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Photo E Collins Terms of use - Privacy policy - Disable cookies - External links policy, Checklist of the British & Irish Basidiomycota. Pluteus granularis Pluteus petasatus. Photo © George Lentinellus is a genus of white rot, wood decay, lamellate agaric in the family Auriscalpiaceae, further characterized in part by rough-walled, amyloid spores produced on lamellae with jagged edges. Biological species concepts in eastern North American populations of Lentinellus… Sometimes not distinctive, but there is a A wood rotting fungus. Phylum:   Basidiomycota Photo N Blair Photo E Collins Photo N Blair, Photo N Blair Mycologia 63: 333-369. On tree trunk. Found under damp bark.A beautiful slime mould. Eccentric, tough and the same colour as the Photo E Collins Short lived as it auto digests into a black gelatinous mass. Figure 8. Stipe eccentric, lateral, or absent; Gills decurrent with a serrate margin; Spore print white; Spores amyloid and finely warted to spiny; Keys and descriptions of the genus Lentinellus:. Gills: Whitish to pinkish-brown; radiating from point of Photo Possibly a young C clitocyboides. An interesting and beautiful photo. Photo E Collins Taxonomic history and synonym information on these pages is drawn from many sources but in particular from the British Mycological Society's GB Checklist of Fungi and (for basidiomycetes) on Kew's Checklist of the British & Irish Basidiomycota. Fr. Photo E Collins Photo N Blair [4], Closely allied genera are Auriscalpium and Dentipratulum, with Artomyces slightly more distantly related. They are delicate have a very short life indeed. Mycologia 92: 792-800. Barron. Miller, A. N. & Methven, A. S. (2000). Photo E Collins The underside has layers of pores. A nice pair of photos.. Photo N Blair Unsurprisingly, the fruiting bodies of P. pulmonarius are lung-shaped, at least when young. Nat. brown marks. Mycena sp Pholiota flammula. Edibility: Inedible, bitter. covered with dark brown hairs especially toward the base. Veil: Absent. Biological species concepts in eastern North American populations of Lentinellus. The widespread genus has been estimated to contain 15 species. We suggest you upgrade to a modern browser. I ages into a smelly mass. "tenacious" as in chewy and ellus is the diminutive form. Easily recognized by the glutinous stems and caps.Common. When bruised the flesh stains green.. Interestingly flecked caps. This amazing fungus begins life as an "egg".At maturity the case splits and the spore bearing lattice pops out.It is uncommon. A delicate Mycena sp growing in litter. Photo E Collins The surprise was in the nature of the Mycena inclinata Mycena leaiana. Comments: There are a number of other Lentinellus . June N Blair, Pycnoporus coccineus Scarlet Bracket Fungus. Shaped like a cornet with a notch taken out of one side, Lentinellus cochleatus is an occasional fungus that appears on hardwood stumps in autumn. Dung fungi. which resembles L. ursinus in several respects. Lentinellus aff ursinus Photo J Heywood This photo was taken near Wangaratta. Fluweelzaagplaat in Dutch björnmussling in Swedish Bibliographic References. (2008) Funga Nordica. Another wood rotting fungus. Saprobic, on or beside rotting stumps, usually of broadleaf trees; also beside woodland More information at MushroomExpert.com: Figure 1. The scales fall off as it matures leaving a smooth skin. July. Growing in forest litter. A attractive leathery fungi which grows around the base of trees or on buried wood. Grows on wood. Photo N Blair & García-Manjón,J.L. 1–4,8. foray. Yellow Buttons. Figure 3. An attractive fungi when moist. Photo E Collins Phylum: Basidiomycota - Class: Agaricomycetes - Order: Russulales - Family: Auriscalpiaceae. Growing from conifer and hardwood logs; white spore print. Family:   Auriscalpiaceae Trying to get an ID. A small colorful species, August. Gomphidius glutinosus. Delicate fungi growing on dead wood. June July. [3][5][6][7], https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Lentinellus&oldid=984693695, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 October 2020, at 15:01. The ones in the foreground have become bell-shaped and are older. This large white fungi has an unpleasant odour. Lentinellus cochleatus P. Karst. Males defend a site and await a female to mate with. Phylloporus rhodoxanthus. Photo N Blair Photo © Gary Emberger. by Michael Kuo. Coming in many shapes and found on stumps and logs, this fungi produces luminescence at night, glowing green. Common name Saucered Earth-star. May June. Miller, A. N. & Methven, A. S. (2000). A delicate, short-lived fungi that autodigests to a sticky black mess. Knudsen, H. & Vesterholt, J. discussing mushrooms with everyone who came Photo J Heywood footpaths. Photo N Blair Photo N Bartlett Photo N Bartlett Photo E Collins stalks that narrow downward and fuse with others to form Grainy-stemmed cystoderma. This action is triggered either by raindrops or touch. As it ages it becomes grey and somewhat leathery. torn. offset from centre. Lepiota sp Photo N Bartlett An interesting and beautiful photo. Note serrated (saw-toothed) gill edges. Figure 7. Typically, thick-walled hyphae in the fruit body are in part amyloid, and frequently the taste of the mushrooms is acrid (burning, spicy). An attractive Slime Mould found on wood. It is a wood decaying species. This species is also recorded in North America. Lovely when fresh. Trial field key to species of Lentinellus and Neolentinus in the Pacific Northwest May June.On dead wood.This common fungus is spectacular in large clumps. Stereum ostrea. A brilliantly colored slime mould. Later it was realized that the species now in Lentinellus are very different in other characteristics from the other Lentinus species, and in modern taxonomy the groups are put into different orders (Lentinus is in Polyporales whereas Lentinellus is in Russulales). Photo E Collins The underside is cream and has small pores. Dimensions:  Caps 2.5-10 cm wide. These were growing on wet track. There are technically look-alikes but they are all just as edible as a true oyster, though some not as tasty. Common name is Split Gill. A common fungi that colonises dead wood and aids in its breakdown. Photo N Blair Læssøe, T. & Petersen, J.H. Edibility: Inedible, bitter. 268 pp. Edible. Grows on bare areas and bare trackside banks which also support algae and moss. Photo J Heywood The presence of amyloid spores distinguishes The stems are finely hairy and scaly at the base. © Bill Bakaitis. Gold Dust Lichen. The cap has radiating hairs which make it look like satin. Growing on dead wood. Photo E Collins Found under eucalypts. Mosses and Lichens of Chiltern Mt Pilot NP, Chlorociboria aeruginascens Blue Stain fungus, Geastrum indicum Earth Star. Lentinellus is a well studied genus, and the recent publication of A Preliminary Monograph of Lentinellus by Petersen and Hughes (2004; citation below) represents a true masterpiece in contemporary taxonomy. Lentinellus ursinus.

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