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", "What? The middle of the Fields of Punishment. But can a certain blue eyed daughter of Zeus change his perspective of things? "Thanks, Thalia. I felt my cheeks go pale. "Come on.". I came out the other side in the shadow of a huge pine tree on a hill. she pointed farther up the mountain. "Why? There were similar injuries all over my body, and on top of the already-present soreness from attacking Camp Half-Blood, it hurt to even move. "Gods, no. What’s so important about her?”, Luke grimaced. All will be lost if the Age of Heroes does not come again. You've been ruled dead. The day I ended up facing five monsters at once, a big thing that I thought was some kind of reverse-sphinx bit me in the side. Make him promise, too. I clenched my fists. I recognized it. Read XI. She’s not with the titans, not yet, at least. It wasn't even sympathy, I thought, my heart racing, my breath quickening. “I’ll leave. She wasn't having any of it, at first. I jolted awake. I knew one place I could get some quick healing, and an energy boost after having to use my powers again when I'd already overexerted myself. "Wait!" There you are. Looking down at my hand, I saw a pretty bad burn, and a few small cuts that were probably from landing. I know I've hurt you in the past, I know I've lied to you, and I'm so sorry. "Same here." Oh, Hades, not again. "I was such an idiot to trust this place. The ground was definitely shaking, now. I asked nervously. This is very important, Annabeth.”. He was locked away. I wondered what the heck I'd missed. The blonde girl who's name I still couldn't remember asked. Taken in by a god you wouldn't expect, Percy is trained to use his powers and fulfill the Great Prophesy. AU, Following Percy, Thalia, Annabeth and a whole host of OC's adventures through Ancient Greece. “You don’t want to do this. The girl replied. ", I looked at the ground. I caught him smiling to himself, and I figured that was the answer he’d expected, or at least hoped for. I stopped by the house and you were gone.". “Thalia? What if Percy hadn't let Bianca go into the Talos statue? "What kid of operation are you people running here!?" It is my time. The snow and christmas lights weren't there anymore, and hundreds of campers were gathered to watch a large grey sheet burn.

"Who is your brother, young lady?" It was pity. "Bianca! The campers began talking about search parties and tracking. Percy Jackson was taken as a baby from the hospital and experimented on through out his life. "No, I'm not. Beside him stood a frail-looking college-age boy with sandy hair and ice-blue eyes, a reddish scar marring his face. “A daughter of Hades. “Whoa,” she held up a hand, and stepped over the threshold. "I'd just put people in danger by being there anyway. We are at the end of the road. When I didn’t try anything, she stood. I think it was that someone died. I knelt down and cupped my hands in the fire. They predated the gods and even the titans, and so much as touching the water from most of them would destroy you. Another one did the same thing to the wall the window was on. I interrupted Zoë.

I thought for a moment. “You don’t need that. “Young lady, I have reason to believe you have been living alone, without a parent or legal guardian, in this-” she gestured to the admittedly run down state of the Grace manor - “house, for the last six months?”, The woman - or girl, judging by her looks,- pursed her lips. You just told that to Luke to- to psyche him out or something. “She and her brother are the children of Hades. And so was Percy, and so was every other demigod who's died on one of their meaningless quests. I crossed my arms too, and looked away. "It saves us time. He stopped talking when the lights went out. Percy Jackson and the Olympians, T, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 9, words: 36k+, favs: 573, follows: 531, updated: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, T, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 22, words: 35k+, favs: 328, follows: 364, updated: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, K+, English, Drama & Romance, chapters: 4, words: 2k+, favs: 154, follows: 138, updated: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, T, English, Romance & Hurt/Comfort, words: 1k+, favs: 137, follows: 45. If we stopped to send out a search party for every demigod-". Focus: Books » Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Since: 07-08-12, Only PERLIA stories here people. One end flows down into Tartarus, so I hear, and the other end eventually converges with the other Rivers, creating a fiery, cold, oblivion-woe-and-lament inducing waterfall. You must go my huntresses, it is a trap.". ", Luke brought his hand back up to the plate. "You might be just another causality to them, but you mean something to me. Weren't they like, the supervillains of Greek mythology?"
“Of course. Especially now that you know you're parentage, they'll start to get stronger. "They're looking for Percy. I spoke aloud to myself. I think he ended up recruiting her, though. Thalia ignored the question. Then it started to fade, and along with it went the stinging pain of my skin and the aching soreness of my body. His hero status is stripped from him. I thought back to the words I'd exchanged with the girl.

You can save it, too. I held out the Mythomagic figure. Well, he was kind of wrong. Thalia said casually. That won’t bring anyone I’ve lost back to me. "If I am wrong, it will not matter. He was seen going into the labyrinth about three weeks ago, and no one has seen or heard from him since. But how could you know we were following you? I could feel the weight of my bow and arrows still strapped to my back, and an ache where they'd dug into me while I was out.

"Where-", "The Chariot. I turned the corner on the way to the Underworld, still not seeing any monsters, when something else caught my eye. She looked panicked. She hadn’t been claimed yet.”, Luke nodded.

Who knows what she’ll be able to do by the time she’s sixteen.” One of the other campers continued. Thalia Grace stared out over the ruined fields. Just... after things have died down a little. The ground began to shake more violently. And I think you did too.". ", "Thalia?"
You know how sometimes, when you're really thirsty and you finally get a drink, you can actually feel the cold liquid in your chest after you swallow? The ground erupted. I just sobbed. Around the tree was a creature that must have been a dragon. I held a knife - a silver one, that I’d kept from my time in the hunters - defensively in front of me. I asked groggily. There was a large table in the center, covered in maps and assorted weapons, with a few demigods dressed similarly to Luke and the girl sitting around it. “You’re familiar with this girl?” Chiron asked. Shutting my eyes and trying my best to ignore the pain, I brought the fire to my lips, and swallowed. "We should get out of here. I stared at the fissure in the ground where the skeletons had disappeared. "He's not here and he never will be again!" She'd spent so many weeks lost and alone and scared. I left him here six months ago. "I'll show you why.". My muscles screamed in protest, but a spun around and tackled the source of the voice. Grover said. I sprung out of bed and stormed over to the wardrobe before my mind could wander to- no. I clenched my fists. The girl raised an eyebrow at me. Four adolescent girls emerged from the mist, all bearing a striking resemblance to Zoë. I wanted to think that had been nothing but a normal dream, but this dream had seemed even more real then the last one.

“I’m employed by the government of the state of California.”, She did an emotional 180, and smiled at me. The Gods, feeling that Percy is a threat, banish him to Tartarus. He was right!”, “No, he wasn’t!” Thalia said, almost angrily. You joined the titans.

The girl had mentioned Thalia as someone she cared about.

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