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You need to do this, since you need 4 more Lapis Lazuli from NG+ and you can’t get them if you chose the Shura Ending (Shura Ending means no Fountainhead Palace visit). Keep going until you find some enemies gathered around a big bonfire; the tool is inside this bonfire. I am currently missing the Height of Technique (all skills acquired trophy), I have to clear the Mushin skill tree but I’m not sure if I’ll have to do another playthrough (NG++), since after getting the all bosses trophy I reloaded the save file before Owl to go to Fountainhead and get the lapis lazuli for the Master of the Prosthetic trophy (all prosthetic upgrades), but now I’m stuck in NG+ without the One Mind skill. The underwater Headless' fights are considerably easier for these reasons: Your movement is not limited by the mist created by the Headless' above ground.

There are multiple tools that affect apparitions, the whistle and the upgraded shield comming to mind first. His attacks are slower than average and easily deflected, but he also launches sweep attacks, so be ready... Fighting the Ashina Outskirts' Headless is best reach through from the Demon Bell Idol located in Senpou Temple, Mt. The reason we must head into NG+ is because we can’t kill all bosses in one playthrough, we still have to get the Shura Ending to fight two different endbosses. This is a From game, you cannot expect to R1 spam every single mob and then just brag you won the game. This behavior is from another mythical Japanese creature called the “Kappa,” which could be found in water. It is an upgrade for the Divine Abduction tool, so you will first need to find it and then invest some resources in order to utilize this strategy. There is one scale underneath the water in the lake, dive to collect it. The video seems to be pure luck, that strategy is getting me killed every time. Someone tried this? You have to have the floating passage text, it can be bought from a pot for 5 scales. Mini-Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named, and have 2 or more health bars. After crossing, enter the first doors you find to the right to enter a parcel with a few enemies, the tool is inside a small shrine in the courtyard. Another fairly common material. So grind until you can buy all the remaining skills and the Platinum will be yours. First off thanks for the guide. If you did answer this in your guide already & I missed it, I apologize. Can you do the shira ending and get all other trophies after or does another ending have to be done first? I just cannot kill this thing. TL;DR: Stay in the 180 degree arc behind Headless and do a single attack, then move, to ensure you are always behind him. save before Owl fight, and side with owl. I ask because I believe you also mention that you need the Shura ending to get some other bosses otherwise not available. After defeating the Corrupted Monk Boss in Ashina Depths & the Guardian Boss in Sunken Valley, you must return to the Tower Roof of Ashina Castle, where the Genichiro Ashina boss fight took place. I would argue it’s easier than Bloodborne, not harder. Headless Ape is a Boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.Bosses are special Enemies that feature their own arena, a large and prominent health bar, and a variety of unique moves and abilities. It is also a fairly common drop from the Interior Ministry Gunmen in Ashina Outskirts (after defeating the Divine Dragon), it is recommended to farm along with the, A rare and scarce material, it is an uncommon drop from the, Limited item used for the last upgrades to the Prosthetic Tools, there is only 6 of them on each playthrough. Ashina Outskirts, Ashina Castle, Sunken Valley, Fountainhead Palace. load backup, side with Kuro up until after Isshin, the Sword Saint, then scumsave again. This game requires you to keep the fight flowing without much rest by deflecting, dodging, and countering the enemies attacks at the same time you keep landing yours. There’s a big mountain on the left side of the area. When you reach Corrupted Monk / Guardian Ape look through the collectible guides and find anything you haven’t already: AFTER defeating both the Corrupted Monk & Guardian Ape you must return to Ashina Castle (2nd visit to this region, when the idols there get locked) and will meet Owl on the Tower Roof.

Can anyone tell me how to remove the hardahip bell it’s getting annoying taking to much dmg and u have to deflect every hit so u dobt take dmg ? Maintaining the cheese will take bit of practice to keep it consistent which you may need to do for the harder headless (The one in hidden forest took me about 20 minutes at 4 sets of beads and 2 memory upgrades). In addition to the combat system, you may also use a number of, To conclude this section, you can find and talk to. Sekiro's combat system is a sophisticated one, understanding its basics is key to be able to progress through the game and achieve this platinum trophy in the end.

