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Cavalleria French Bulldogs are registered with the AKC and are eligible for AKC non-sporting group competitions. El Torro Dejavu Il Est Tout Cela, © We love to talk about our dogs. Welcome to Valpo French Bulldogs. Ch. Contact us: 413-283-9305. El Torro's Bijou Précieux, "CAPITAINE"

The focus and intended function and purpose of the French Bulldog from the historical perspective was to lovingly sit on the wealthy laps of French, English, and American Aristocrats while looking adorable (FBDCA, 2013b). Our private breeding program is centered on breeding high quality, companion-type, classic brindle, high sought after crème, brindle, and traditional fawn French Bulldogs towards bettering the breed. DNA: V817213. Ch. Ch. These endearing little dogs became the breed favorite among citizens from Normandy to Paris when lace-making emigrants with their “miniature bulldogs”, formerly called the Boule Dog Francais, set up shop in Northern France during the Industrial Revolution (FBDCA, 2013b). For over two decades now, I have studied with passion this extraordinary breed. Retrieved from, American Kennel Club. Ch. Do Frenchies shed? There is nothing "rare" about a Blue/Mouse/Grey French Bulldog. We are fortunate to have the acreage, where our dogs walk off lead with us to enjoy the smells and sounds of the great outdoors. Am / Can. We would be happy to help you with any questions you may have about Frenchies or Danes. Bobby is also the RIS of Eukanuba 2013 and has too many awards to name here! Ch. Liver or “Chocolate” can go blind, have juvenile cataracts, and yellow eyes (MFBA, 2013). Check out their website for tons of great information about deciding if the French Bulldog is right for you. Frog Dogs Forever!

French Bulldog Column, AKC Gazette. Ava has also won Best of Breed one time, Best of Opposite Sex, and Select. AM GCH/CAN GCH Valpo’s Man of Steele – Steele, CH Jayel’s Buck It Up at Valpo N’Crestagard – Buck, Madge Parlez Vous’ New Beginnings at Valpo, CH Valpo’s Flying Under the Radar – Cyann, Crestagard’s Helping Hand at Valpo – Blanche, Steele wins Best of Breed at Westminster 2018, Steele takes 2 majors and finishes championship. We live about 1 hour north of Detroit. We live about 1 hour north of Detroit. Quality isn’t expensive, it is priceless as many say. We are small hobby breeders. about Frenchies: American Kennel Club. We do not breed often, but occasionally have puppies available to approved homes. Also, the Southeast French Bulldog Club’s FAQs page has responses to several frequently asked questions about Frenchies, such as: Do Frenchies bark a lot? Campcovo, AKC Perm. The Westminster Dog show featured a brindle Frenchie on the cover of its 1897 catalog although the AKC did not recognize the breed until 1898 (AKC, 2013d). Frenchies are content to lie on their beds beside your chair, follow you to the barn, go for rides in the car, go for a walk, or watch a movie with you on the couch. Successful companion-hood is a Frenchie’s greatest achievement. We are fortunate to have the acreage, where our dogs walk off lead with us to enjoy the smells and sounds of the great outdoors. (2013). El Ch. Living with Frenchies is a joy. We cannot thank Milan and Yana Miklos enough and appreciate Brandon Edge for his guidance, support, and advice throughout this journey. Retrieved from, French Bulldog Art. :)History Of The French Bulldog In America by Lois Sosa, The Illustrated Standard 1997 book by the French Bulldog Club of America, 2012 powerpoint by the French Bulldog Club of America, Judging--Finding The Diamond In The Rough Very helpful for understanding confirmation, World Pedigree-Database of French Bulldogs, 2020-2021 Cavalleria Rusticana, Monroe, North Carolina, Judging--Finding The Diamond In The Rough. Pedigree . This lovable, hilarious, companion breed is a non-working, non-sporting dog described by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as the “clown in the cloak of the philosopher” (AKC, 2013c, para. She owner handles her own Frenchies. Lionheart's Can't Touch This "Hammer" and is out of dam GCH. Sire: GCH Bella Ridge Imperiale Shady Harbor Baciare E Dire - … Worth the time to visit their site to absorb a plethora of knowledge. My goals are to continuously improve on quality and type, while supporting breed standard. DOB: 7/16/2015. Ch.

“Rare” colored French Bulldogs, such as Mouse or “Blue” as it is often advertised online, is not only an inflated-price-marketing-scam in our opinion, but more importantly blue or mouse dogs are created by recessive genes, which are often accompanied by a myriad of health problems, such as blindness and follicular dysplasia (Maxime French Bulldog Art [MFBA], 2013). We are Dave and Sue Misch. Only A Pet by Jan Grebe. Bulldog Prints, Portrait

Gradon El If it is not their flat face that makes one fall in love, it’s their sweet expression, their overly loving personalities, or their “bat” ears. Ch. 1). Sophia Claire is Ava's youngest daughter.

It is arguable that quality companion-type French Bulldogs are generally bred with temperament and health forefront with confirmation trailing immediately behind.

Here are some additional credible French Bulldog Information sources that offer support, education, etc. Tribute to Doris Cox of Cox’s Goodtime lines, one of the most influential American French Bulldog lines to date (Our Louis is predominately Cox’s Goodtime lines in his champions), The Ins and Outs of Pedigree Analysis, Genetics, and Disease Control, Interview with Luis Sosa - The Sosa’s have raised and successfully shown AKC champions since the 1970s and judge French Bulldogs internationally. "LUC" These are some of the finest dogs in the country.

