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Its lamps of multi-colored glass, its precision water clocks and exquisite jewelry, and its magnificent gardens (the phrase "The City of Skilled Hands" referred to Neverwinter's accomplished gardeners) ensured the warm winters were colourful and the summers were rich with fresh fruit. Lord Neverember also hired adventuring bands to deal with threats to the city that the Mintarn mercenaries could not handle. It’s in both of the starting sets, so it’s liable to be a lot of folks’ first steps into D&D.

The noble Formosa Laitannen loudly opposed Meldanen and his acts, and actively tried to hire someone to kill the mage. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [6], Likewise, the Ashmadai under Mordai Vell had gained a foothold in the Blacklake District, even infiltrating the ranks of both the nationalist refugees and Neverember's troops stationed in the district. However, most buildings were later repurposed into makeshift barracks to defend Neverwintan survivors against the dangers that plagued the city after its d…

Politics[2][6][4] [30], After the Ruining, the city was almost entirely destroyed. Let’s take a look. [1], Before the destruction of the city in 1451 DR, the Blacklake District was inhabited by nobles. Blacklake District Over the years the name was shortened to "Neverwinter". Some believed that the city was founded by a sun elf named Halueth Never, who led the elves of Iliyanbruen against an Illuskan invasion in −10 DR. [4], In 1467 DR,[13] Lord Dagult Neverember, seeing an opportunity to add to his financial empire, hired workers to help rebuild the city and Mintarn mercenaries to protect it from monsters and bandits; claiming himself to be a descendant of Neverwinter's former rulers and thus the rightful "Lord Protector" of the city, started the New Neverwinter movement. Neverwinter is part of the Forgotten Realms dude. Much of the conflict centered on the wizard Meldanen, who had hoarded great amounts of food in his warehouse, and was known for his cruel magical experiments. Gov't type [21], Neverwinter became a center of civilization, peace and culture and was widely viewed as a marvel by visitors. However, human allies arrived just in time to come to his aid, and together they defeated the Illuskans. Map of Neverwinter on the Sword Coast North. Four gates were located in its walls, two in the northwestern and the northeastern corners, and two in the southwestern and southeastern corners. It is a relatively small military outpost some distance from where Iliyanbruen now lies in the Feywild. if you managed to cross the portal to the feywild, elven archers will meet you in the other side with their weapons drawn. Around 1479 DR, eladrin( i think Eladrin in 4e were High elves, so Moon and Sun elves) descendants of the empire of Illefarn, lead by the fey knight, Merrisara Winterwhite (female moon elf), were attempting to restore the ruins of Sharandar, and by extension all of the empire of Iliyanbruen, by performing incursions into Neverwinter Wood through a portal leading from the Feywild located within the Feywild city of New Sharandar.
Szass Tam, the lich regent of Thay, created the rings for use in a fell ritual in his quest to attain godhood. If you’re playing one of the D&D Starter Kits, you’re playing in Phandalin.

As word spread that Neverwinter was being restored, merchants from both the North and the southern lands became interested in trading with the city once again. Sharandar: The Sharandar was an ancient elven keep lost within the Neverwinter Wood. Then Mount Hotenow erupted, rocking the city’s foundations and scouring its streets with flame. Inhabitants of the Blacklake District Forgotten Realms Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

[30], The city was full of beautiful and ingeniously designed buildings, many of which were famous in their own right, such as the House of Knowledge, Neverwinter's tall and many-windowed temple of Oghma; the Hall of Justice, the temple of Tyr and the public office for the rulers of the city; and Castle Never, the castle of the ruler of Neverwinter. [7] Merchants from the "new" continent of Laerakond began to trade with the Faerûrian cities of the Sword Coast some years before 1479 DR.
District The most violent members of the Sons of Alagondar claimed the area for themselves, daring Neverember's soldiers and mercenaries to try to take it from them by force. [8] Kelemvor's faithful had also a strong presence in the city since before 1479 DR, and members of this faith were focused on cleansing Neverdeath of undead and other evil forces. Not much is given about New Sharandar. There are already many excavation sites. [4] After his death, he was succeeded by his son Bann Alagondar,[6] who founded the Alagondar royal family. Religions Blacklake was also the place for the Academy of magic Qara went to, a church of Lathander, and the Royal palace.

Demonym Source: Source: Neverwinter Campaign Guide 4e pg 176, Wiki, Morgur’s Mound: Spirit Mound of the Thunderbeast tribe (Uthgardt Barbarians). [30], Neverwinter was usually described as being "laid out roughly in the shape of an eye," with the Neverwinter River marking a long axis roughly east and west of its waters. Exports [39] As of 1491 DR, many of these factions still vied for control of the city. Ruler Source SKT pg 99. Video games are considered canon unless they contradict content in some other Forgotten Realms publication.

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