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Use links below to jump to the guide sections. During Defense Phase you can set up your defenses and arrange the position of rooms on your Hellicarrier. This room applies to Disrupt to Attacking Enemies. Falcon is the hero who is ideal for some nodes where enemies receive a lot of buffs because with his special he grants a free turn to all allies which is especially effective with Speed up from Ultron minions. Of course put her with aim and grav for war and blitz but shes great! We will talk about each phase separately and in the end, we will talk about Alliance War Store Rewards. If you have a different opinion or other Arena tactics, feel free to share your opinion with us. The game has several segments that have to be played on a daily bases…. Here is the list of farming spots for those Heroes: After the introduction of the 7th chapter in Heroes Assemble Campaign, Colossus became farmable in Heroes Assemble 7-9 mission. ... M.O.D.O.K. This buff is applied to defenders of Engineering and defenders of all adjacent Rooms. Enjoy! You should use all Heroes available in your Roster and put them in use in the best possible way, In the beginning, you will have 2-3 teams at most but later more than 10 teams will be at your disposal so it is important to fully understand advantages and disadvantages of every hero to use their maximum. Every day at 12 o’clock (depending on your server) your rank will be counted for that day and you will receive a reward. You are starting on place 100000 and by winning one of three suggested opponents you are ascending on the Arena ladder. For example, BlueMoonGame has a META Raid team of 340k team power and we need to use at least 2 teams on the first Boss node or in the best case to fight 2 times in a row because of the timer. Level 45-60 Raid has 51 nodes along with 11 Boss nodes and enemy power varies from 22k power to 220 k power. She’s ok, work on her if you already wanted, rs aren’t that big of impact, she’s a kit toon. MedBay’s value is 50 points. I know this helped me catch up quickly and no matter how long you have been playing, I am sure you could gain from his content. This basically means that after some point you cannot play Marvel Strike Force alone and that you are dependent on other players. Without his spawns Ultron is useless, and your team is out of danger. Wakanda Team and Asgardian Team can also do the job. The cooldowns of her special and ultimate last only 3 turns, therefore, she can debuff all enemies almost all the time while buffing and healing all her allies in the process. This room apply Counter to Defending Allies. Reactor’s value is 100 points. This bonus is global and it affects all Attacking allies. They just need a Modok or something and there are a couple fun things you can do with her kit with SSM and Hela. Attack Phase is a totally different story. This buff is applied only to defenders of Bridge. The only draw back is consistently farming her might take away from legendary events, if you already have that covered there’s no reason to hold back Like someone else said it’s never going to be a waste investing in her. They’re simply a vastly superior team, and SL is at best a slightly above average toon and a poor legendary by today’s standards. If you do not have Black Bolt you must rely on Ultron-Phoenix synergy. Heroes and Minions available in Raid Store at this moment are. Minn-Erva is the Hero who is essential for “Fear of the Darkness”. When we know that every Hero or Minion has 3 active abilities and that there are more than 130 characters in the game currently, we conclude that FoxNext did a really good job to provide us a breathtaking visual experience. The most important rooms for attacking are Barracks, Armory, and MedBay because those rooms grant global bonuses that greatly influences the outcome of the battle. Since she is 7 red star, it might be worth it. Listen, now that you've seen this, I'll tell you that if you like Nerds on Earth, you should give our email list a try. Using only Defenders in this Raid will not be enough and the player will need to use certain premade teams that can beat several Nodes without healing in the meantime. The first three battles with blitz charges cost 5 blitz charges per hero (total 25 per team) second three battles cost 10 charges per hero (total 50 per team), The third three battles cost 20 blitz charges per hero (total 100 per team), etc.

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