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Tak trauma dengan kegagalan pernikahan pertamanya, Jacqueline kembali menjalin asmara dengan Hank Vogel. As a member of the Mars family, her share of the company and other assets were worth US$10 billion in September 2010, making her the 52nd richest person in the world and the 26th richest person in America, according to Forbes; she is also the fourth richest American woman. Badger and Mars were divorced in 1984. Ellisor's relatives requested judge not to incarcerate Mars and revealed that they have forgiven her. She had two brothers, John Mars and Forrest Mars, Jr. She studied at Miss Hall's School and later attended Bryn Mawr College. She married Hank Vogel in 1986; they divorced in 1994 Jacqueline currently lives in Virginia. Jacqueline Mars married twice, she had three children with her first husband whom she divorced in 1984. Their divorce was finalized in 1984. He married Audrey with whom he had three children. The business was launched by Franklin Clarence Mars, Jacqueline's grandfather, who began making chocolates in the kitchen of his house. In 2018, Mars was ranked as the 38th richest person in the world by Forbes, with a net worth of $23.2 billion. All three are involved in carrying forward the legacy of the family by actively participating and donating funds for many charitable causes. A family-oriented lady, she is the mother of three and grandmother of six. Jacqueline Mars is a trustee of US Equestrian Team. Mars' current wealth is not just the accumulation of what was handed down to her as an heir to Mars business. Their divorce was finalized in 1984. She and Hank did not have any children. Fran Mars, Jacqueline's grandfather started making chocolates in the kitchen of his home. On October 4, 2013, Jacqueline Mars was involved in a road accident that took place near her house in The Plains in Northern Virginia. A graduate of Bryn Mawr College, Jacqueline Mars is a well-educated woman. Jacqueline Mars was born on October 10, 1939 in Washington, DC, to Forrest Mars, Sr. and Audrey Mars. She and Hank did not have any children. Mars, Incorporated is known for manufacturing several popular confectionery items like Milky Way, Snickers and the Mars bar. One passenger, aged 86, died on the spot, while another, who was eight months pregnant, subsequently suffered a miscarriage. On October 4, 2013, Mars pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge of reckless driving after she went asleep on the wheel which resulted to a car accident with one died on the scene and a miscarried of a pregnant woman. This makes her the 22nd richest person in the world and 16th richest in the United States. Jacqueline Mars is an American investor, heiress and philanthropist. Among her several philanthropic contributions are donations to National Symphony Orchestra and Australian Outback doctors. Coming to her love life, Jacqueline married David H. Badger in 1961.The couple had three kids together: Alexandra, Stephen, and Christa before separating. Mars then went on to marry Hank Vogel in 1986. With her he had a son, Forrest, who is the father of Jacqueline Mars. Her father expanded the business introducing innovations like malt-flavoured nougat. https://www.forbes.com/profile/jacqueline-mars/#d5918225f9b2, http://www.bornrich.com/jacqueline-mars.html, https://www.washingtonian.com/2013/12/12/breaking-news-jacqueline-mars-gives-14-million-to-the-washington-performing-arts-society/, https://pressfrom.info/au/news/world/-75321-clash-of-gop-titans-as-trump-v-kochs-feud-escalates.html, http://washingtonlife.com/2018/07/06/the-2018-philanthropic-50/. She has a deep love for horses. John is the CEO of the company while Mars herself was made the Corporate Vice President of Mars … Mars pleaded guilty and expressed regret for the event. She is benevolent and supports many charitable causes and events. Jacqueline Mars is the granddaughter of Frank C. Mars and the daughter of Forrest Mars, Sr. Mars, who were the founders of Mars, Incorporated. She married Hank Vogel in 1986; they divorced in 1994. Forrest, John and Jacqueline Mars were raised by both of them. Although not publicized widely, Mars has played a pivotal role in several conservation initiatives like at the Kennedy Centre, the Washington National Opera, the National Museum and the Piedmont Environmental Council. The judge did not incarcerate Mars and ordered her to pay a fine of US $2500 and suspended her driving license for six months.Mars' net worth, as estimated by Forbes is $20.3 billion. Coming to her love life, Jacqueline