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Shunned by family and friends as an apostate, Amber was alone in Shanghai and thrown into a world she had only known from the periphery--with no education or support system. Yet, they find some of the comments somewhat offensive or at least belittling to woman and men who believe differently. The Lord offers us access to the same blessings. A spirit of anger and revenge. This makes me mad in so many ways! Women often try to master men when their men cannot manage self mastery. It was acceptable for him to expect, demand, or coerce respectful behavior from a servant, spouse, children, and subordinates in order to take charge and remain in charge. The doubts are based on historical facts and validated by Church publications and desperate apologetics. Aside from available guides he could use, we should let this go. Man and woman are equal before the Lord but by nature they are different. The very expression of wanting equality with men by having what men have is to acknowledge man’s superiority and the woman’s inferiority. Regarding the Bishop’s spelling/misuse of homonyms and pronouns: there is a disorder, which he has clearly demonstrated in his lengthy responses. Jared and Gwen devoted their lives to the Mormon church for 45+ years, including Jared serving as bishop from 2008-2013, and Gwen serving in multiple callings. Yet you accept for truth material without references because it agrees with your views. Bishop L.’s openly rude and misogynistic behavior has me fearing for his congregation and what he says and does behind closed doors. We then seek the justification from others. I don’t even try to reason with those that are in the “faithful” or TBM stage. I was touched by your asking, as the mother, to hold your baby during a church blessing – and felt sick to my stomach at the love withheld from you and your family when you were refused. You do not give woman or womanhood enough credit. It’s unfortonate Mormons have hardly tried to understand that story and worse, imposed their doctrine on it. The Family: A Proclamation to the World is the Doctrine. Mormon Stories #1130: Tonya Guest - When a Mormon Bishop Shames You on Social Media - Duration: 1:45:37. In the worst case, the person then tries to take as many with them as possible. True or not, who ever wrote the story of the fall was on to something. Such actions are emotionally abusive at any level let alone from one is so willing to publicly declare his role as Bishop. I did everything I was supposed to do. Very unprofessional and bias. Genesis 3:16, “. The Church is probably thinking about a disciplinary court on her right now. Again, it seems unfair for you to assume my beliefs. Join us now on Mormon Stories Podcast as we interview Jared, Gwen, and Madison Lusk. Bishop L., I am also deeply offended that you are comparing me sharing my thoughts to a child throwing a tantrum. Bishop Ransom H. Love – I think that there are so many that do not want to respond to this post for fear of offending. Major changes include:- Major changes to the church's Disciplinary Council and Exommunication processes.- Major changes for LGBTQ Mormons, and specifically for Transgender Mormons.- Some minor changes for women/feminists.- Other changes to general policy.Tonight our panel includes Natasha Helfer Parker, Gina Colvin, Anthony D. Miller, Kyle Ashworth, Samantha Taylor, and Jana Johnson Spangler.For a comprehensive overview of changes, see here: I would think that it is permissible to include John’s perspectives in Mormon Stories. Men and woman have divinely different roles. Look at our own Christian legacy: Even though I have never met her, I personally feel her pain. Join us now on Mormon Stories Podcast as we interview Tonya Guest. Well I’m not. As long as people believe that ancient religions are their doorway to heaven, and as long as they believe that ancient religious writings are the word of God, ancient attitudes will continue. It was never my intent. Light is the best antiseptic. I enjoyed the Adam and Eve analogy. One that will consume your soul. “If we have the truth, it cannot be harmed by investigation. Next, this bishop is made out to be some evil guy who blatantly attacked this girl. The Family: A Proclamation to the World is the Doctrine. In my opinion, the Bishop should be released from his calling, if he hasn’t already. Being a part of the church of Jesus Christ is supposed to be healing, joy full & life giving….I assure you it’s not supposed to feel like that. A woman will never be equal with a man insofar as she continues to value the essence of manhood as the highest good. I read through the sites claiming they were just innocent questions only to find the most vial lies and misrepresentations of truth. This is the Orthodox Christian church, or also known as the ‘ancient faith’. In any case, it’s completely inexcusable for the stake president to not meet with her. Lindsay Hansen Park comments very briefly on the sickness of following professed authority in podcast 551 where I learned about Year of Polygamy and John Dehlin in podcast 1158 THRIVE CONFERENCE, mentioned Jesus and the scripture in Luke 17: 20-22 KJV, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” John said, “I’m OK pointing at any Guru who points you back into yourself.” We can’t see that the real authority is within ourselves. Many young girls think most boys are stupid or mean, and resent boys’ domineering and condescending attitudes toward them. I agreed with the majority of what Tonya and John said in the podcast. But with how much offense you’re taking to his actions and statements as a bishop, one would think you, John, are still a TBM yourself; and we all know that’s not the case. Never women. Bishop L I would also like to encourage everyone to seek to find their own truth and real answers. Spencer attended UVSC and BYU, served a mission to San Antonio, Texas, and became an Industrial Designer. And more and more people believe this because evangelical Christian males say so. To Nathan, bravo for providing partnership over patriarchy in your home. A man cannot enter a temple without taking upon himself the oath and covenant of the Priesthood, young or old. Or, at the very least, try to see and approach beyond our own biases. Not in God’s Church if it is what it claims to be. It’s a shame. I live in an area where there are few Mormons. Why does a man? Thank you Tonya for your courage in sharing this painful experience. Look, I’m all for equal opportunity between men and women; at least as far as it’s possible; but let’s be real, men and women ARE different; are they not? Think of all the people reading his judgmental comments along with the people who supported him. Ever since Eve listened to a snake, women have been accused of being delusional. Please seek truth and real answers. But, Reid, remember that it is men who have given us the scriptures (Even B.H. I hope every member of the LDS Mormon church reads your responses on her Facebook post.

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