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001251-002610 (SG2000) This guide can help you determine the approximate age of your instrument, what the price range was during its years of production or what it sold for in the last year it was available, and what woods were used in its construction. 1978 Qty: 199.95. For example, 4C7768 = 400 Series Combo from 1957. 1001-1390 (SG1000) See this page on the website for an extensive Ovation database.Paul Reed Smith (PRS)To date a PRS guitar, look at the one- or two-digit prefix, which indicates the final one or two digits of the production year. Although the tables below are as accurate as possible, serial numbers of these acoustic guitars have never been archived and are of no assistance when attempting to date these instruments. In Sept. 2016, the metal plate was replaced with a waterslide decal. For example, for serial number 0236758, the '02' indicates that the guitar was made in 2002; for serial number W10052743, the '10' indicates that the guitar was made in 2010.Schecter began as a parts manufacturer and eventually began making their own complete guitars, so from the late 70s to around 1998, when the Diamond Series was introduced there are a lot of guitars that don't follow the first two digits rule. If you believe something is inaccurate, please point it out in the comments section at the bottom. All this serial number information pertains to Hagstroms built in Sweden between 1958 and the early 80s. SX Liquid RN Alder 3P90 Stop Black. Serials are usually found inside the body near the neck joint. It resembles a standard Jazzmaster body with part of the bottom bout cut away and "smooshed" over to form the fin. SX Lap 2 Ash NA Electric Lap Steel Guitar w/Stand & Bag. 1983  096640-126845 SZ(XXXXXX) Signature Series SZ0(XXXXX)='00, SZ1(XXXXX)='01, SZ2(XXXXX)='02, etc.T(XXXXXX) Tribute Series (check neck heel)V+4,5,6 digits Vintage Series (check neck heel)XN(XXXXX) FRS and Telecaster '52 (XN prefix may not appear on instrument) (XXX) OF 500 35TH Anniversary Strat from 1989-1990(XXXX) STAMPED ON BRIDGE PLATE U.S. '52 Vintage Telecaster 1982-1988 (Check neck date for exact year)(XXXXX) STAMPED ON BRIDGE PLATE U.S. '52 Vintage Telecaster 1988-present (Check neck date for exact year)G&L(Back to top of page), It seems there is no sure-fire way to get the year on a G&L. Qty: 185.00. 1981  025410-059618 The Ibanez Axstar AXB1000 model was made by FujiGen Gakki. 3042779.----------------------------------------------FYYMMRRRRF/FF = factory ID Y/YY = year of manufactureMM = month of manufactureRRRR = ranking numberExample: 3021234 = Samick Korea / 1993 / February / unit 1234Example: S3021234 = Samick Korea / 1993 / February / unit 1234Example: S93021234 = Samick Korea / 1993 / February / unit 1234Example: SI01021234 = Samick Indonesia / 2001 / February / unit 1234Example: SI010212345 = Samick Indonesia / 2001 / February / unit 12345Note: There may be no factory designator for some 1993 and earlier models. A number, usually 5 to 7 digits long, follows the letter and helps to further identify the year. For example, serial number: 7 0002 was the second guitar built in 1977. And a graphic illustration that gives a serial number production timeline: to top of page)SERIAL NUMBERS / YEAR[didn't use serial numbers!] Contrary to appearance, and unlike the Jazzmaster upon which it is based, the SX SJM cannot be fitted with a Fender Stratocaster neck as the Strat's fingerboard hangs over the body at the 22nd fret, where the SJM's neck continues for the full length, resulting in a too-short scale and poor intonation when the SJM is fitted with the Stratocaster neck. The first digit indicates the last digit of the year it was built, with the final numbers indicating sequentially the order of production. Kramer Guitars emerged in the 1970s as one of the first successful upstarts to challenge Gibson and Fender as a world-wide leader in manufacturing quality electric guitars and basses. Vintage Kramer Baretta Guitar- USA - serial number is Fxxxx which is from late 1987 to late 1989. 004446-005329 (SG1000) What can you tell me about the historical patent markings that appear on some of your products? For example, 92229222, means production year 1999. For example, 3-8094 would be March (3), 1978 (8) and the 94th guitar made that month.1982 - 2002 (modern pre-Fender era)Serial numbers have six numbers, with a three digit suffix:The first two digits are the year of manufacture.The next digit is the month (1-12).The next three digits are the model number, without the 6 at the beginning.The final numbers are the sequential order of the model made during the lifespan of the model (not that year).Example: A serial number of 998120-345 tells us this guitar was made in 1999 during the month of August (8) and is a G6120 model (120), the 345th to be produced during the Revival Era.Pre-Fender Korean (Electromatic/Synchromatic/Historic)Starting in 1999, Gretsch began producing budget-level Electromatic, Synchromatic and Historic Series guitars in Korea.

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