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It is not clear whether he is a married man or not. He is the first staff member to leave the show and come back for an eventual season. [7] In 2017, he signed to Warner Classics. When the contestants regrouped in front of him, he declared that he would give them some tips on how to perform well as he was tired of being pushed around by everybody. Is he a married man, who is his wife? Known for his initialisms JP, this Belgian TV person is well-known for his appearances as the host on the reality cooking show, Hell’s Kitchen. On episode 2, Jean-Philippe made his return by entering by the front door with his luggage, before tripping on a chair. As the Maître d'hôtel, Jean-Philippe serves as the front of the house of Hell's Kitchen and would be the person handing out tickets to Ramsay more than often. [1], Born and raised in France, Riopy was discovered in Oxford in 2006 where he began his training before embarking on his professional career in London. Any girl would be lucky to have Jean Philippe as her husband. Early life and career. On episode 9, Jean-Philippe helped to judge the Crepe Challenge with Ramsay, even though Ramsay jokingly called him the seventh best palate, which was Belgian, as he could not afford a French one.

Jean-Philippe Susilovic is a famous restaurant director and TV personality from Belgium. His experience in Michelin-starred restaurants broadened when he moved to the United States to work in restaurants such as New York's La Panetiere, Danube and Daniel's. The identity of his father and mother is still not public. 44

On episode 9, Jean-Philippe gave the blue team a list of the waiting staff's chores as part of their punishment. On episode 9, Jean-Philippe was at the beach where the red team was having their reward, and at the end of the day, Ramsay grabbed him, threw him in the water and fought with him. You can find his. Jean-Philippe Susilovic (Seasons 1-7, 11-12) • James Lukanik (Seasons 8-10) • Marino Monferrato (Seasons 13-Present), Scott Leibfried (Seasons 1-10) • James Avery (Seasons 11-14) • Aaron Mitrano (Seasons 15-16) • James "Jocky" Petrie (Seasons 17-18) • Jay Santos (Season 19-Present), Mary-Ann Salcedo (Seasons 1-3) • Gloria Felix (Seasons 4-5) • Heather West (Season 6) • Andi Van Willigan-Cutspec (Seasons 7-14, 16) • Christina Wilson (Season 15, 17-Present), Jean-Philippe and Sous Chef Scott's Intro Spot (Season 6), Sous Chef Andi and Jean-Philippe's Intro Spot (Season 7), Sous Chef Scott, Mary Ann, and Jean-Philippe. The couple had eleven children (five girls and six boys), of whom Jean-Philippe was the seventh. Who wouldn’t want to have a partner who could cook best? On episode 5, Jean-Philippe drove the Hell's Kitchen three-wheeled delivery cart to the contestants, and almost lost balance when one of the back wheels hit the step, making everybody laugh in disbelief. So, there’s nothing on his wife on the web yet. Hometown As a celebrity chef and restaurant director, Jean must have a good annual earning. When it finally arrived, he exclaimed "Finally, the bus is there" in French. Jean-Philippe joined Ramsay in 1995 in Ramsay's restaurant Aubergine.

[2][3], He performed at the Royal Opera House in 2010 and opened the first night re-launch for the renowned The Arts Club in Mayfair in 2011. Because of that, he head-butted the door, and Ramsay jokingly told to get a sign on the door saying "Open your eyes, you Belgian twat". On episode 5, Jean-Philippe was shown at the karate dojo for the red team's reward, dressed up in sumo attire and fighting against Ramsay, where he lost. He started to do his imitation, and asked for some contestants to do some themselves, before Ramsay revealed himself as an undercover contestant on the bus.

On episode 19, Jean-Philippe invited some of his friends to help judge the 10 Portions Gourmet Burger Challenge, and after, he was given the day off while some of the chefs did his chores as punishment. On episode 11, Jean-Philippe was asked for some tickets, but he did not realize the glass door was just in front of him. Staff Profile [4] The detail of his love affairs and girlfriend is also not discussed on the media. While he is known for his amazing recipes and cooking style, it is not clear who else he cooks for in his spare time. On episode 12, Jean-Philippe was approached by a diner who wanted to propose to his girlfriend, which he found very sweet, and he helped the diner by giving Ramsay the engagement ring to put in the woman's dessert. In October 2001, he moved to the Middle East to work with Ramsay as the manager of Verre at the Hilton Dubai Creek. Jean-Philippe often referred to simply as JP is yet to share his personal details in the media. He also holds the record for the most consecutive seasons as the maître d', with 7. At one point, he threw a completely soaked towel towards Ramsay. Marié à Babette (clin d'œil à Babeth Étienne, une des ex-épouses de Johnny Hallyday), il a une fille prénommée Laura (en hommage à la chanson de Johnny et à sa fille Laura Smet). His experience in Michelin-starred restaurants broadened when he moved to the United States to work in restaurants such as New York's La Panetiere, Danube and Daniel's. Jean-Philippe propose une cuisine saine et généreuse ou les légumes et les grains volent la vedette. Jean does not seem fond of social media.

He was chosen at a young age to be a featured Steinway & Sons artist.

On episode 7, Jean-Philippe visited a twelve-top table that had a bachelorette party, and was a little bit embarrassed when he saw women's underwear being given out as gifts. His Wikipedia page has nothing about his family members and siblings. Given that he has worked with Ramsay for many years, he knows exactly how high Ramsay's standards are, and often shows exasperation at the contestants' constant mistakes. Let’s find out what is known little of Jean-Philippe. As seen on his Wikipedia bio, he is of. Occupation

On episode 1, before the contestants were introduced, Jean-Philippe was seen nervously waiting in the entrance of the restaurant for the bus to arrive, as it was late. This celebrity chef is best known for his appearance as host and head chef on the reality TV show, Regarding how old is Jean Philippe, he was born on November 26, 1975. In October 2001, he moved to the Middle East to work with Ramsay as the manager of Verre at the Hilton Dubai Creek. Il habite la …

His compositions have been featured in different movie trailers and feature films. [6] Jean-Philippe Susilovic According to, On episode 6, Jean-Philippe worked for the third time with. Jean-Philippe Susilovic is a famous celebrity chef, restaurant director, and TV personality. On episode 6, Jean-Philippe reunited with, On episode 8, Jean-Philippe supervised the blue team's punishment, and when he saw. Jean-Philippe Susilovic is a famous restaurant director and TV personality from Belgium. On episode 11, during the punishment, Jean-Philippe was asked by. On episode 9, Jean-Philippe went into the kitchen to give, On episode 10, when Jean-Philippe was talking with.

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