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Several older alumni were opposed to the idea, while many current students and recent graduates wanted the image gone. Another Native American mascot controversy washed away by the wave of progress, Even if we ignore Trump’s poor personal character, he has been an awful president. Native American mascots are a hot-button issue, but what isn’t in 2020? Some of my own 1980s classmates, on the other hand, are having a hard time handling it. Lane Tech High School Apparel Store clothing and apparel! Shop for your Lane Tech High School Apparel Store spirit wear here! After more than 100 years, Lane — my school, too — is doing away with its “Indians” name, part of a wave of opposition to Native American logos and mascots that includes high schools, colleges and the NFL team in our nation’s capital. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweat pants, hats, mugs and more. So what did he do? CPS sides with Gov. A box will pop up where you can enter some information about the logo you want to create, Once you type in the info, press the blue, Select a style that best represents the look you are going for, Next, you’ll be prompted to search for an icon, Next, scroll through the templates until you find one you like, Make sure that you make some changes (color or font or size…..), Once you have finished your logo design, download the file, You can use the colors in your logo or you can pick a completely different color- it’s up to you! Stuart Eng, 53, was the student mascot as a senior in 1984-85 and “always felt that I brought some dignity to the position.”, “Our warrior was supposed to stand for bravery, leadership and steadfastness in the face of adversity,” Eng says. Use your imagination to fill in the blank. The National Congress of American Indians says mascots such as Lane’s belong to an era when “racism and bigotry were accepted by the dominant culture” and have “very real consequences” for Native people.
We follow the stories and update you as they develop. A second term would bring more of the same. Pourquoi avoir choisi la Nef comme partenaire financier ? Lane Tech’s sports teams have been referred to as the Indians. There have been pushes in the past to remove the Indian name and a renewed effort, due to protests against systemic racism. We moved away from that for a while, but the race for state’s attorney threatened to take us back to those days.

Lea este artículo en español en La Voz Chicago, un servicio presentado por AARP Chicago. Pritzker, postpones basketball season, Gov. Last week, it was the fallout from Brian Griese’s comments on the ESPN broadcast. A survey launched last month asked Lane Tech students, parents, teachers and alumni for feedback on the symbol, which features a Native American man wearing a feathered headdress.

Incomplete returns that trickled in Tuesday night showed Foxx leading Republican Pat O’Brien, a former Cook County judge, 52.6% to 40.8% with about 90% of precincts reporting, Libertarian candidate Brian Dennehy drew 6.6% of the vote.

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