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Contrary to Uzi’s barbs, which chalk up his accusers’ grudge-keeping to a lack of maturity, he seems like he’s the one who never wants to grow up. A sample of Oh Wonder's "Landslide" elevates single "The Way Life Goes," a melodic pop moment that finds Uzi in a tender and yearning state. For a moment, the artist becomes the listener—and vice versa. On a crowded track, he stands apart, each phrase dripping with charisma: “Met her today, yeah/She talk to me like she knew me,” he bursts, ricocheting off Metro Boomin’s spooky piano. The hypnotic "For Real" bounces along a blipping beat; provided by DJ Plugg and Bobby Kritical, it's one of the best produced moments on the album. –Alphonse Pierre, On the surface, “The Way Life Goes” has a familiar story behind it: An avid music fan samples a little-known indie-pop track and flips it into a hit. –Noah Yoo, “Do What I Want” sums up Uzi’s core philosophy. An ode to this hypebeast aesthetic should be unlistenable, but in Uzi’s hands it’s the opposite, as he and longtime producer DP Beats take drill basics and turn them into high drama. Three years later, the hook feels prophetic: They’ve inspired imitators worldwide with their alien cadences, with impatient fans who are all-too-eager to leak their unreleased music. Not like they had a choice: His impact is undeniable. Those dated criticisms of Uzi held no weight after “XO Tour Llif3.” It’s more than a song, more than a hit: It’s a pivotal moment in popular music. However, he is just as capable of ripping through beats and making it look easy. –Alphonse Pierre, This is the moment that mainstream America met Lil Uzi Vert. 1 on the Hot 100, remains the biggest song Uzi’s ever been part of—and he was key to its success. He proclaims his admiration using words that aren’t charming, but sound romantic coming from him: “I was rockin’ Rick Owens/You was rockin’ Raf.” Few rappers have been able to capture being almost-an-adult like Uzi, when your connection to your T-shirt is probably stronger than the one with your significant other. This is delivered over a dystopian Working on Dying beat that could’ve fit into Blade Runner, lightened by how all Uzi can think about is “Balenci’” and how much his wrist is worth. –Noah Yoo, The whizzing, Rex Cudo- and Maaly Raw-produced “Hi Roller” embodies the head-rush of being young and newly rich. –Noah Yoo, Uzi’s dispute with his label, Generation Now, dragged on for at least two years before it came to a head in 2019 with his scorching track “Free Uzi.” Soon after, Uzi signed with Roc Nation for management, setting him on the path to Eternal Atake. The combination was head-scratching at first; then, suddenly, everyone was wailing along to “Push me to the edge/All my friends are dead.” Uzi yelped his pain away on the chorus and dug into his verses with the passion and intensity of the student of rap he is. Uzi had never sounded so unleashed. But his increasing fame made him a target for criticism from rap fans who had a difficult time adjusting to Uzi’s nontraditional take on the genre they loved. Yet they felt confident in declaring themselves, in no uncertain terms, lodestars for a new generation of rappers: “Woke up to niggas sounding like me,” they sneered. For him, form doesn’t follow function; it follows his whims. The discography of American rapper Lil Uzi Vert consists of two studio albums, four extended plays (EPs), five mixtapes and eighteen singles (including twenty-one as a featured artist). The term “high roller” denotes a gambler so flush they don’t care if they lose, and Uzi, then just on the cusp of his mainstream breakthrough, takes the same confidence into his new life with no credit limit. Although Uzi's post-breakup pain rears its head throughout the entirety of the album, many of the tracks are too fun to get too bogged down in emotions. Within the buzzing Honorable C.N.O.T.E. –Noah Yoo, Since breaking through on Luv Is Rage, vibrant melodies have been Uzi’s calling card, and his biggest songs are built around impeccable sing-song hooks. He sounds like he’s skipping through the park, thinking only about all the clothes he’s going to add to his closet. Before “XO Tour Llif3,” rap purists insisted Uzi and his SoundCloud peers were outsiders in hip-hop. "They know I'm the one so it's no way they can stop it/Tried to run off with the swag I put ’em in pocket/Told my main girl to stop it/She saw me up in a picture I thought they cropped it", "Look for your bitch you can't find her/I was the one right behind her/Talking that shit you get tied up/Don't got enough get your grind up/The reason I got all these bitches and got all these diamonds, I can't make my mind up/Mind up, she gave me head, gave that mind up", "Woah fuck your bitch, I'm bored/Rockstar that's of course, White girl like Lorde/She don't really get too impressed, Honda Accord/Long as she get her beauty rest then I'm aboard/Got that girl wet, she need three towels/Call my phone like, every day, on speed dial/Hundred thousand, new watch, got like three dials/I don't eat out, hit once, leave out", "These niggas keep hatin', this is their last warning/Met that girl last night, ooh, fucked her through the morning/Um, no, no girl, I'm sorry, hang up girl don't call me/No, no, you will not get me caught up all up on Maury/Cash out, make it rain, no game, Atari/Ride me like a Harley, only boy in the party/I was on the phone, yeah with Playboi Carti/Commes des Garçon, hearts all on my cardi'", "Rich by the morning, new whip, with the big Forgies/New crib, that's a new fortress/You dig, choppa with