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Write and guess no matter how ridiculous it may seem. For more details kindly read our complete Disclaimer page. Copyright © 2019 Halv Media. According to the Telestrations Rules, each player is handed a marker and drawing book . Before initiating every round, every player is provided with a card that has a list of secret words. Telestrations is very much similar to “telephone” the game in which a player whispers a word or a phrase into the ear of the player sitting left to him, who would then whisper into next player’s ear and the chain continues till the game stops. Thus, it’s no wonder that, for adults, playing Telestrations After Dark (yes, the box glows in the dark, as will certain recesses of your eighth-grade minds) turns out to be even more giggle-worthy than its predecessors. This will definitely rose laughter in the room and it will make your party enjoyable. Their guesses will be equally funny and entertaining as their sketches. 3. Now comes an interesting twist in the game, every player awards himself a point if the final guess in their book is similar to the secret one. 6. foreplay. You can say that this game is a combination of Chinese whisper and Pictionary. The instructions include two different ways to score (“friendly” and “competitive”). Scoring | Players JudgeIf you do want to keep score, there is a way. 5. Our step-by-step guide to the rules of how to play Telestrations Board Game. An old fashioned sand timer or a stopwatch can be used to record the time of one minute. If you've played pictionary before, you will know what we are talking about here. Each player of the game awards a total of three points. Inside your Telestrations After Dark box you will find 100, two-sided cards listing over 1200 words, 8 erasable color coiled sketch books, 8 dry erase markers, 8 tiny but effective clean up cloths and 8 after dark, color coordinated drink coasters that match the People do struggle to make a picture into just one word. We had more than enough fun just showing each other the completed books. 2. petting zoo Players are given on cards or piece of paper with the help of markers or pen. One point is awarded to the player who drew their favorite picture or sketch in their book. One point is given by the player to the one has made their favorite guess in their book. Telestrations Rules are very simple. Now that you have seen how easy it is to learn how to play Telestrations, go out there and have a good time. Switch seats or remember to switch passing direction. Write that clue on the first page of you book, the “secret word” page. It’s an engaging game that can be played over and over with many different ages and types of groups/gatherings – it’s a perfect group game! 9. Telestrations After Dark is designed for 4-8 adults after-dark-glowing adults. Additional notions and special rules can be found below the list. You have to draw clues but you also need to interpret them. This is the fun drawing party game that mashes up with the classic game Telephone. There is no focus on winning and losing the game. Players are busy all the time in drawing and writing their guesses. Nobody has to sit and wait for their turn, the game is continuous the entire time. SETUP | Decide Card SideEveryone collectively decided if you are going to use the “this side” or “that side” of the clue cards.

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