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K guides, Fuji reel seat, split butt. This rod is truly the first of its kind, created by John Crews to handle the brand new, tiny but powerful Micro Jig! Collections: 4.Quickly drop your rod down to the water For example, just recently I was talking to a soft-baiting buddy of mine; we’ve been soft-baiting for about nine years and agreed it feels as if we are finally getting the hang of it! Pour pouvoir passer une commande sur Rapala.com, vous avez besoin d'une version de navigateur mise à jour afin de respecter les normes de sécurité les plus strictes. Rod and Reel Combos, Category: A good universal shape, they can be used in most situations. Veuillez consulter votre boîte de réception. My advice is, don’t get too hung up on the term ‘micro-jigging’. Our No. // The type of request. 1 reel by sales, so popular and so proven. year+=1900; Nous avons détecté que vous utilisez Reels: This is easy: simply use soft-bait spin reels in sizes 2500 to 3000. Please enable JavaScript to use this form. var daym=mydate.getDate();

The first and most simple issue many anglers over look is the top assist hook; when you are working your jig, as the jig sinks back down between every pull up, the assist hook moves to a vertical position parallel to your leader line, deeming it useless as it won’t be able to hook a fish when it isn’t near the jig, the simple solution to this it to place a very small elastic band over the Dacron that fixes the hook to the jig, as I have done in the picture below. En cliquant sur « Créer un compte », vous acceptez les conditions de Rapala.com data : dataString, { Micro Jigging. Buying rods in bulk sight unseen from our suppliers can be a lucky dip. Abonnez-vous pour recevoir régulièrement des e-mails sur les nouveautés, conseils, infos produits, conseils et sélections pro, promotions, offres spéciales et bien plus encore de la part de Rapala et nos marques associées dans les domaines de la pêche en eau douce, la pêche en mer et la pêche blanche, notamment Rapala, VMC, Sufix, Storm, Luhr-Jensen, Trigger X, Terminator, Blue Fox, Williamson, StrikeMaster, Marcum et ICE FORCE. 2.When it hits the bottom give it one and a half turns up off the bottom.

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Il s'agit d'une version ancienne ou d'un navigateur non compatible, qui ne protège pas vos données d'achat en ligne. } Oups - Veuillez réessayer : aucun de nos enregistrements ne correspond à cette combinaison d'e-mail et de mot de passe. if (daym<10){ daym="0"+daym;}

$("#major4").html(" " + data[1].major2); Hooks: The hooks that I use to place on the bottom of the jig are VMC Siwash 3/0 or 4/0.

dateFormat:"dd-M-yy", When a good sized fish is hooked, I tend to fish with quite a heavy drag compared to other types of lure fishing, and give it heaps. Tackle Talk: Micro Jigging in East London, South Africa, Nous vous invitons à lire notre politique de confidentialité. Up to a wreck off Long Reef and all signs promising good fishing. Showcasing Japanese Jigging Rods in stock and ready to ship right now online! dataString = $("#caldata").serialize(); If the rod’s too bendy, the lure will not move much under the water when ‘lifted’.

Anyway when a big carton arrived from DHL I opened it with a lot of anticipation. Livraison gratuite pour les commandes de plus de 49€ / £44 (details), Free Shipping on Orders Over 49 € / £ 44. just remember to stick to daily limits and minimum size requirements, but most of all fish for the future and practice tag and release. My personal preference is to place quite a large hook on the bottom of the jig. So, having excused myself due to my relative ‘learner’ status, this is what I have discovered so far. Pour. December 2014 - by Paul Senior The guys dropping straight down in the shallows were catching, while the soft-baiter casting away from the boat were not even getting a bite. minDate:new Date(2007, 1 - 1, 1), So although our lures have been scaled down in size somewhat – with the major wholesale companies now concentrating on lures from 25g to 80g – they’re still bigger on average than those typically used overseas.

The guides are a little larger than on the Gomoku, meaning not as many problems with the braid to mono knot passing through.


Most good-quality braids will do the trick, with the line-weight being determined by your own drag-setting preference.