the cartridge/My line, move with cautious/My time loud in the morning/My bracelet got like 40 in it, yeah/That shit funny, that boy countin 40's/My swag so important/Off-white alike with the Jordans", "Sleep on em that's Tempurpedic/Get the green like it's count, pockets they fat just like Kenan/Told her I love her ain't mean it/That's because I hit the meanest/You heard that I am from Mars/I heard that you was from Venus/I met that bitch in a meeting/I fucked that bitch from the meeting", "Won't say no names but my niggas they pulled up/You niggas talk too much, get your mouth sewed up/Look at my chain, know it's ice ’cause it's snowing/Vivienne West but my friend looking polo/My Gosha from Dover I drive in the Rover/Homie don't know me don't get in my moment/All that sneak dissing don't think that I ain't noticed/I left my door and I forgot to close it", "Rick Owens all on my shirt, I can't believe I made it out the dirt/That was back then when my pockets was hurt/Pockets so stuffed that them shits still be hurtin'/Walk with the Goyard, they say its a purse/Louis stuffed on me it look like a curatin'/My main girl a doctor, my side girl a nurse", "Admit it, I move like amoeba/I float in the room like I'm reefer/Alien, I’m not your kind of people/Tell a telepathic fam how I read ya/You ain't got emeralds that's greener/You ain’t got rich up the sleeve/And I got a Rolls that's in the Grove, that I ain't drove/Shit, I don't know the reason" - Pharrell Williams, "See, musically, Lil Uzi trapping man/Most of you rappers be actors man/Go M.I.A when I find little madison/Stay at the Ritz-Carlton, this not the Radisson/Just took a blue one, 'bout to take the red pill/Purple thoughts in my brain, hope it don’t spill/Stay with a nerd just like Urkel Jaleel/Fresh just like Carlton, I kill em with Will" - Lil Uzi Vert, "Yeah, fam, Pharrell on Mars with my fellow stars/I'm like lightning striking on a metal rod/Say, 'Hello, God' on the double bars/So dammit, Amex, I got a yellow card" - Pharrell, "Yellow card, yellow card/Damn, P, I need a yellow card/I am from The Root like where the petal start/I had to push like a pedal" - Lil Uzi Vert, "Yeah, you never stayed in Kailua/I put chanel on my shooter/Flooded my chain and it's Gucci/I don't want that girl she moody/I’m basically saying that I’m cooler/Get Dior discounts from my cougar/Back in the six-grade I got them bad grades/I was in love with my tutor" - Lil Uzi Vert, "Turn that girl into a bad bitch/Turn that girl into a savage/And you might think she's outstanding/Make that girl go through practice/Take three Xannies like a hat trick/Take another pill for that magic/These models ’bout to get ratchet" - The Weeknd, "I make it rain, you can have it/I make it disappear like magic/I, I met that girl right at Magic/Left with her and a big bag, and/She slippery, losin' traction/You keep listenin' to your mad friends/Your last old enough he might die, friend/So that guy, to me, he a has-been" - Lil Uzi Vert, "Heard she talk to a ball player but you know I keep it all player/And I heard he ain't a star player/I'm not worried I'm a hard worker/I'm in outer space on Mars faded/I'm not tryna make it R rated/But my niggas look like Darth Vader", "If you got hurt, yeah, I got hurt, yeah, I got bruised too/That's the main reason why I had to choose you/If you got options I got options, baby, who you?/I got one that's on my line that look like new new/She got ass just like a zebra on a zoo too/So basically what I'm saying, I'm not scared to lose you", "Put money ahead and I move with the bread, but I do not need a toaster/Diamond, water, I'm the boatster/Pull up right there in the roadster/She ain't want me, I was so hurt/I was broke just like Joe Dirt/Where you from, throw it up, nigga/I'm from the lowest part of Earth", "You got the best advice but I won't call/I know I'm grown so I do not need y'all/And if i get locked up, mama change the law/You fix everything so that’s what I thought/When I was small mama made me tall/Even though I'm daddy pup she still gon’ wipe my paws/Don't care about this money don't care about them cars/Lose my mama that's a problem you can’t solve", "I like the way that she treat me/Gon' leave you, won't leave me, I call it that Casanova/She say I'm insane, yeah/I might blow my brain out/Xanny, help the pain, yeah/Please, Xanny, make it go away/I'm committed, not addicted, but it keep control of me/All the pain, now I can't feel it/I swear that it's slowin' me, yeah", "I don't really care if you cry/On the real, you shoulda never lied/Shoulda saw the way she looked me in my eyes/She said, 'Baby, I am not afraid to die'/Push me to the edge/All my friends are dead/Push me to the edge", See Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Lil Uzi Vert at the 2016 XXL Freshman Shoot, Lil Pump Faces Backlash for Trump Support, Rappers Claiming They're Better Than Another Artist, Denzel Curry Says Travis Scott Has a Funky Attitude, President Trump Serving Pigs in a Blanket at Election Watch Party, Offset Feeds Voters in Line at Atlanta Polling Places, Lil Pump Says He's Ignoring Hip-Hop Haters, Still Endorsing Trump, Lil Wayne's Girlfriend Dumps Him, Reportedly Over Trump Endorsement, Prepared Texas Voter Helps Others by Supplying Snacks at the Polls, Kanye West Votes For Himself in 2020 Presidential Election, AG Bill Barr Has Election Day Steak, Feels Confident Things Will Go Peacefu…, Cassie Randolph Drops Restraining Order Against Colton Underwood, Police In…, Christina Anstead Files for Divorce After Less Than 2 Years of Marriage.

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