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Mr Sinclair, your account is lines up with what my dad has told me about the incident. The fourth, Col. J. C. Briley, believed to be the pilot, parachuted to safety and was taken to a Bastrop hospital for treatment of bruises. Learn how your comment data is processed. A brief review of the descriptive statistics of fixed-wing, rotary-wing, and lighter-than-air aircraft accidents and incidents since 1923 suggests the following: All accident and incident references to the Aviation Safety Network database are sub-pages of their main website, It is impossible to know for sure exactly how many people died on the ground from the crash of. The second aircraft, the accident aircraft, rolled into position and began the take off roll. The crew has miscalculated the CG (center of gravity) and after breaking ground stalled and crashed. Four were in critical condition. Killed were Lt. Richard Martin – co-pilot, Lt. Donald Petty – navigator and Lt. Max Workman – spare navigator along for training. Quinton Salmond, Chino, Calif., BMC, serious condition. I recall a classmate’s father died in a crash right around that time. It has been many years, and names have slipped from my memory. He said the plane was desending on initial entry for a low level bomb run and hit the mountain in front of him…That’s all I remember…. Crew members along with civilians on the ground were killed. My father was a navigator in the B-47 thru the 50’s and into the 60’s. (Middle initail A). When we got to the site we were told that we would there with a medical person and if we found anything we were to put a red flag at the site and call for assistance. From the XB-47 all the way through the years the B-47s flew. Ray Toler, College Station, Texas, BMMC, discharged. Frank S. Mead (or Meade), commander and pilot, Orange, CA and Capt. Bennie Forrester, who was on that plane was a friend of our family. We are in Arizona on vacation. Very nice to hear. . I still have pictures of him and an article from the Columbus newspaper but that’s all. Thank you for responding Earl. My father was the pilot of the B-47 that crashed in July 1962. I was assigned to the 2nd BS. I have been in contact with Earl McGill about the crash of B-47 52-0770 If I am posting in the wrong place on this site, I apologize. Reg # Accident date Aircraft type Nearest city; N868X: 12 Sep 2018: Aviat A1: Bentonville, AR: See details: See map: N7954W: 22 Aug 2018: Piper PA-28-235: Little Rock, AR This is such a tragic DUI story. ….. Timothy Sullivan, San Diego, SWR, treated and released. My brother, Joe D. Berardi, listed as (I think) Co-Pilot on that mission, along with three other crewmen including Bob Bieler’s father perished in the accident. I was in the 315th. My father, 1st Lt. Larry R. Eastlund was the navigator on that flight. All civil and commercial aviation accidents of scheduled and non-scheduled passenger airliners worldwide, which resulted in a fatality (including all U.S. Part 121 and Part 135 fatal accidents) All cargo, positioning, ferry and test flight fatal accidents. The 1st crash was February 23, 1961. all 4 were killed: Capt. I’m the daughter of a pilot of the B-47 that crashed in route to Plattsburg on June 12, 1958. Renee Salmans, Cabot, ACH, good condition. Alan Wilson, Little Rock, SWR, treated and released. I was at March AFB as Crew Chief 1957, 59 & 59. I saw the burned out hulk the next day. Yes, the name is Byron Foster–not Bryson. living in Savannah GA. I’m the daughter of Arthur E. Herman he was Maj. At the time and was 2nd. The rest of the crew survived. Dad used to laugh about the crew being picked up in the Jeep! Oscar W. Yon, Pilot….Capt. Many crashes were due to pilot error, because they could not find a definite answer as to what really went wrong, so blame the pilot. Like to hear from you. The aircraft failed to accelerate during the various take off runway check points but due to a SAC “demerits” for failing to make a take off on time the crew continued to take off roll. No pun intended! Compressor stall number 2 engine, after a touch-n-go. Deaths T Incident Aircraft Location Phase Airport Distance Date Tot C P G N; est. The Nav.looked at me like a cat with his tail in an elect. The roll then momentarily stopped with the nose in a low attitude. Thanks Matt. Any collision between a commercial and military aircraft is coded COM. Captain John M. Gerding Co-Pilot ejected I was a B-47 hydraulic mechanic assigned to the 3520th field maintenance sqdn. Thank you so much. The forward main gear collapsed. Kristin Maddox, Ponca City, Okla., ACH, serious condition. In some cases, no IATA code is reported/assigned in which case the four-letter ICAO code is used. I was thirteen the first time I saw the wreckage. I remember one or two more such incidents where father’s