AKC CH. Form follows function, in importance for companion-type Frenchies.

Another reason they’re often called Frog Dogs is because they lie on the ground with their legs splayed out behind them just like frogs! Torro Rochelle, "GIGI" El Torro's Imperiale Shady Harbor Le Capitaine, "CAROLINE" We are very concerned about over population and the health and safety of all animals. Retrieved from, French Bulldog Club of America. We love our 10 acre home where our dogs run freely on our property. Imperiale Bella Ridge's Leslie Caron "GISÈLE" Am / Can. What the issue is is that the dog is born of a recessive gene pool. El Torro Bella Ridge Un Grand Classique, "LACEY" Dam: Rippling Water's Kimberley. Where Quality Always Comes Before Quantity !!!

Our French Bulldog Family; Puppies; Stud; Recommended Products; Accessories ; Shop All; Info Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs Friday Harbor, WA 98250 Call us at 8018607835 Subscribe to our newsletter. Black and Tan and ALL-Black-With-No-Trace-Of-Brindle is extremely dominate and will eliminate all other colors in the litter (MFBA, 2013). Retrieved from, American Kennel Club. Breeding well socialized AKC French bulldog for show and companion Texas and Oklahoma we also will fly pups to approved homes. Imperiale Bella Ridge's Leslie Caron (Retired) Pedigree . If the French Bulldog has form-related or confirmation-related faults making it unsuitable for the show ring, while being a fun, loyal, playful, and loving companion for his or her human, then theFrench Bulldog has achieved the greatest aspiration of French Bulldog life and its original etc. The French Bulldog Club of America: The French Bulldog Club of America (FBDCA) founded in 1897, is the oldest French Bulldog Club dedicated to preserving and promoting the French Bulldog breed in the world (The French Bulldog Club of America, 2013). We admire their hard work and their contributions to our learning. (2013d). After being successfully shown by Brandon in her first shows, Ava and Laura set out to finish Ava's Championship together as a first time team.

Grebe, J. CYST: 1-2 (Carrier) JHC - n/n (Clear) CERF: FBU-EYE626/12M-VPI. Reg'd, is dedicated to the betterment and future of the lovely French bulldog. Please feel free to contact us. The FBDCA also conducts breeder and dog owner surveys towards studying French Bulldog genetics, helps owners understand confirmation and health, along with heightening awareness of the French Bulldog breed for the general public (FBDCA, 2013). Ever heard the old adage, “You get what you pay for?” This adage is definitely true when it comes to buying a French Bulldog. (2013). Ch. ADN-98087 Sophia’s crowning jewel was her prestigious win of Winners Bitch at the 2019 Westminster Kennel Club in New York City on February 11, 2019. To learn more about Frenchies history, check out the FBDCA’s Understanding Frenchies page. El Torro Bella Ridge Bijoux Et Lacet, "ROCH & BIJOU" Companion-hood is not to be looked down upon, in fact companion-hood is the most respectable accomplishment for a French Bulldog can achieve, and therefore, advocates should actively move to heighten awareness towards companion-hood being admired and embraced, but most importantly loved and appreciated. (2013c). Cutting Edge Kennel Brandon Edge is our professional handler who is a wealth of knowledge, who is a pleasure to work with. Ch. AKC meet the breeds. El Torro's Imperiale Shady Harbor Le Capitaine. Form follows function. Lionheart's Famous by Fortune "Ava Penelope" bred by Milan and Jana Miklos of Lionheart French Bulldogs was sired by GCH. White, White and Black, White and Black with no trace of Brindle carry the deaf gene, have eye problems, and can be blue eyed (MFBA, 2013). Retrieved from, American Kennel Club. Sophie won Winners Bitch at Westminster after placing Third in the Ohio French Bulldog Specialty in October 2018. We do not have a kennel. Gradon El Torro Rochelle "GIGI" Am / Can.

of America’s French Bulldogs, El Especially when it comes to your dog.

El Torro Bella Ridge Un Grand Classique "LACEY" Ch. Bandog French Bulldogs The Sosa Family is incredible when it comes to French Bulldogs. If a breeder is trying to sell you a dog of any of the colors above as an AKC Registered French Bulldog, they've lied to the AKC about the dog's color in order to get it registered and will definitely lie to you!! Sophia is a gorgeous girl. While on Friday Harbor; About Us; Contact Us; Blog; Paper Products; Sitemap; Categories. Lionheart's Fabelhaft Fortune Teller "Annie." OFA Cardiac: FBU-CA2163/16M/P-VPI. Nickname: Puppy #3 on Torro French Bulldogs. Retrieved from Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales Ch. Although there are several dog registries available, such as the Continental Kennel Club (CKC), the American Kennel Club (AKC), founded in 1884, is the oldest kennel club dedicated to confirmation dog shows (AKC, 2013a). Am / Can. We completely advocate, support, and will continue to promote the breed to enhance public awareness of the importance of breeding quality, healthy Frenchies. Brandon's co-breeder, Fabelhaft French Bulldogs Fabelhalf Robobull French Bulldogs Ava's mother is a Fabelhaft dog. We are small hobby breeders.

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