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Name. Moroccan Singers by Gender - Moroccan Female Singers, Moroccan Male Singers, Samira Said, Ishtar, Elam Jay, Abdessadeq Cheqara, Bigg (Paperback) / Creator: Books Llc ; 9781157883272 ; Books Welcome to! 1956). She married for a second time in 1994, at age 35, to an American-established Moroccan businessman, Mustapha Ennaboulssi (b. She has one son, Shady (b. BiographyDay. Samira Said (Arabic: سميرة سعيد‎, native name: Samira Bensaïd; born January 10, 1958 in Rabat, Morocco) is a Moroccan[1] singer. Birth. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. She began singing at the age of 9 and she was discovered on a music program on Royal Moroccan TV, "Mawaheb," alongside another popular singer, Aziza Jalal, when she was 17. Furthermore, they welcomed two more children, a son, Yassin Ennaoulssi, and a daughter, Sara Ennaboulssi. She has one son, Shady (b. She's also respected and strongly admired by her host country Egypt where she's become almost at home and to whom she has shown a lot of love, attachment and gratitude. She was born and raised in Rabat, Morocco, within a Muslim family. She has dual nationality of Morocco and Egypt; her resident home as … Other recordings include "Lilet El Ouns" ("Magnificent Get-Together"), "Ech Gab Li Gab" ("A Cut about the Rest"), "Amrak Aagib" ("I Don't Get You"), and "Menghir Sabab" ("For No Reason"). The Moroccan public admire her and respect the guts she has had to trace her gigantic paths in the Mashreq (the Eastern hemisphere of the Arab world.) Samira Said - Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien | Edith Piaf - YouTube In January 2006, she sang 'Kollena Ensan' ("We are all human") in French, English, and Arabic during the African Cup Of Nations in Cairo. Middle Eastern Pop Artist / Winner of BBC Award & World Music Award as Best Selling Artist in the Middle East She lives between Cairo, Rabat and Washington, D.C. in the United States. She performed in front of Pope John Paul II at the Vatican and gave support to out-of-status immigrants in ill-served suburbs in France. She married for a second time in 1994, at age 35, to an American-established Moroccan businessman, Mustapha Ennaboulssi (b. She has lately been the recipient of a worldwide award in London for best singer in North Africa/ the Middle East and model humanitarian artist. She has one son, Shady (b. In a short time, Samira Said became one of the leading names in her home country, recording many popular Arab songs such as "Kifash Tlakina" ("How we Met"), "Fayetli sheftek shi marra" ("I've seen you once") and "Sarkouh" ("They Stole Him"), not to mention "Al Behhara" ("Mariners"). She was quickly recognized as a young prodigy. They, however, divorced in 1994. Samira Said made her debut with a solo song, El hob Elli ana a’aycheh in 1975. ( Log Out /  Back in 2019, she became a judge for The Voice of Morocco. Random excerpt from the book: The 62-year-old, Samira is married to Mr. Ennaboulssi, whom she exchanged her wedding vows in the mid-1990s. Henceforth, she contributed the Arab music on a higher platform in the 21st century as well. She is a middle eastern pop singer, who profoundly represents her voice’s tonal beauty. The title track was popular in the Arab world along with other tracks such as “Halit Malal” ("Situation of Boredom") and the “Beteegee witimshee” ("You come and you go".) Samira Said (Arabic: سميرة سعيد‎ (native name: Samira Bensaïd) (born January 10, 1959) is a Moroccan singer.Samira Said was born and raised in Rabat, the capital of Morocco. Her best known singles at this time included "Maghlouba" ("Beaten") and "Wa'ady" ("My Love"). "), jazz influenced numbers like “Malee,” ("What's it got to do with me?") Launched in Virgin Megastores in Dubai and Beirut, the album went on to achieve further international recognition. More upon this, Said-Ennaboulssi’s family currently resides in Cairo, Egypt. Samira lives in Cairo, Egypt with husband Mustapha Ennaboulssi and her son Shady. [4][5], Halina Hopkis called Said "an emblem of trans-nationality in her moves between Morocco and Egypt as well the different awards and shows she has received and participated in as a representative of the Arabic music community". She began singing professionally, encouraged by her family and backed up by important people in the Moroccan music scene like Al Rashdi and others. In 2003, BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music listed her as the best singer. Moreover, her both pets are both Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka dog breeds, which came from Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The title track of the same name, is a collaboration with Cheb Mami. Samira connected with the Arab singer Abdul Halim Hafez and Abdul Wahhab, to finally meet Baligh Hamdi. After rising into fame, she recorded and released a Eurovision song, Bitaqat Hub in 1977.

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