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Caliber, pistol or revolver, barrel length, ammunition, skillset, and conditions of engagement could all have a different effective range. For varmint hunters, competitors and gun owners practicing at distance, supersonic .300 BLKs are big medicine. There’s no shortage of creativity among enthusiasts when it comes to the search for that “holy grail” of loads. The maximum range listed for any cartridge is 400 yards, since 400 yards is beyond the point blank range of every cartridge shown. They lack the mass to carry a proportionate level of energy at downrange, though. Results are in inches/foot-pounds of energy and based on a 100-yard zero with the scope 1.5 inches above the bore. There its drop is more than 30 feet (with a 100-yard zero) and energy drops to 309 foot-pounds. CQB isn’t a place where bright flashes coming out of a barrel are an advantage, so using a 22-inch tube won’t help much, if at all. For example, a large whitetail deer might weigh about 200 pounds, a large black bear might run 400 pounds, and a zebra is about as heavy as an elk. A 1:8 twist works best with the light-weight supersonic rounds. They are flatter shooting and, with less time in flight, less prone to the effects of wind. The maximum effective range of a sniper rifle is as far as the person shooting it can evaluate and hit accurately. Listed below are the longest ranges at which a selection of common rifle cartridges are considered optimum for shooting animals of five different weight classes in terms of theoretical killing power. Please note that the optimal ranges in the table are based only on the mathematically computed killing power of the cartridge and load. Following are links to Amazon USA reloading guides that I use and recommend,Hornady 10th Edition Handbook of Cartridge ReloadingLyman 50th Edition Reloading HandbookNosler Reloading Guide 8Shooter’s Bible Guide to Handloading, 17HMR17 Hornet17 Remington Fireball17 Remington, 22 Hornet22 K Hornet218 Bee221 Remington Fireball222 Remington223 Remington222 Remington Magnum224 Weatherby Magnum22 PPC22 BR Remington5.6×50 Magnum22-250 Remington225 Winchester5.6×57 RWS220 Swift22-250 Ackley Improved223 Winchester SSM220 Jaybird, 6.5mm x 52 Mannlicher-Carcano6.5×54 Mannlicher-Schoenauer6.5mm BR6.5 x 50 Japanese6.5mmx55 Swedish Mauser6.5 Creedmore260 Remington6.5-2846.5mm/066.5mm Remington Magnum6.5mm x 68 Schuler6.71 Lazzeroni Phantom SM264 Winchester Magnum, 30-30 Winchester30-40 Krag300 Savage308 Marlin Express307 Winchester308 Winchester7.62 x 54R Russian30-06 Springfield300 Ruger Compact Magnum300 Remington SAUM30-06 Ackley Improved308 Norma Magnum300 WSM300 H&H Magnum300 Winchester Magnum300 Weatherby Magnum7.82 Lazzeroni Patriot SM300 RUM7.82 Lazzeroni Warbird LM30-378 Weatherby Magnum, 338 Federal338 Ruger Compact Magnum338-06338 Winchester Magnum340 Weatherby Magnum8.59 Lazzeroni Galaxy SM338 RUM338 Lapua Magnum338-378 Weatherby Magnum8.59 Lazzeroni Titan LM, 376 Steyr375 H&H Magnum375 Weatherby Magnum375 Ruger375 RUM378 Weatherby Magnum, 6mm-2226×476mmx45 (6mm-223)6mm BR Remington6mm PPC243 Winchester SSM243 Winchester6mm Remington6mm-284240 Weatherby Magnum6.17 Lazzeroni Spitfire SM, 6.8mm Remington SPC270/303270 Winchester270 WSM270 Weatherby Magnum, 35 Remington356 Winchester358 Winchester35 Whelen350 Remington Magnum358 Norma Magnum358 STA, 450-400 Nitro Express (3″)400 H&H Magnum405 Winchester416 Remington Magnum416 Rigby416 Weatherby Magnum10.57 Lazzeroni Meteor404 Jeffery444 Marlin, 465 Nitro Express465 H&H Magnum470 Nitro Express476 Westley Richards475 Nitro Express No 2505 Gibbs50 Alaskan500 Nitro Express500 Jeffery (12.7 x 70mm Schuler)577 Nitro Express600 Nitro Express700 Nitro Express, 256 Winchester Magnum25 Remington257 Kimber250 Savage (250-3000)25-303257 Roberts25-30825-06 Remington257 Roberts Improved25/28425 Winchester SSM257 Weatherby Magnum6.53 Lazzeroni Scramjet LM, 7-30 Waters7×577mm BR Remington7mm-08 Remington284 Winchester280 Remington/7mm Express Remington7×61 Sharp & Hart280 Ackley Improved7mm WSM7mm Remington Magnum7mm Remington SAUM7.21 Lazzeroni Tomahawk SM7mm Weatherby Magnum7mm STW7mm RUM7.21 Lazzeroni Firebird LM, 8mm Mauser (8×57)8mm x 68 Schuler325 WSM8mm Remington Magnum, 9.3x74R9.3mm x 64 Brennecke9.3mm x 62 Mauser, 450 Marlin45-70 (Modern actions)450 Nitro Express458 Winchester Magnum460 Weatherby Magnum, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Hornady 10th Edition Handbook of Cartridge Reloading, Bergara B14 Hunter rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor review, 22LR Ammo – CCI Shotshell for Pest Control, Review of the Ruger American Rimfire Compact rifle in 22LR, Venison Rosemary and Garlic game meat sausages.

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