mazda 6 timing chain replacement interval

%���� /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB h�ܗ�r�H�� ���nm9 �QU�TI�eŇر|���H"F�9R�~�g4BJE���b���0C����y�ix��;������3��M왖�[����2�MF7ئ�}װ30|ϰ���cc���gӔ�Ò?.x�p6��tR��^ܰ`\��p�Eu�gp�/�h����%Z]9z��$L+��s�����s�|n2y�Ѳ>�a�!/丰ү"�ո@�bē�{��YX�y� �"x�j�P�%�R>�=�(��Cy��{��AU�t��U���Yxoa�*f.a I think my '03 Maz 6 had a timing chain issue at about 310,000km. �F�m�Mf�����4���� ��h� D��Bq�ZެO �*���7� �W- >+����N�����H���\x�1�)��mJE?� ����>&�ϣ�X��jr��)�q�B�6��*�'�B.N�p1���9���b� �K�gh�p9ꚋ0��9�) ω��tm+���?����Q{�,� ! << Extended periods of idling or low speed operation, Driving for long period in cold temperatures or driving regularly at short distance only, Driving in mountainous conditions continually. stream Replace the tyre repair fluid bottle with new one before the expiration date. 2. ...................................................�� � " �� Check the tyre repair fluid expiration date every year when performing the periodic maintenance. M+X��qp�e�7B�O*_-����~G����k�:=�m�m{����G����"��[djq�t��(*;�q���{ߏ�"�(�t��p|� Purpose of vehicle use is police car, taxi or driving school car. 159,000 miles is nothing on a Mazda 6 petrol anyway - it should be good for another 100,000 miles if it's serviced properly at the specified intervals. Remove the timing chain (RH) in the following order. The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) initialization must be performed so that the system operates normally (if equipped). h�b```�4f�i cB� ނ��L��3��20pG1��2e�1U\�]��P^�d�͎��Ȭ6w��t��,��֎�Ј����4���x�����3�4��������1���),�5c��T3h3_ ;\���o��+Nkdd�y�Ӵ������U��B3�JF)� ��8 endstream endobj 55 0 obj <> endobj 56 0 obj <> endobj 57 0 obj <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Rotate 0/Thumb 28 0 R/Type/Page>> endobj 58 0 obj <>stream If the brakes are used extensively (for example, continuous hard driving or mountain driving) or if the vehicle is operated in extremely humid climates, replace the brake fluid annually. Use of FL-22 is recommended when replacing engine coolant. void your emissions warranties. Using engine coolant other than FL-22 may cause serious damage to the engine and cooling system. �9�� ���?wK%ω�]M�1��E�����Zw�V�6�^^N�[@�Ies�E$�Y�#�����u;y�$��XѲJ��FGQ�@ [��o��Y� q�P8'ӈ�6K��pt+)8-@��tC�\յ�/G�uK�miQ����{~�z �� � } !1AQa"q2���#B��R��$3br� If the vehicle is operated in extremely hot and cold areas, inspect the battery electrolyte level, specific gravity and appearance every 10,000 km (6,250 miles) or 6 months. Chart symbols: I: Inspect: Inspect and clean, repair, adjust, fill up, or replace if necessary. >> However, Mazda recommends that all maintenance services be performed at the recommended time or mileage/kilometer period to ensure long-term reliability. /Filter /DCTDecode %PDF-1.5 h�bbd``b`�$Ӂ���$�2��i �}H�=ID ��@�������H#���_ �� +��{(����7^�h=�70�%ao��e��ۀ,`��|�/0��E^�*��#x Wp����p�e=�Zx-MЪy��fH:_�a5ç+�?�O�n`�. 3. *$( %2%(,-/0/#484.7*./.�� C /Length 60483 /Width 544 If the vehicle is operated primarily under any of the following conditions, inspect the drive belts more often than the recommended intervals. ���� Adobe d �� C /Type /XObject If the vehicle is operated primarily under any of the following conditions, inspect the drive belts more often than the recommended intervals. Place alignment marks on the timing chain corresponding to each of the alignment marks on the timing sprocket. Also inspect the air conditioner drive belts, if installed. �%�n���i�}� �f�\�M���ⶨ��/��_�h"7�m�2� ���/����#x���c�q�ƶ����gP͡�g?u�S?�j)����AgR0��{�� ���ڪz���i6��T����,I��2{�H��wBN��8W�N,�GS�ն���c����+��J� �Њ���Վ�-ՙ�eG���hdP�THU,z��h)/�����9���S�p�5u=d�����u� Vt�5 &��}�i���"�Q*1I ��n 5�@gR׃��)������:`�z��Ũ�Nw��"������٢�1[R�Ո>����w~$�����r�r8G�Q��Z(-GXv�xzXǫ]E�Кt��� SB2�n����j(-GXw���1�溋�4I��p<=,��u?R+b� ǖ�Z�Š+18)%ڮ� j:ö����� �n�#�9�+b� ʖ�VEܚ��[���jzߔ̞���w��[tP"jZ�o �%8�"����㟠?Z�/uV\������Z�P7����>�=Ⱥ��9�)�_k)��$���Ì�V����>wxzT������� �O�� TD$hSH��w��$��?�j�@1_���A�/��c��&��5A"�h��'7O�$~�E eK{��f=9����u� 9�Ǩk�N���$����5�E b����_.x�U����h{�|1٠�W�7����s�Z�ֲx}�>���on��~뒭�H�� �e�2���_��/7��nYb�&�� ��LK��S�y�,���[�����߶ ����DWz��~�i?�|N(�r�,���ͥ����'�G�,'�@�d|����;��F>��׍��V�$q\&�l%{a$J�%����W-��$�9�\.����!���-��o�� R�μ��inO�����0+��������ȵ;��-��s.

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