Let’s talk about micro jigging first. Mini knife-type jigs: My favourite shape, these get down relatively quickly and are ideal for 15-50m (or shallower when there is wind).

Pour pouvoir profiter de toutes les capacités de ce site, vous devrez la réinitialiser. Leader Line: You will need to use a leader line that is abrasion resistant, has low line memory and is invisible in the water. 1 to protect your thin main line and 2 fluorocarbon leaders are less visible under water Start off with a medium #4 leader as a good balance of thickness and abrasive strength. However, my friends and I recently upgraded our reel handles to a larger size so we can load the reels up more! Chrome :TéléchargerAide à la mise à niveau, FireFox :TéléchargerAide à la mise à niveau, Safari (Mac seulement) :TéléchargerAide à la mise à niveau, Microsoft Edge (PC seulement *Requiert Microsoft 10 ou plus) :TéléchargerAide à la mise à niveau, Internet Explorer (PC seulement *Version 11 ou supérieure) :TéléchargerAide à la mise à niveau. veuillez contacter votre distributeur local. Here’s Mev giving the new micro jigging combo a workout on a small kingfish, Thursday 4th December 2014. Les mots de passe sont sensibles aux MAJUSCULES et minuscules. Reel: Lesson 3000. Ce site ne vous permet de faire d'achats qu'au sein de l'Union européenne. Slow jigging is one of the more popular styles. Aucun compte Rapala.com ne semble correspondre à cette adresse e-mail. Slow jigging keeps the jig in the strike zone for a long period of time, enticing fish to strike, and they are worked almost in the same fashion as soft plastics. Le mot de passe doit avoir au moins une majuscule, une minuscule, un chiffre et un caractère spécial. { Your method becomes a creative experiment in technique, which can make for lots of fun.
Powered by Shopify, Prespooled with 200m of 6 kilo colour change braid, Total weight (rod, reel and line): 460 grams.


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When micro-jigging, I’m concentrating on attracting snapper to my lure with twitching and fluttering jigs, then getting them to bite by letting the jig fall and sit on the bottom. Micro Jigging is a growing angling technique for deep sea anglers in the East London area. The most simple and effective action to use when micro jigging for your most common bottom fish species in the waters off East London is a very slow “up and down” motion.
Many anglers think that the techniques and actions used in vertical jigging are the same as those used in micro jigging, when in fact they are not. For Micro jigging I like my leader to be twice the length of my rod. By this time it was even windier – around 20 to 25 knots – and we were fishing in about 12m of water. It’s not a key factor (although important to me) that this rod looks really good, too; Line: 200 metres x 6 kilo colour change braid. Rod and Reel Combo. success: function( data ){ However, there was no such problem for the micro-jiggers on the other side, who found staying in contact easy, resulting in some nice fish being caught – including the best fish of the day – a lovely snapper about 6-7kg. Micro-jigs are available in very different shapes, affecting the comparative rate of descent, so consider this aspect when selecting one for the prevailing conditions. Veuillez réessayer ou. var year=mydate.getYear(); });

That was spectacular and got a big response from Facebook readers. Great combo, great price. dataType: "json", Nous vous avons envoyé un lien pour réinitialiser votre mot de passe. document.getElementById('date_time').value= date ; On 6 kilo tackle we had some great sport: Sign up to get the latest fishing reports, how to's and tackle news, © 2020 Downriggershop. Flat shapes: These jigs fall horizontally through the water column and take longer to fall, vibrating during the descent. But with our new micro jigging rods I was pretty confident, because  had sent not just pictures but a video of the rod in action on a Rompin sailfish. Rather, look at this form of fishing as a new cycle of jigging – but this time it’s better and more effective due to the advancing technology involving the construction of modern fishing tackle. Rod: The rod that I have found that has the best weigh off between pulling power and being light weight is the Shimano Technium Spinning 7 foot medium heavy (S70MH). Learn all you need to know about micro jigging to be ahead of the game at Rapala®. What I normally do is as follows: It takes many years to become an expert in any fishing style. That’s how I catch over 50% of the snapper – with the lure sitting on the bottom, completely still.

Well, if you think of the population of different sizes, it seems to be a natural consequence. Guess what?

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