozelsky's clothes, but he had the good fortune to be in one of the great theater cities of his time. [58], In 1904 Adler had the Grand Theater built in what was to be the Yiddish Theater District at the corner of Bowery and Canal Street, the first purpose-built Yiddish theater in New York. He survived another pogrom, but his family was financially ruined by the destruction of their possessions and the theft of their money. [45], By November 1885, Adler had a theatrical club of his own, the Princes Street Club, No.
The next year, Gordin's The Wild Man solidified this change in the direction of Yiddish theater,[26] which was entering what is retrospectively seen as its first period of greatness. Adler stayed with Crazy for You for the entirety of its four-year run on Broadway. He wishes to humble and terrify Antonio for the insult and humiliation he has suffered at his hands. "[25], Lulla Rosenfeld's remark that Adler "...rel[ied] entirely on classics and translations of modern European plays"[21] does not quite tell the whole story. Adler created a second career for himself starting in the mid-1990s, with a series of shows which played to huge success in the legitimate theatres of South Florida from the Palm Beaches to Ft. Lauderdale to Miami. Adler fell out with Heine, initially over business; at this time Heine's marriage was also falling apart, and Sara Heine would eventually become Sara Adler. [49], With the aid of a small sum of money from his distant relative the Chief Rabbi, Adler got together the money to travel by steerage to New York, with his infant son Abrom, Alexander Oberlander and his family, Keni and Volodya Liptzin, and Herman Fiedler, among others. He had a voice role in Disney's animated film, Beauty and the Beast, as well as roles in television shows such as Law & Order.[2]. [31], Unsatisfied with the low pay, in Kremenchuk Adler led an unsuccessful actors' strike. Adler's father Feivel (Pavel) Abramovitch Adler was a (rather unsuccessful) grain merchant. [12] He played hooky; as a 12-year-old he started going to witness public floggings, brandings, and executions of criminals; later he would develop more of an interest in attending courtroom trials. This is the Shylock I have tried to show. In the wake of the Kishinev pogrom, Adler went back briefly to Eastern Europe in summer 1903, where he tried to convince various family members to come to America.

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