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We’d like to introduce you to Bender, one of the two-wheeled spacing ninjas here at Altman Plants who helped us prepare for the soft launch of our True Bloom Roses line. Subscribe now and be up to date with our latest news and updates. Oreocereus celsianus (Old man of the Andes) dwells in the mountains of Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru. Requires a porous soil that drains quickly. When in bloom, fiery flowers shine from a stalk well above the rosette. Sedum rubrotinctum ‘Aurora’ is an especially pink cultivar of the stonecrop succulent known as pork and beans or jelly bean plant. Its long, slender leaves sport partially scalloped pink-red edges that are not at all prickly. Get some quick, easy tips on what to do with underwatered succulents and overwatered succulents, and how to adjust to keep your plant children consistently happy and thriving. Protect from frost.Provide bright light; hardy to 32°F. Decorate your nooks and crannies, such as a windowsill or in a rock garden, with this blue-green gem of a hybrid. Make a BOO-ready, Halloween-themed fairy garden with succulents and cacti to display to all the darling trick-or-treaters and their moms and dads on the big, spooky night. It’s a monstrose (monster) form of Cereus forbesii (aka C. validus), meaning that it exhibits naturally occurring mutant growth, in the form of sculptural club-like shapes. Offsets freely to form wide clusters. Star-shaped light yellow flowers in rings appear in late winter. This chunky, fleshy standout produces concentric, snowball-esque rosettes of opalescent white leaves. Back to the top We humans may prefer to avoid being blue, but it’s a great look for cacti. Episode No. 877-656-4035 When the cactus reaches a certain age, fetching pink flowers emerge from its cephalium. The short, fat leaves have a flat end but with a dinky point in the middle. Don't know about you, but doesn't that raccoon look even neater with a red-tipped echeveria on its back? In the Crassula family (Crassulaceae) there are a lot of plants that mimic other plants leading to endless confusion by gardeners, growers and even botanical gardens. In late winter, melon-colored flowers appear on arching racemes. Looks best with regular watering in hotter months. Tom talks about a pretty little succulent that will light up your landscape or glow from a container: Echeveria 'Lola', whose violet-pink-blushed marble leaves would look great in a centerpiece or bridal bouquet. Hang a bunch to create a sense of lush (succulent) greenery, even mixing with Senecio rowleyanus (string of pearls) and Portulacaria afra ‘Variegata’. It grows tall stems that eventually bend to the ground and lose their lower leaves. The most common species grown is probably Graptopetalum paraguayense, also called the Ghost Plant or Mother of Pearl plant (referring to its pale colored leaves). These beautiful Gymnocalycium seedlings lack chlorophyll and therefore cannot survive on their own, but when grafted onto rootstock of Hylocereus cacti, the colorful, shade-friendly living lollipops can brighten up any room. Excellent color accent for rock gardens or as a small ground cover. I use ... read more, A small feral colony lives in Socorro, NM. To be available in limited quantities. Water deeply enough for water to run out the drainage hole, then wait for the soil to fully dry before watering again. It is named by Haage & Schmidt in their 1926 catalog. Ming thing is excellent for windowsill or dish garden culture. Check out our new DIY video on creating positively adorable Easter bunny tails for any succulent planter or dish garden. Watch our tiger jaws whisperer Tom get up-close and personal with this striking plant. Echeveria 'Black Prince' is unusual for an echeveria in that its leaves can appear nearly black in color. For Ep. x Pachyveria 'Glauca' is a beautiful succulent that forms spikey rosettes resembling a jewel. An amazing abundance of shiny hybrids have followed since ‘Perle von Nurnberg’ arrived in the 1930s, but there’s a reason why this medium-size beauty is an all-time favorite of succulent enthusiasts. It flowers red with a branched inflorescence. About the only one that is common in cultivation is Pachyveria glauca, a hybrid of Pachyphytum compactum and Echeveria craigiana. Graptoveria 'Spirit of 76' photos unknown Graptoveria in pot of mine, two Graptoverias in landscape (no official names to either of these hybrids) a brown-purply Graptoveria in my own collection (yet to be ID'd). One of the more confusing ‘species' to me is Graptoveria amethorum. The stems of Senecio radicans have curious banana-shaped emerald-green leaves with fascinating translucent “windows” that aid in photosynthesis. Echeveria ‘Lime n’ Chile’ is superb as an ingredient in a dish garden with echeverias that exhibit purples, pinks, or reds. Hailing from Brazil, Melocactus azureus (“Turk's cap cactus”) sports a globular, noticeably ribbed frosty blue body that’s protected by variably colored spines — silvery white to reddish brown. They have a thick coating of farina that gives the plant a soft, powdery appearance. Large silky yellow flowers in the afternoon during the autumn months.]. There's nothing cool (the shivery kind) about the flowers bell-shaped tangerine flowers that hang from profuse racemes. Most have leaves that are just hanging by a few cells it seems, and even with minimal handling, fall off. Pilosocereus cactus flowers in bloom at our headquarters in San Diego County have been open and welcome destinations for pollinators. Colors intensify in cool weather. These eye-catching succulents, snuggled in their cozy, birch-inspired wrapping, will add spunk to your decor. x Pachyveria 'Glauca' is is an old intergeneric hybrid between Pachyphytum hookeri and unknown Echeveria. We are always searching for ways to create that rosy glow for our skin. A. rufescens grows best with full sun to partial shade and ample airflow, with a well-drained soil mix. Far out (or far up, as it were)! Excellent for shadier areas in rock gardens or windowsills. P. 'Haagei'): Rosette of thick, silvery blue leaves. Sedum adolphi Firestorm™ is a striking selection of golden sedum, displaying cant-miss red margins in bright light. Available on shopaltmanplants: Read More. Buy one, and you will have plants to give away to your friends and relatives forever (sort of like having an Aeonium, only these don't die after flowering). Do Not Sell My Personal Information] Faucaria tigrina (tiger jaws), a native of South Africa, is a clump-forming succulent with thick, fleshy, triangular green leaves that are lined with soft, recurved teeth. Check out this colorful 2" cutie -- from greenish yellow to fiery orange. Water thoroughly when soil is dry. Probably the most commonly grown species is Pachyphytum oviferum (also called Moonstones). Aloe brevifolia forms powder blue rosettes, with translucent "teeth" along edges of leaves. Porous soil with adequate drainage. Officially named Echinocactus grusonii, this spiny orb belongs in the orbit of every gardener who desires a space light on fuss but deep with dramatic appeal. Developed by Altman Plants, Aloe ‘Blizzard’ US PP21,408 is a patented, one-of-a-kind, perfect storm of variegation, attractive blooms, and compact size. Tour | Senecio rowleyanus, native to Namibia, Africa, has pendant stems to 3 feet or more with unusual round leaves giving the impression of beads, peas, or pearls. Crossing a pachyphytum with an echeveria gave the succulent world a "little jewel": Pachyveria 'Glauca'. String of dolphins is as playful as it sounds, a delightful succulent plant ready for a hanging basket on your patio, in your kitchen, or just about wherever else of the part-sun variety you want to add living personality to. Fairy gardens have never been so frightfully fun. And they just might periodically reward you with adorable white light in the form of flowers. Graptopetalums are Mexican succulents primarily (a few are from Arizona). Don't you wish we could all look as good as Gasteria ‘Little Warty’ does with all those white warts? Roses are red, violets are blue, we created a hybrid we think you will love as much as we do. Succulenting with Stephen (Episode #6): The pastel magic of Sedeveria 'Lilac Mist' will make your face a sweet way!

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