Then you will automatically reach the final area Fountainhead Palace as part of the remaining story.

If you're struggling with this or shichimen warrior seriously invest in the lilac umbrella and the projected force skill. Can be purchased at the Toxic Memorial Mob in Sunken Valley at the bottom, near the entrance to the Great Serpent cave. Wow, have you guys seen their attack where they start flying, and then try to land on top of you? Thanks for the patience, it took a while to find the 100% most effective way and I didn’t want to rush this. In NG+ Fountainhead palace farming point provides around 4k exp…. The upgrade materials are found as item pickups in the world and can be randomly dropped by various enemies. You need these minibosses to get their Prayer Beads – the items that upgrade your vitality and posture. If you have experience with soulsborne and/or Nioh you might struggle in the beginning but adapt fairly quickly. This is quite hidden as you’d never have reason to go there normally. I am confused and don’t want to make it wrong. you said save after monk/ape — can i kill both in one playthru or is it on or the other/? Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. If you are not behind Headless when his rotation ends, he will begin an attack. whats up with the prostate massages these guys give... frombehindsoftware. To keep this up you will need to hold down the sprint button consistently due to the slowing mist. What about swapping steps 3+4? Were you able to figure it out? Really looking forward to this one 🙂, You are one of the best looking forward to it keep up the excellent work. The direction he turns depends on if the player is to the right or left of the Headless. Prosthetic tools are special types of weapons attached to your Prosthetic arm, each with their own unique combat function. The moment it looks like he's channeling anything or about to do a big swing (be it the Perilous Attack or anything that remotely looks like any kind of channel or cast), dash-swim through it so you end up behind him. From the idol, get to the main area patrolled by samurais with the big gaps in the centre; drop down to the lower level from there and find a room right ahead with a, It is found in the Buddha Statue in the middle of the room, after defeating the minor boss, This is the very first ninjutsu technique you will acquire.

In the prologue, after helping Kuro escape through the Secret Passage, you will fight Genichiro Ashina for the first time. So in order to get the trophy for all bosses you must redo the Shura Ending in New Game Plus. Thanks for the great guide! Their attacks and abilities inflict the Terror  status. You don’t get to keep it but you’ll have the trophy at that point. After resting, eavesdrop on the doors to hear her struggling to eat them. I literally just beat Genichiro and took a break (but i still have my save online from just before the fight with him). This is correct, only 6 can be gathered per playthrough. You can either start new game+ immediately or go free roam, Difficulty depends on how fast you adapt to the game, Same as dark souls in the beginning you die a lot but then you get used to it.

After staying loyal to Kuro and defeating Owl, talk and exhaust all dialogues with Kuro and Emma, then rest on the idol. Below you find the upgrade cost for everything. Great! IF someone help me via share play and kill the last boss isshin the sword a will send You to Your account 5 dollars. In the same area, to the left of the red bridge, there is some big rocks near the river bank, the scale is behind those rocks. Plus when I exit the game do I do so from the options menu or just quit out from the Xbox guide button right back to my home page? This guide has not been edited other than for formatting, spelling changes and readability for the Sekiro Wiki. Sorry just don’t want to screw this up 🙂. From the idol, take the western exit and enter through the cave to the right, follow the path until you drop down to an area you must crouch in a small space under a big rock, follow that way until you reach some high priests statues (this is where you find the high priest mentioned by the Divine Child during the Return ending quest). This is probably the first boss you will encounter, and is arguably the easiest one. Copy them to a USB stick, then connect it to a computer and copy the PS4 Folder to your computer. Once you get the ability to swim under water that infested item can actually be found at the bottom of the pond in the Senpou Temple. Because I haven’t added him yet.

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