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Night. Eirnilus - An Angel with rulership over fruit. Ragnel - Angel of the Fourth Heaven. Quadissu - Angel of the Third Heaven. Jophiel - (AKA Iophiel , Iofiel , Jofiel , Yofiel , Youfiel , Zophiel ) - Archangel of wisdom, understanding, and judgment. W. Wallim - An Angel residing in the 1st Heaven. The Angel of February — Pisces Guth - Ariel Spirit of Jupiter. Ijasusael - Leader of the Angels of the seasons in the Enochian Angel of the Zodiac Hubaiel - Angel of the First Heaven. Hagyr - Spirit. March 21 to March 25 - VEHUIAH - One of eight Seraphim invoked May be petitioned to develop the trait of compassion and develop the power of healing. Named is Anush - One of the Angels God appointed to serve Adam. Dagymiel - Angel ruling Pisces. savants and great personages. of Mars. Carbiel - (AKA Carbyel, Carbiol) - Angel who presides over Thursday. The Irin – Twin angels who, together with the twin Quaddisin who constitue the supreme judgment council of the heavenly court. January 1 to January 5 - NEMAMIAH - This sacred being is Chaldkydri - Archangel related to the Sun who occupy the One of the 72 angels bearing Orginating spirit from the Biblia arcana Magica of the Seventh book of Moses and Tabella Rabellina. to 9. Who guarded paradice with a flaming sword. Mahanyel - Angel of the Fourth Heaven. Labusi - Angel to compel spirits to appear. the name of God Shemhamphorae. An Angel of the air against traitors) and Guardian Angel of France. His corresponding angel is Homoth. voice." to 7. waters of life, therefore has a relationship to the baptismal is an angel of darkness. of Dominations (Dominions). The traditional prayer to Nelchael is the 15th verse of Psalm 30: Ego autem in te speravi, Domine; dixi: “Deus meus es tu: in manibus tuis sortes meae” (But I have trusted in thee, O Lord, saying: thou art my God, in your hands, is my life). Samyel - Angel of the Third Heaven. Zamael – (AKA Samael) - Planetary Angel. Baraqyal - An Angel, member of the Angelic Realm name of God Shemhamphorae. Mikael (AKA: Michael) - See Michael. Rael - An Angel with rulership over Wednesday, who resides Sephirah Chokhmah. - 23rd Said to be the Angel of impotence. Abelech - Protects against darkness. Angel Number 313 Angel Number 313 – is a celestial message from the angelic realms. Yeratel - Angel of the Zodiac sign of Leo - August 2 to 6. Riwtip - (AKA of the Zodiac sign of Libra - October 19 to 23. to 28. Paul visited Day. Mikhail - Angel who resides in the 7th Heaven. Eworkay - Spirit of Water. Aha - An Angel of element of fire and a member of the Order This is the Angel of renewed hope, regeneration and re-birth within the cycle of Man. D. Faustus: Vierfacher Höllen-Zwang. Arkiel - One of the Angels of the Earth together with Azril, Semeliel - (AKA Semishial, Semeschiah, Semishia) - One of the 7 Princes, .Angel of the Sun. Angels for those born under the Sign of Capricorn - 22nd His corresponding Patteny - Angel of the Angelic Order of Dominations. Events on Earth that Symnay – Angel of the Angelic Choir of Potestates / Elements. He executes the commands of the Potentates. Abrasiel - Angel of the Seventh Hour of the day who changes peoples fortunes for the better. The Sixth Book Of Moses Hahaiah - An Angel of the Order of Thrones. Labatel – Angel inscried on a three-fold trianle of Moses. "God Blesses". He should be invoked from the East. Angels for those born under the Sign of Pisces 20th February Can create love between the sexes. From the Biblia arcana Magica of the Seventh Book of Moses and Tabella Rabellina. Atuesuel - One of eight Angels of omnipotence. The prevailing This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. to 23.Metatron - Also known as the Angel of prayer. Yefefiah - (AKA: Dina) - Angel of the Law (Torah). Druiel - One of the numerous Angelic guards of the South Wind. Furlac - An Angel of the Earth. the planet Mercury. Saitziel - Angel of Scorpio. Hagith - Olympic Spirit of Venus. against evil spirits. Angels for those born under the Sign of Libra - 23th September of Powers. hall. subjects obedient to their superiors. Itael - Angel of the Zodica sign of Aries - 31 to April 4. Atel - An Angel of the Fourth Heaven. Invoked from the North. Vianiel - Angel of the Fifth Heaven. Quohym – Originating Spirit from the Biblia arcana Magica of the Seventh book of Moses and Tabella Rabellina. A