mir220 in my zone lyrics

Always drunk You bussin tricks like a clown, dont you know that I'm down, why you niggas all in my zone In My Zone Lyrics: JaeMyth, JaeMyth / And WestMo on the Track! Before I Go Hollywood Ya girl on my dick, while I'm on my phone Now I could pay for bottles but I still can't pay attention When she don't nothing to do with me I'm in my, I'm in my zone They They seeing how I glow and its oso strange, A,A, different kind of breed from a different kind if cage She ain't never coming home I'm in my zone (6x) You're always in the club just flirting I'm in the zone Competitions none in a league of my … I'm in my zone Said she could call me daddy Killin verses twice like they never even heard us, stay watchin the field I'll be damned if they serve us I'm in my zone, don't let me get that way I'm feeling great And WestMo on the Track! Pop champagne when you made it Yeah, I think that I'm finally in my zone. Then this yo fuckin song When I'm alone, don't pardon me, I'm taking shots photography I'm on my, don't fuck with me shit I'm Rosa Parks I'm in my zone, spazzin' A new version of Last.fm is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. Right after pop a addy In My Zone Lyrics: I'm in my zone, spazzin' / And i'm far from average / Vanish the pack like magic / Came up off a adlib / They ain't sellin' dope, madness / He ain't really trapping / Said she want This how I sound when I'm on a track Won't leave me alone Told her, "Send the addy" Scrobbling is when Last.fm tracks the music you listen to and automatically adds it to your music profile. [Chorus] I'm in my, I'm in my zone (5x) And man i aint even tryin Always tired That's just how her weekend goes Came up off a adlib And I'm so fuckin gone They ain't sellin' dope, madness All my niggas they be proud of me Imma say whats real and won't lie, but all you niggas who thinkin you at the top I don't trust all of these hoes The music video was exclusively released on Worldstar. These shoes, margiela Say He ain't really trapping Uh huh Pop the strongest pill I ever had In My Zone They ain't sellin' dope, madness And I need me a bad bitch And ice on my neck You ain't fuckin' no hoes Looking for some guys that'll make you moan Lyrics Terms of Use. And the bitch she a handful He ain't really trapping No Charge Mir220. You niggas is so sad, Im striving to be the best so, let the sky have no limit on tripling my success I smoke weed by the pound, now how does that sound, why you niggas all in my zone Now tell me who can stop me? Were saying they're happy you made it I'm in the back But why her her body plastic Uh huh I'd rather not be disturbed, when poppin and sippin syrup Leave me alone, god damn I'm kicking it [Chorus: Houdini] I'm on my, don't fuck with me shit [Chorus: Houdini] And if you feeling gone In my zone, oh yeah. About my business for the paper, strategize for the cake Its something I can't stand, Say our name, give promotion, you hear it then get mad Make them feel someway without me But when i say I'm lonely i get no reply Mir220- Forever And Ever | Visual by @MarlissaMonay - Duration: 2 minutes, 34 seconds. Pretty smile Now I'm in my zone, now I'm my zone Said I'm twisted, I'm fuckin twisted Fly young nigga lyrically sick spittin Damn! I can't trust these hoes, thats how the system goes, I just build apon myself and attract them with the flow Cause they wanna suck my testicles they givin up them digits I blew a check on my chains I blew a check on these j's I been in my zone for a minute now Girl quit blowing up my phone, I'm not into that I been counting up my dough Did this all up on my own Take one to the dome, let's caught by period Leave me alone, damn, can I get some alone time You ain't gonn hitting, I know... niggas be sick to me. My Girl Like Them Girls (Feat. Tell them cops I'm not a stealer Im the coldest one around, just holdin down my town, why you niggas all in my zone Ya girl on my sack I murder pussy and I murder beats And I'm on attack By them so called friends saying that Underestimate me I won't lose cool, It's something so sick how I spit the truth You bussin tricks like a clown, dont you know that I'm down, why you niggas all in my zone Can't beat the team so join it or be left disappointed, why you niggas all in my zone I'm on my, don't fuck with me shit Rug Ratz Mir220. Shit's crazy when i find out I almost feel like I'm on to something Came up off a adlib NightCap Mir220. Won't leave me alone Can't beat the team so join it or be left disappointed, why you niggas all in my zone Lyrics to 'In My Zone' by Rittz. Said she want a savage Now I'm my zone, better leave my ass alone And all these girls around me Lately my head keeps hurting Leave feedback. Your love made the difference in my life You'll never be alone. Baby when you want me you just call me back Think I need an intervention Can't beat the team so join it or be left disappointed, why you niggas all in my zone So that's why i'm in Cali This shirt, margiela I promise I get that way every single fucking day Now you know i'm movin' neat, uh I got a habit, relaxing, no distraction I wish that it might come to pass Not fade like all my dreams Just think of what my life might be In a world like I have seen Oh baby Don't you know I do the best I can to be good for you. Some user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Internet Explorer is no longer supported on Last.fm. All alone Now you're getting high on cheap cocaine Say Cause my talent so real I'm still at the roots It’s now sitting at over 100,000 views and likely to grow more. Cause success brings professionals and money hungry bitches There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Christopher Maurice Brown (born May 5, 1989) from Tappahannock, Virginia. And giving her molly she giving me dome The king of the jungle I'm gone, gone some alone with my girls I'm on, Now I'm in my zone, now I'm my zone You ain't fuckin no dimes In my room Let us know what you think of the Last.fm website. Steady beefin up my bars just to shatter their dreams

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