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Press J to jump to the feed. 3. listing. I'm not really sure why they gave Stain a counter when every character already has counter attacks, even though it is a whole lot more powerful. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Best mid-size sedans, dog breeds, companies to invest in, engineering colleges, etc. If you're having trouble learning how to cancel target combos into quirk attacks, give Bakugo a try in practice mode. Tier lists have always been used in gaming to rank things on an easy-to-understand basis. Watch out for characters like Kaminari and Jiro who have area of effect attacks -- they'll be really tough matchups. Welcome to our My Hero Academia One’s Justice Characters List, here you can view the Best Characters to play In My Hero Academia One’s Justice. He's one of the few My Hero One's Justice characters that doesn't have a projectile attack in his arsenal, so you'll really need to familiarize yourself with his counters and throws since your opponent will likely be spamming counters and throws at you in order to break through your flurries of blows. Tier: S. The current meta in My Hero One's Justice favors heavy zoning with projectiles before getting way up close and personal, and that's what Todoroki does best. My Hero One's Justice has finally hit the store shelves! Dabi can be absolutely devastating in close range combat if you place your traps right, stringing together combos linked by traps or projectiles. In any other game, Himiko Toga would be an incredibly formidable character, given that she can both copy her opponent's moves, but also steal her opponent's sidekicks for a short period of time.

SHOTO TODOROKI. How good you'll be with Uraraka will depend on how many times your opponent has lost to Urarakas that use the spin move and nothing else.

Her combos do a lot of damage, especially with the spear out, and her shield move offers her a reliable combo starter that can negate oncoming attacks. Updated My hero Academia One's Justice Tier list. Imagine what you can do when you know what you're doing! That said, if you've backed your opponent into a corner, switch to team mode and have Dark Shadow just swipe away. Learn more at. It's simple and effective, but it's also easily countered by, well, folks who know how to counter. If you can position your opponent against the wall, all you have to do is tap that Quirk 1 attack and you'll effortlessly be able to chew up at least 1/3 of your enemy's health bar in one combo. Just watch out for grabs and ranged attackers -- Bakugo doesn't close distance well. Tier lists have always been used in gaming to rank things on an easy-to-understand basis.

Her main quirk attack is one of My Hero One's Justice's best projectiles.

Momo can be finicky. To be effective with Iida, you're going to need to commit to rushdown tactics using his quirk attacks. Just be aware that just like the show, if you overdo it, you'll be helplessly giving your rival the double thumbs-up for a while. Ones Justice Unofficial Tier List: What about DLC? Muscular's whole playstyle revolves around comboing into his charge move, and then afterwards, once it's been fully charged, comboing into his super-powerful punch move. 2. Video of My Hero Academia: One’s Justice all characters Trailer so far. Eraserhead is one of the more annoying characters in the game to play against. Keep the pressure on and watch your opponent, and you'll be fine. This makes Deku (Midoriya) a great My Hero One's Justice character for beginners -- and it's why you play as him in the tutorial. The bet that you're making when you pick Kirishima is that you'll be able to super armor your way through your opponents' combos and knock them out before they put you in the garbage can. 20 comments.

Then you're on your own. The current meta in My Hero One's Justice favors heavy zoning with projectiles before getting way up close and personal, and that's what Todoroki does best. Be creative, you can make a tier list for anything you so desire.

D.Kirishima,Gran Torino (If you disagree please tell me in the comments I will reply to most also, this tier list WILL be updated regularly!) RobotsFightingDinosaurs has been writing about games for 10 years and playing them even longer. Despite the millions of hours he's played across multiple gaming generations, his favorite games are The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and Super Smash Bros. Robots has written for Polygon, Thrillist, Kill Screen, and more. Struggling with a character in My Hero One's Justice? We've put together a character guide for you so that you can pick the hero that's right for you! My Hero Academia: One's Justice Game Page, My Hero One's Justice 2 Beginner's Tips and Tricks, My Hero Academia: One's Justice Revealed for Switch and PS4, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is a PlayStation 5 Exclusive, Vampire: The Masquerade Battle Royale Game Set to Rise in 2021, Bless Unleashed Guide: Best Priest Builds, Watch Dogs Legion Hitman Location Guide: How to Find Hitmen. Jiro's moveset is one of the most versatile in the game. Troll your opponent and keep them quirkless for as long as you can by any means necessary, because if you're able to do that, you'll have the upper hand. This wouldn't be an issue if he could close distance with any consistency, but he's really slow, and will be vulnerable to long range attacks along the way.

In theory, Tokoyami operates kind of like Rosalina and Luma do in Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U, but much less annoying. Most of your fighting should be done in solo mode, since this allows you to cue Tokoyami and Dark Shadow's attacks separately, allowing for even longer combos. B.Muscular,Toga,Deku. You can find the Best Characters in the S Tier, the further down you go the weaker they become ending with F Tier. The sound waves she shoots are ginormous and have sneaky hitboxes that are a bit bigger than it seems like they should be. This list will apply across all platforms PS4, XBOX1, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It's odd that in the story mode, you play as Bakugo in the earlier stages given that he's a more complicated character to master. Use your headbutt to activate your super armor and then just go at it for as long as you can, linking your target combo in with your dash attacks. If you guard smart and master the game's countering techniques, he's a monster to fight against. You'll be able to get a ton of mileage out of being that annoying player who hangs back and throws out ranged attacks. It is a sequel to 2018's My Hero One's Justice.It follows the storyline from the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc to the Shie Hassaikai Arc. In most fighting games that would make him into a force to be reckoned with, but given the way My Hero One's Justice's engine works, it doesn't really give Gran Torino that much of an advantage since nearly every other character in the game is better at zoning than Gran Torino is. Be on the offensive at all times, since your special attacks close the distance between you and your opponent very effectively, even against zoners. Tomura Shigaraki would be one of the most powerful characters in the game even if he didn't have a move that, when repeated 4 times, results in an automatic K.O., or even if that move wasn't easily linked to in combos.

Having said that, what you'll really be going for with Bakugo is cornering your opponent. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective companies, publisher and its licensors. All Might plays similarly to Deku (appropriate, given that they share a quirk) which means that, like Deku, All Might is a great character for beginners.

So yeah, that's what you're going to want to be going for with Shigaraki. His bread and butter is his erase grab, which is unblockable and prevents opponents from using any quirk attacks, making it almost impossible for them to string together literally any kind of powerful combo. A.All Might, All For One, Ilda, Aizawa,Shoot Style Deku,Endevour, Inasa. Let us know in the comments below! It is the superior way to list rank anything and has no limitations. But while Midoriya is more of an all-around fighter, All Might excels up close. Best mid-size sedans, dog breeds, companies to invest in, engineering colleges, etc. Use this My Hero One's Justice character guide to see who's in the higher tiers, and find a character that works for you! Iida is another all-around melee attacker like All Might, but, understandably, with more of a focus on speed.

How have you been enjoying My Hero One's Justice so far?

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