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In his fight against Kuroki Gensai, Agito "evolved" immensely, managing to merge his Formless style with his martial arts, enabling him to perform devastating formed yet formless, formless yet formed attacks that were enough to seriously pressure even Kuroki. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. [21], Agito has used this technique from the Niko Style. Kengan Ashura's beautifully grotesque style in both the manga and the anime goes perfectly with its high octane action, but there are differences between the two mediums that are hard to miss. 201cm (6'7")[3][2] Omega Debut: Ashura Debut: [10], At some point during the selection process to be the next "Fang of Metsudo", Agito fought Takayama Minoru and tore open his right cheek, giving him a permanent Glasgow smile.[3].

Raian seems like he will be especially easy to predict, sure he’s using techniques now but a habit of being reckless in a fight doesn’t just disappear in two years. I don't see Ohma being able to counter the dragon shot like Kuroki did, and in a scenario where both of them are fully healthy I would not put it past Agito to get forced into evolving again. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers.

Intense chemical treatment, growth and more treatment causes Inaba's hair to work more like a weapon, and he manipulates it in a unique fighting style that initially proves difficult for Tokita to overcome. In the second round, Okubo would have to fight Gaolang or Raian. He flat out loses to rain, no matter how you look at it. Kanoh does not have one singular fighting style, but rather a wide repertoire of moves that he can draw from at any time. Despite evolving to the highest level he had ever reached, he still ended up losing to the experienced assassin.
Also, since I’m assuming the implication is this is after the tournament already happened, so Agito and Kuroki both already know about Demonsbane, and have the mind to look out for it. Affiliations: He represented the company during the Kengan Annihilation Tournament; he was widely regarded as the most powerful fighter in the tournament and was the favorite to win. Inaba Ryo vs. Tokita Ohma. Oh shit, this is a close one, both have them have lost to Kuroki, and beaten Wakatsuki. After his fight with Okubo Naoya, he was challenged to a fight by Tokita Ohma. Ashura [16] Using pre-initiative alongside his new focused fighting style, which consists of normal attacks like punches and kicks alongside moves like elbowing and kneeing to overwhelm his opponent, it enabled Agito to fight more efficiently and pragmatically than before. His ability to evolve mixed with his knowledge of so many different forms of Martial Arts would prove to be the difference maker. Fighting with toes and hair is weird enough to be hard to understand, but the animation really makes it work and integrates it well into the Kengan style. Early on, Kanoh wins for sure, but fully trained Ohma is a problem for Kanoh, especially with the advance under control, so it comes down to whether Kanoh can evolve against the advance or demons bane. Do you think Kuroki Gensai would've stopped them and taught Ohma everything before he would've fought?

This is the Ohma against Kuroki but fully recovered and Kure Raian with techniques against Kanoh after his final evolution against Kuroki, and 51 year old Kuroki in KAT. Raians durability can also be rendered pretty much nonessential by the devils lance, which so far has been shown able to pierce any defense. While the manga's ability to convey movement, emotion and the complexity of a fight is certainly admirable, there are always going to be limitations to what a static work of art can accomplish versus a dynamic one.
Anime Debut: Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Agito cannot handle carbonated drinks (like beer) and much prefers liquor; a favourite of his is. However, as seen with Gaolang, the only reason Kanoh won was because of luck. Omega

His fighting style and "evolution" can sometimes backfire on him, however; because his wide range of moves, when fighting a combatant who is a master in multiple styles, it is hard for him to choose a perfect way to counter. To inspire discussion and hype before the anime launches on Netflix! Hell imagine a scenario where Agito grapples one of them and holds them in place while Kuroki devil lances them shudders. They would both be of similar strength/speed, with Raian perhaps having a slight advantage, but Agito is firmly the better combatant.

Alright so first off, we need to deduce how this fight will be handled. The other three have no such Occupation, but knowing Kuroki the guy probably has had a few group fights in his life. He didn’t go through his awakening until after Round 1, and still didn’t fully manifest all of his abilities until right before Round 3. KEEP READING: 5 Fighters Who Could Have Won The Kengan Annihilation Tournament. Just Curious (All fighters fully recovered) - Tokita Ohma (After KAT) and Kure Raian (W/ Techniques) vs. Kanoh Agito (Final Evolution) and Kuroki This is the Ohma against Kuroki but fully recovered and Kure Raian with techniques against Kanoh after his final evolution … I see Raian potentially going out early, him using assassination techniques makes him a high target for Kuroki and Agito, so they’d probably want to get him out of their as soon as possible to avoid him managing to actually land one.

He and the other representatives left for the tournament when the day arrived. Agito is at a unique advantage. As of Kengan Omega, he has retired as a fighter and lives in the United States, but returns to compete in the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament. Whereas most fights leading up to Inaba maintained a semblance of realism based on actual martial arts, Inaba strains that realism with his far out origin, hailing from a generations-long line of assassins who...use their hair as a weapon?

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