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The Tags column for Wins (and later for Tasks) is a Notion Relation.
Great setup, thanks for sharing! Do you manually need to enter the date every day? I want to explicitly call out wins in different areas of my life (i.e., work, family, etc…).

The following pages took some time to arrive at due to much tweaking and testing. One great aspect of Notion is that you are able to search across all of the text, regardless of where the notes are located. I’ve used habit trackers in the past with little success. As I wanted to fully commit to Notion, I need to make Notion accommodate a task management system. Yeah i've only switched to dark mode after finishing the bullet journal part and I must say it looks so much better! For my tasks I got 1 parent page which contains all the tasks and then I got 1x personal page which has the same database but filtered on personal group and 1 for work. It does takes some time to get used to but you could create so many different thinks i'd definitly recommend it! I'd love to see other people's ideas. I want to be able to capture the following for wins: In my weekly template, I want to see all the wins for the current week only. Notion Quick Add. Let me know if you face any difficulty. This is to simplify the view and keeps it in scope to the week. I made a point to incorporate the following ideas into my template: I wanted my weekly template to have the idea of a daily scratch pad for note-taking. Notion is all you need — in one tool … Reddit Notion Templates. Thanks!

idea. The plan then would be to clean up the raw notes at the end of the day and, if needed, extract them into a proper location. The colour coding of Yes/No/Half works out pretty well. For that create three sections anywhere on the page first...then hold and drag any section by its three dots icon and drag it on the end of the row where other section is already will see a blue line getting highlighted and then just drop it there...and you are done.
I looked everywhere, from Reddit to Quora, and the official Notion community on Facebook. Notion is all you need — in one tool. At the bottom which isn't visible and i've only setup yesterday will be a week logger which is similar to the month logs (just pages listed below or in a few columns) and the actual week log page looks like this: This was it :-) Feel free to ask anything and post your own setups or ideas ! Definitely going to add some of these to mine. I decided to start small and page per page, so I wrote down the things I wanted to track and decided I would focus on a single page before moving to the next one. Seeing the boar with the chores, I even think this could be useful to share with my wife as we struggle to get everything in one place. Here's a public link for those interested (don't know if you can copy paste from it, i hope so) I found it hard to create the bullet journal but since I moved both "year" and "month" into a template i can easily create new ones and drag them to it's right place. Press J to jump to the feed. I've only started to fill up this page the last few days, I shared it with my girlfriend and this way we can keep track of stuff we would like to buy. Goal: Have a master database of tasks, with a view to easily see relevant tasks at the current time. Each day is not dated as this simplifies the reuse of this table for subsequent weeks. I started using Notion [Referral] early 2018 in a limited capacity as I was evaluating it as a potential tool to adopt. I’ve also been passively using RescueTime [Referral] for many years now, and I want to actively pay attention to my productivity and time allocation going forward. I couldn’t really build any percentage or success statistics easily, so I just left them out. Press J to jump to the feed. :) Let me kow if you face any issues, happy to help. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Nothing. Notion has the ability to duplicate public pages into your own account. If you have not read the guide I recommend it as I’m not going to dive into the details of how it works. I wanted to start one but I believe it's very hard to get into. While I didn't understand the hype around Notion at first, in the recent weeks I started to get really interested as I could see Notion helping me centralizing tracking. Given the above features, how does all of this look in practice? Seeing the boar with the chores, I even think this could be useful to share with my wife as we struggle to get everything in one place.

This is just a flexible section to place random notes during the day. I love it. Yes, it does.

Since we received a high Bill for electricity and heating I decided to track our usage weekly. Watch a video on how I setup the next week.

I currently look at the Lights and see what happened — are there any trends or areas to change? This sort of show and tell is exactly what i was looking for, you gave me a few ideas lol. You inspired me to come up with a similar setup to yours but utilizing central databases for Relationships, Goals, Tasks, Events, Finances and more then create linked databases for year, month and week that tie back to the home page view. To me, this is where Notion excels for task management. I end up using filters on the linked database to only show relevant tasks. :), Explain the 44% of your life thing please. This comment made my day. 6.

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