left families behind. After two contacts with the runway I looked around and could see the night stars in every quadrant. I wish to locate and thank the family of that brave airman and his crew. Home? I arrived at Lincoln AFB early 1959 as a 2nd Lt. Copilot. Walt. 1,600 † INH American Airlines Flight 11: Boeing 767-223ER Arkansas Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Circuit Courts, Drug Court, Superior Court, District Courts, Administrative Offices of the Courts. In any case, a total of 159 were confirmed to have died. I have his orders and awards from that time. I saw the remnants in a hanger in our Wing. Debra Sattari, 38, Concord, Calif. The greatest number of fatalities from a midair collision occurred at the Charkhi Dadri mid-air collision, to the west of New Delhi, India on 12 November 1996 when a Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747-100B en route from Delhi to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, collided with Kazakhstan Airlines Ilyushin Il-76 en route from Chimkent, Kazakhstan to Delhi, killing all 349 people aboard both the airplanes. 509th moved to Pease in 1958.100th Bomb Wing was all ready there.The 6th Bomb wing at Walker New Mexico had B36 and was getting the B52 when I left there in 1958, Throwback Tulsa: B-47 jet broke apart, raining debris on east Tulsa in ’58. Mr. Ellison, just saw your post when reading Claire Benson’s re: my father’s crash. analogy. Kindle edition is inexpensive. See my reply to Clint. I won’t go into other details only to say it was a very close encounter and a horrific sight., Hello Willie; I was stationed at Dyess 59 to 62 and was in the 341st. My mom said when the B-36’s would fly over our house in Roswell all the China would rattle and the nails would back out of the walls. Plane crash map Locate crash sites, wreckage and more. Look at a map of Cabot Arkansas where Hwy 321 (not yet constructed at that time) intersects with 67/167. © 2009-2020 Lee C. Baker / Crosswind Software, LLC. Nav was pretty banged up. The aircraft crashed near Bastrop, LA. My email address is, phone 520-299-9262. I’ve forgotten his name, but that crew member returned to visit our family many times and even attended my fathers funeral 14 years later. Lake Charles American Press 6 January 1955, p 1. Turned out my friend’s father’s plane landed short and went into the golf course that night. (Lt.?) Linda McLerran, 65, Russellville. Read our affiliate disclosure policy here. March AFB. the landing lights lite-up a construction site that we crashed into …. We lived up the street. 1st BS – Mountain Home AFB ID. I was working transiet alert at the time. LT. Ted Hull-ride, the navigater would not have survived the downward ejection….. by this time we smashed and riccoshayed up onto the field…. It crashed right in between there where a bowling alley, formerly a wooded area, now sits. However, I do remember my dad becoming frustrated with Maj. Garrett continually being late for take offs, resulting in my dad’s transfer request being allocated to “the bottom of the pile.” It will be 57 years this coming January and I still see the black flume from my school playground in Riverside. Henry Ford did not make the Lincoln first, and it’s probably not a good July 7 – A de Havilland Canada DHC-3 operated by, This page was last edited on 28 October 2020, at 02:25. After many years, still wondering what really happened to a B-47 that crashed into Tampa Bay on takeoff late afternoon on December 16, 1958 from McDill AFB. All three crew members perished. Found this article on Tulsa World’s site today. So I pushed the ladder up and closed and locked the hatch. Cara Ashcraft, Dallas, ACH, treated and released. I am looking for information about a crash site south of Bastrop La. then I saw something very shiny in the dirt and it was a but of a gun pearled handed. One name I remember was Lt. Col. Ledbetter. Unfortunately I watched my brother and sister burn to death and retrieved their burning bodies from the flames. Fatal Crash Summaries Information obtained from an Arkansas State Police fatal crash summary represents only the initial findings by an investigating law enforcement officer. Don’t forget to check out the 15 images in their gallery. We saw no intercepters the whole night, The copilot announced that he was leaving and jettisoned the canopy. He was a classmate of my father Roger Tetzner. Dennis McCarty, Kirby, BMMC, treated and released. Man this was a sickening site when we had to collect the body parts. Not sure if the nav, McComb, was able to eject or not. Anybody know of a crash killing a flight crewman Named YADEN OR YADON? After reviewing again, the different accounts of other crashes, too numerous to even count, I am still interested almost 60 years later!

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