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Shop latest laptops, PCs, tablets & 2 in-1s, accessories & monitors at Lenovo UK for home & office, gaming, entertainment and students. Add Tesco Combo Printer Ink for HP 364 Add add Tesco Combo Printer Ink for HP 364 to basket. You can also buy up to a 1GB bundle by calling 4488 free from your Tesco Mobile phone. Lenovo PC Accessories Bundle. HENERY 2FOR12/3FOR15 - Henry Genuine Bags 5 Pack Offer valid for delivery from 08/10/2020 until 20/01/2021. } All data bundles last for a month and automatically renew. And... IdeaPad Creator 5i 15.6" Laptop - Intel® Core™ i5, 256 GB SSD, Moss Green. else if (wl.indexOf('/computer-locks') > -1) { /* TINY ACCESSORIES */ Browse daily deals on monitors for work, gaming & more. else if (wl.indexOf('/wireless-and-networking') > -1) { Still wondering what you may need to boost your potential in the business world? Lenovo 15.6" inch laptop Backpack B210 (Grey) Lenovo 700 Ultraportable Bluetooth Speaker. Staying efficient requires a comfortable keyboard and second computer monitor. /* IF ANY OF THE URLs APPLY - CONSTRUCT THE BANNER */ Multi-task away - this... Yoga Slim 7 14" Laptop - AMD Ryzen 5, 256 GB SSD, Orchid. 3GB. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. var d = document; if (wl.indexOf('/monitors') > -1) { At just 1.2 kg, it won't weigh you down. } With the 10th generation Core™ i5 processor you'll power through demanding office software with several browser tabs open at the same time. New products added every day + enjoy Free Shipping sitewide! desk: { Lenovo B50-10 128GB SSD Windows 10 4GB RAM Quadcore Intel Processor Bag/Mouse/1 Year … } Rating 5.000004 out of 5 (4) £799.99. /* CAMERAS & SCANNERS */ else if (wl.indexOf('/drones') > -1) { /* COMPUTER LOCKS */ rvalue = true; /* CABLES AND ADAPTERS */ var rvalue = false; /* FURNITURE */ The Lenovo Flex series offers affordable all-purpose two-in-one laptops that are small and portable. Miss. Dr. To show you Currys PC World stores local to you, all we need is your postcode. bnr = new AccessoriesHero("SHOP", "Cables and Adapters", "https://www.lenovo.com/medias/lenovo-accessories-cables-and-adapters.jpg?context=bWFzdGVyfHJvb3R8MjgyOTB8aW1hZ2UvanBlZ3xoMjUvaDg2Lzk1NTM0NDY5NjExODIuanBnfGQxMjk0YWVjOTQzNTY2OWYyY2EwMzM2YWU0MzQ5ZjA0ZWU4MThhYTliM2EzMjIwNmRiYzRmMWIxODhjZTA5ZGI&w=1920", null, null, "cables-and-adapters"); } bnr = new AccessoriesHero("SHOP", "Lenovo Charger & ThinkPad Battery Replacements", "https://www.lenovo.com/medias/lenovo-accessories-chargers-and-batteries.jpg?context=bWFzdGVyfHJvb3R8MTkxMTN8aW1hZ2UvanBlZ3xoMWYvaGJkLzk1NTM0NDY4NjI4NzguanBnfGQxN2Y5OGU1NTAzYzBiNjdhYzJmMzNkY2E5YzAyOTA1ZGUxMWZjZGEyYWFjM2M4ZjA0MjFkNTVkZDRkMTRkNTU&w=1920", null, null, "chargers-and-batteries"); window.accessoriesOuterLog = ["Initiating accessories Hero"]; this.imgTabNode.src = this.imageDesk; Powered by an AMD 3020e processor, it helps you to stream, surf and multitask with ease.It's also got a 128 GB SSD drive, speeding up loading times and offering plenty... IdeaPad Duet 10.1" 2 in 1 Chromebook - MediaTek P60T, 128 GB eMCP, Blue & Grey. Rating 4.600025 out of 5 (25) £469.99. Dual rear cameras, 6.1” HD+ Max Vision (19.5:9), and 8 MP selfie cam—at a price you won’t believe. Your bundle will be ready to use within 4 hours. else if (wl.indexOf('/furniture') > -1) { title: "32px", console.trace("Initiating accessories hero"); Enjoy Free Shipping sitewide! bnr = new AccessoriesHero("SHOP", "Drones from Top