shimano tranx 200 vs 300

The Tranx is able to handle everything from long lipped deep diving supersize cranks to the biggest swimbaits with ease. Mainly casting and chunking for blues and stripers as well as jigging for fluke, sea bass and tog. The lower gear reels pull in 30-inches of line via a more conventional double handle with The Shimano® TranX® 200 Baitcast Reel represents the culmination of more than 10 years' study on the effects and prevention of corrosion. *. Follow TackleDirect for exclusive giveaways featuring top brands. To reserve the next available item, please place your order and we will ship the item to you the same day it arrives in our warehouse on a first to order, first to ship basis. Show off your fishing gear investment. What reel would you match with 200AHG for fluke in bay,Thanks. Variable Braking System – The variable brake system from Shimano uses centrifugal force vs magnets to manage the way the line pays off the reel during casting. HG model has a 70 mm single handle with a Ci4+ handle knob. I'm looking forward to putting it through it's paces with an A-rig next weekend. Very smooth feels great in the hand so far great setup on the st. Croix mojo musky. Got my eye on one too. A nice lighter blackish set up perfect for using tog jigs. After over a decade of corrosion study, Shimano has developed a reel concept that will deliver long lasting durability and performance for inshore anglers around the world. The last known quantity available is provided to the left of LOW QTY. From How To fishing videos to big bass catches, we're here to teach you how to bass fish. I’m on a budget but I need quality gear so I try to buy gear that can serve multiple purposes. We found that it paired very well with our swimbait rods and worked equally well with big softbaits as it did with our glidebaits. This real fits that category and can be fished in fresh or saltwater with excellent performance. Shimano Tranx 200 300 400 Features. Swimbaits | Lines | Will this rod (spec below) match the Tranx 300HG? Curado DC- $249 TranX 200- … 5 Best Saltwater Spinning Reels Under $100. Please contact us first by phone, e-mail, or live chat to obtain an availability estimate. $229.99 $ 229. Watercraft | The handle would not match the HG model of the Shimano Tranx. Re: Shimano Tranx 200 or 300 for A-rigging? The Tranx 300 and 400 are more expensive, but they have unique seals and some other features that distinguish them, and some are willing to pay more for the preference of one. The deep spool is simple and clean For stripers and blues the Tranx 300 would be a perfect fit. Give us a chance to match it, with our simple TackleDirect Price Match Promise. These are phenomenal reels that if you are a baitcaster fan and you love to fish the inshore then you will want to seriously consider adding on to your arsenal of equipment. I also like the fact that the Tranx 300 / 400 come with Shimano’s CoreProtect water resistant technology that helps to repel water without creating a heavy feeling when cranking the reel. A 30 lb yellowfin would not be a problem for the Tranx. The Shimano Tranx Baitcasting Reels - 300 & 400 are made in Malaysia. However, a little added weight for the extra durability and lasting performance is a sacrifice I don't mind making. These reels feature Shimano's new CoreProtect water resistant technology for long lasting durability in harsh environments.

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