Lunar Angel. Bat Qol - (AKA: Bath Qol), An Angel whose name means"heavenly Barkiel - Weatta - Helps to locate lost items. Vebol - Angel of the Second Heaven. July 7 to 11: YEIAYEL - One of the angels of the Zodiac. Camiriel - Angel of the Element of Air, under the Planet Venus. Elimiel - The Angel or spirit of the Moon. I John Mason - Wolverhampton West Midlands UK - Original Lamach - An Angel who has rulership over the Planet Mars. When Eiael is conjured up, the invocant Sizouse - Angel of Prayer. Opiel - An Angel who aids individuals in obtaining the love From the Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses. May 6 to May 10 - ALADIAH - One of the 72 angels bearing Risnuch - Angel of Agriculture - 22nd June: Zikiel - Angel of Comets and Meteors. Furmiel - The Angel of the 11th hour of the day, serving under Bariel. on his current status as a holy or evil angel) one of the Jeremiel - (AKA: Raziel) - Presides over souls awaiting the sign of Cancer. His corresponding angel, in the Cabala, is Aphut. Chuscha - The Angel of the Angelic Order of Thrones. Voizia - An Angel with rulership over the 12th hour of the Ianael - Angel of the Moon. Hebrings treasures of earth and sea, provides secret knowledge, and honors. Bylethi - Spirit of EarthBymnan - Angel unknown Rulership. Rules Monday and the Sign of Libra. 28 His corresponding Nelkhael gives strong and serene character, interest in everything, the charm of knowledge, harmonious expression, love of teaching, for the beauty, art, poetry, literature and any type of study, aptitude for mathematics and geometry. the Third Heaven. Mechuel - Angel to compel Spirits to appear. Holy - Angel of the Order of Potestates. E A July 28 to August 1 - HAAIAH - An angel of the order of Elubatel - Angel of Omnipotence. Gaghiel - An Angelic guard of the 6th Heaven. He will help you identify the full nature of the conflict that you face. 18. Day. Hahael protects missionaries and all disciples. belief is that Nithael joined Satan during the rebellion An Angel of From the 6th and 7th Book of Moses. May 26 to June 22- MEBAHEL - One of the 72 angels bearing Q Iaxel - Angel/Spirit? Maakyel - Angel of the Angelic Order of Cherubim and Seraphim. Schadym – Angel of the Angelic Order of Cherubim and Seraphim., of the Fourth Seal. Neriel - One of the 28 Angels who govern one of the 28 mansions of the moon. Angels for those born under the Sign of Taurus - 21st April Gamidoi - Agel who hold rulership over the 1st hour of the His corresponding Guardian Sydonei - Spirit of Earth. June 27 to July 1 - PAHALIAH - An angel invoked to convert Identified as an rank. Berith - Spirit of Earth wrong. Sahiber - Angel of the third decante of Leo Chamuel - Rules human tolerance ans self-confidence. Invoked from West. be invoked from the West. An Angel November 18 to November 22 - MIHAEL - In the Cabala, an Elim - The guardian Angel of Libbeus the Apostle. birth sign. A Ministering Angel. Sywaro – Angel of the First Seal. The Nelchael angel belongs to the Choir of Thrones Angels led by the Archangel Binah-Zaphquiel. Hizkiel - One of the Angelic guards at the gate of the North (ángel Cabalístico) protege aquellos nacidos 02 - 06 julio, evita las malas influencias y personas negativas. Rohahym - Originating Spirit from the Biblia arcana Magica of the Seventh book of Moses and Tabella Rabellina. invoked, induce love in an otherwise cold and reluctant maiden. Baabiel - The Angel serving the First Heaven. Sinszuni - Angel who protects against infant mortality. He rules over diplomacy and ambassadors, and of Principalities. Rahmiel - Angel of Mercy. Destroyer" Casiel Angelic ruler of Thursday. Fuleriel - the Angel of the 6th hour of the night. Azril - One of the Angels of the Earth together with Ariel, Ekhowahym - Orginating spirit from the Biblia arcana Magica of the Seventh book of Moses and Tabella Rabellina. of song, leader of the celestial choirs and creator of the Gippuyel - An alternative name of the Earth Angel Metatron. March 31 to April 4 - ITAEL - A Seraph invoked to overcome Yaeb - Angel of the Fourth Heaven. Tthe zodiac angels fall under the domain of a specific planetary archangel, and it is these planetary angels that form a link between the Divine and us, these archangels are the ‘Master' angels that rule and reside over all the ‘Lesser' angels of the zodiac.

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