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If someone could provide me with a reference to such a theory (e.g., in the decision-making literature), it would be much appreciated.

Seventy early years teachers responded to a survey at the end of a year-long program asking them to nominate and describe the teaching practices that changed most as a result... We report on 25 Year 5-6 students' written responses to two items taken from an assessment of mental computation fluency with multiplication, alongside their reasoning of the strategy they had employed, which may or may not have made use of the associative property. He has appeared in over 150 films in three decades. The initiative is focused on priming students for their subsequent mathematics lessons, and is referred to as “Getting Ready in Numeracy” (G.R.I.N.). Teachers’ Perceptions of Students When Observing Lessons Involving Challenging Tasks. It is mainly aimed at primary school teachers and teacher-researchers.
Despite reforms in mathematics education, many teachers remain reluctant to incorporate challenging (i.e., more cognitively demanding) tasks into their mathematics instruction.
It is possible that learning from home during the COVID-19 lock down can be productive especially if teachers developed mathematical learning experiences that challenge student thinking. This article outlines teaching ideas appropriate for primary mathematics. Prior to the normal daily mathematics lesson, trained tutors conduct GRIN sessions with small groups of students (ideally three). My professional purpose is to shift our edicational system further towards all three of these goals, starting with better supporting teachers. Have students engage in these challenging questions relating to time, subtraction, probability and multiplication based around these images of the iconic Flinders Street station and its famous clocks. In this study we explored the relationship between teacher enjoyment of teaching mathematics, their attitudes towards student struggle, and the amount of time teachers spent teaching mathematics. This article outlines teaching ideas appropriate for primary mathematics. This article explores a dynamic approach to estimation, where students refine their estimates as they gain access to more information in a ‘how many’ investigation. Reasons for this reluctance include fears of negative student reactions, time and resource constraints, and a lack of relevant teacher content knowledge. This article outlines teaching ideas appropriate for primary mathematics. Engaging students in a challenging (cognitively demanding) task and launching a mathematics lesson with a task prior to instruction are two characteristics of a reform-oriented approach to mathematics instruction often considered together. It is mainly aimed at primary school teachers and teacher-researchers. PhD projects. I know of some research into priming effects, but usually these are presented to demonstrate that context changes/ distorts attitudes. This article provides a brief description of a game-based activity targeted at helping students strengthen subitizing, part-part-whole understanding, and addition fluency. Exploring non-standard partitioning and renaming numbers flexibly, can be considered at the heart of understanding whole-number place value (Rogers, 2018), however, it remains a difficult concept for children to grasp. Russo was born in New York City, New York, to an Italian father and German mother. This article reports on a project which involved introducing challenging tasks in the early years’ classrooms of twenty Victorian primary schools. All rights reserved. It is mainly aimed at primary school teachers and teacher-researchers.

Is there a (simple) theory linking the quality of a particular decision to the amount/ quality of information available to the decision maker? Place that number is a whole class activity that builds student understanding of place value and magnitude, as well as estimation skills and overall number sense.

Number lines are a powerful tool for supporting mental computation. Program, Special Issue: Exploring Educator Values Alignment Strategies in an Intervention Context: The Emergence of the Beacon Strategy, The Experiences and Identity Structures of Teacher-Researcher Hybrid Professionals in a Primary School Mathematics Context, Threats and Opportunities in Remote Learning of Mathematics: Implication for the Return to the Classroom, Mathematics Learning and Education from Birth to Eight Years, Elementary teachers' beliefs on the role of struggle in the mathematics classroom, Designing and scaffolding rich mathematical learning experiences with challenging tasks, Ways that relentless consistency and task variation contribute to teacher and student mathematics learning, Investigations: Challenging Tasks with Oliver Jeffers.

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