married David H. Badger in 1961.The couple had three kids together: Alexandra, Stephen, and Christa before separating. Among her several philanthropic contributions are donations to National Symphony Orchestra and Australian Outback doctors. She later told a witness that she fell asleep at the wheel. Married in 1986 to Hank Vogel, divorced in 1994 Siblings. Hard work, discipline and a keen sense of business is what makes her one of the most successful contemporary businesswoman. She was married to David H. Badger in 1961 and has three children. As of 2015, Jacqueline Mars has a net worth of USD 23.3 billion. Sangat disesalkan, ikatan yang seharusnya abadi itu … The company also produces non-confectionary items like Combos, Uncle Ben's Rice and Domino. Forrest Edward Mars 1931-2016 Married toVirginia Cretella 1929 Forrest Edward Mars 1931-2016 Married toDeborah Adair Clarke; John Franklyn Mars 1935 Married in June 1958 toAdrienne Bevis Paternal grand-parents, uncles and aunts She has three children and six grandchildren. Jacqueline has two daughters and a son from her marriage with David H. Badger. She is best known as the heir to Mars Inc., an American candy company which is well-known worldwide for manufacturing delicious candy and chocolate bars. Jacqueline married David in 1961 and had three children with him. The net worth of Jacqueline Mars, as estimated by Forbes is $20.3 billion. John, like his brother and sister shares a major stake in Mars Inc. Her car struck a Chrysler van carrying six people. Harold 'Hank' Vogel – second husband of Jacqueline Mars (married 1986, divorced in 1994) Ethel Veronica Healy (1884 – December 20, 1945) – second wife of Frank C. Mars (married 1910, widowed 1934), president of Mars Candy Company, Chicago, after death of husband. Mars Spouse – David H. Badger and Hank Vogel. She contributes to different causes through her philanthropic initiative Mars Foundation. Mars is one of the top 5 largest privately held companies in America. Her father Forrest Mars, Sr., expanded the business by introducing new items like malt-flavored nougat. Jacqueline Mars is an heiress to a share in Mars, Incorporated. The couple divorced in 1994. A horse lover, she is the Vice President of the U.S. Equestrian Team. Jacqueline had two older brothers, Forrest Mars Jr. and John Mars. Jacqueline married David in 1961 and had three children with him. Forrest along with his other siblings helped the family business expand and grow further. In her private life, Jacqueline Mars married David H. Badger in 1961 They have three children, but divorced in 1984. He married twice and has a total of 7 children. Mars got married two years later to Hank Vogel and divorced in 1994.Jacqueline Mars along with her brothers John Franklin Mars and Forrest Edward Mars Jr took over the family business after her father died in 1999. Among the four passengers was an 86-year-old woman who died on the scene and eight months pregnant who subsequently suffered a miscarriage. Keduanya lantas menikah dua tahun setelah perceraian cucu pengusaha kaya Frank Mars ini. Among her philanthropic contributions are donations to the Australian Outback doctors and National Symphony Orchestra. Mars then went on to marry Hank Vogel in 1986. It also manufactures many non-confectionary items like Uncle Ben's Rice, Dolmio pasta sauces, and Combos baked snacks. She is highly disciplined and hardworking, and this is what makes her one of the most successful businesswomen across the globe. She married her second husband, Hank Vogel in 1986 but they divorced in 1994. Forbes ranked her as the 18th Richest American and 36th Richest Person In The World. She was also awarded the Foundation for the National Archives' Heritage Award. Although Mars has grown exponentially, it still remains a family owned business. The company has today emerged as one of the top five privately held companies in the USA. Jacqueline Mars is an American investor and heiress. No one from the Mars family currently holds any executive position in the company. She is the daughter of Forrest Mars, Sr., and granddaughter of Franklin Clarence Mars, founders of the popular candy company Mars, Incorporated. She was born on October 10, 1939 and currently resides at The Plains in Virginia. Mars Children – Stephen Badger, Alexandra Badger and Christa Badger She frequently contributes to different charitable causes through her Mars Foundation. After her divorce was finalized with him in 1984, she wed Hank Vogel in 1986, but divorced him too in 1994.

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