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More than 1 in 10 million talent, on which one of them shown the potential to challenge the king. Well didn't Pitou say Gon was at the kings level when he did that over the top thing? So doesn't that mean that Gon is gonna be as strong as the King when he's an adult/fully trained? If so, could he have beaten post rose Meruem? I also enjoyed the strategic side of the fight (the dialogue I was talking about) because it gave an insight to what both characters were thinking and feeling. To start off - I thought the fight was great. (Idk what the actual name is). When it came down to the invasion the music and choreography was incredible, and seeing all of the characters we have gotten to know and love charge into their possible deaths had me on the edge of my seat. Idk Kirito can probably beat him with his nen ability "plot armor", The movies are non-canon trash, don't measure the strength of the characters by them lol, I know, trust me, this is a fictional debate, a what if. Only the RG and meruem were shown to be with an insane amount of aura of over 700k Prime netero probably doesn't even have half of that, he will scratch meruem slightly more than old neteros zero hand. On the contrary though he is limited by his Guanyin Bodhisattva seeing as it forces him to be stationary (or atleast it seems that way). I thought the buildup and tension was incredible, and I thought that the dialogue before and during the fight was great. Calm down lol. Any form of entertainment, information, or discussion centered around the world of HxH is welcome here. Yeah I understand what you are saying. Exactly. So he had no ways than stop Meruem (kill him) even if himself would die. One more thing. Oh man was that ever hype. Prime Netero can never wins against meruem in a fight. Would definitely be an incredible fight. As we continued to hear more lore about him he became all the more enticing, and when the Chimera Ant Arc arrived we finally got to see just how badass and how much stronger this old man was compared to other strong hunters. We haven't seen any active top 5 fighting and we've seen there exists human with talent like Tserriednich (although we don't know what is his ceiling yet). Press J to jump to the feed. In the movie Netero and Jed fighting caused a nuclear esque explosion lol, take that as you will. This subreddit is dedicated to the Japanese manga and anime series Hunter X Hunter, written by Yoshihiro Togashi and adapted by Nippon Animation and Madhouse. I definitely think Netero was a trickster seeing as everyone in the series says it even after his death, but yes in that situation he was using his last resort. spoiler. The thing that got me going during this fight was when Netero said he can pray without hands. Prime netero's nen ability was as strong as when he fought meruem because it's power only comes from it speed, which never change. Prime Netero can never wins against meruem in a fight. Cookies help us deliver our Services. If Prime Netero is so strong that all his regular attacks hit as hard as Zero Hand, it's still questionable whether he could've made any lasting damage on Meruem. I was like “oh shooooot!!”. Knowing that a fight between Netero and Meruem was inevitable, and knowing a fight between Gon and Pitou was also on its way. It spoke a lot to how not even one individuals own efforts and potential can come close to the malice/evolution of humanity, but humanity is also capable of great good and benevolence, which is what the CAA explores (two sides of the same coin, animal and man and the good and bad within both). I don’t think prime netero would be able to beat meruem as I don’t think his increment in power would be that huge, that being said, I don’t think meruem would be able to beat netero either as the increment in speed would likely be substantial enough to render meruem’s strategy virtually useless. I thought the buildup and tension was incredible, and I thought that the dialogue before and during the fight was great. I know Netero was made out to be this old conniving trickster, but that was just cheap and tacky. I totally agree that the last fight seems a bit out of sorts when Netero cant really damage Meruem and like you said, hits him all those times and barely starts to dent him. Meruem's 'compassion' would be equivalent of human that says he supports ethical treatment of animals like free range chicken, but he still expects to eat the chicken. That doesn't mean it's a good ending, but Togashi really wrote himself into a dead end by making Meruem too powerful. Atleast make it part of his Nen ability or something. Still, we get that he is OP as fuck. Realistically, that's what Meruem should have been able to do with Netero. Netero is definitely one of my favourite characters. I get that Meruem is this all powerful being who is made up of the strongest humans these ants could find, but Netero was hyped up to be the strongest character we have seen in the entire show. Meruem never had any intention to stop killing humans until the very end. Literally facing death he still managed to be a complete and utter badass until the absolute end.

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