Brands", "//static.lenovo.com/na/landing-pages/dlp/heros/category-pages/lenovo-category-page-drone-full-desktop.jpg", "//static.lenovo.com/na/landing-pages/dlp/heros/category-pages/lenovo-category-page-drone-tablet.jpg", "//static.lenovo.com/na/landing-pages/dlp/heros/category-pages/lenovo-category-page-drone-mobile.jpg", "drones"); } */ All Rights Reserved. Step into the world of your favorite movies and shows with a TN display panel designed to maximize your viewing experience. Start creatingGet those creative juices flowing with the Lenovo IdeaPad Creator 5i 15.6" Laptop.Featuring a 10th generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor and GTX 1650 GPU, it's been designed with content creation in mind. bnr = new AccessoriesHero("SHOP", "all Desks, Chairs, and Storage", null, null, null, "furniture"); Work and play, wherever you areIncredibly light and compact, you'll have no problem taking the Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 1 11.6" Laptop out on the town. Market-Leading Software for the Dynamic Business. Lenovo Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo. this.innerLog.push("Target URL given doesn't match current window URL | Debug or re instantiate"); bnr = new AccessoriesHero("SHOP", "ThinkCentre & ThinkStation", null, null, null, "thinkcentre-and-thinkstation"); Giving you access to Android apps and Google Assistant on your desktop, Chrome OS gets you online quickly, easily and securely. /* HYPER-X */ Add Tesco 4 Socket 2 Metre Extension Lead Add add Tesco 4 Socket 2 Metre Extension Lead to basket. Click here for the best deals on desktops for work, home, gaming & more! Both DSG Retail Ltd and Creation Consumer Finance Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Staying connected is about as important as anything in the business world, and there’s nothing like having a quality webcam and reliable business microphone or headset to ensure there’s no hiccups once you’ve logged into that web call. initAccessoriesHero(); var aux2 = this.cleanURL.split('/'); Sale ends on 12.11.2020. World’s first AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ Pro workstation. } The assortment of PC and tech accessories that today’s home office or small business worker needs can be a bit overwhelming. this.mobileNode.innerHTML = '

' + this.bannerTitle + '' + this.bannerCopy + '
'; /* SMART HOME ESSENTIALS */ this.cleanURL = this.getCleanUrl(); bnr = new AccessoriesHero("SHOP", "Tablet Accessories", null, null, null, "tablet-accessories"); try { else if (wl.indexOf('/subscriptions') > -1) { this.innerLog.push("Is target URL"); var aux = this.targetURL.split('/'); Mrs. bnr = new AccessoriesHero("SHOP", "Privacy and Protection", null, null, null, "privacy-and-protection"); } else if (wl.indexOf('/keyboards-and-mice') > -1) { this.useDefaultImages = function () { Whether you’re at home or in the office, everyone benefits from an additional business monitor that gives you that oh-so-important additional screen real estate to multitask and move documents and windows around with ease. A touch of class - This isn't your typical laptop that you carry around—it's a fashion statement. else if (wl.indexOf('/graphic-cards') > -1) { var wl = window.location.href; Contact 01256 774774​. this.imgMobNode = d.querySelector('.m-dynamicBanner-bgImage.m-dynamicBanner-forMobile').firstElementChild; /* Object Styles */ If your data bundle’s going to run out before the end of the month, you can buy another one. Check what’s left of your bundle by texting BALANCE to 2112 for free or call 282 for free from your Tesco Mobile phone.

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