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Add retro-styled sunglasses to make your throwback haircut extra cool. The modern mullet, or fashion mullet, differs from its ironic, disproportionate cousin of the past. This American band used the term “mullet” and wore this popular haircut when their hit song “Mullet Head” was released in 1994. Mullett websites generally credit the coining of this phrase to Mike D of the Beastie Boys. Once the hair is 98 or 99 percent dry, switch to cold air to lock the style in place using your fingers to add texture and dimension. Mullet haircuts are a perfect way to blend short and long hair into one unique style. But like a zombie flick, mullets keep rising from the grave—as they have for thousands (literally thousands) of years.

On your third haircut, you’re going to start to form the shape of the mullet. The Mullet haircut is 2 haircuts in 1 because the long ponytail is not cut and the sides of the mullet hair is short so I LIKE THE MULLET HAIRSTYLE AND MULLETS RULE!!!! The modern mullet is a hairstyle that pairs a long tail with very short hair on the sides and back. Use a flat iron for straight hair to create the right amount of natural-looking waves. Pomade, gel, wax—what's the difference? Just let your barber do all the work! Focus the Styling Balm at the roots of the hair. This mullet hair can be yours by leveraging a perm kit designed for toddlers, a straight razor, and a mild case of glaucoma. It all comes down to personal choice. The mullet is a hairstyle in which the hair is short at the front and sides, but long at the back. Like the last cut, this style necessitates discipline. The front and the back need to have the right amount of balance, which is where the barber can help.
From the side, you can see that it’s been aggressively shaved down to the scalp to show off a retro tattoo. Mullets have always made sense in soccer. From a purely functional standpoint, the mullet makes a lot of sense—especially in the early days of human life. When it comes to growing one, you’ve got two options—assuming you don’t already have long flowing locks. For instance, guys can now get a fade or undercut for a unique look. Finally, we have the Alabama Shag mullet haircut.

A mullet haircut is unique on its own, but what about the bangs? Plus, the short hair on the front keeps your natural curls freeze-free, giving you a chance to show them off in their best state. By the end of the century, you couldn’t rock a mullet unless you were doing so ironically—or played hockey for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Rihanna showed up to the opening of New York Fashion Week in 2013 with a legit mullet. The result is totally easy and casual, but still interesting. The length is evenly balanced over the forehead and above the nape of the neck in contrast with the subtly sculpted sideburns. They have the training and experience necessary to get even wild hair to stay together. Take the image above as an example of how you can wear a woman mullet even if your locks are very curly – it works for wavy hair too! Speaking of famous women and their famous haircuts, this list just wouldn’t be complete without Joan Jett. Taking its rodent moniker from the Rat’s Tail, the Rat’s Nest mullet haircut has a much smaller tail and is topped with a nest-like bush at the top. As a bonus, this simple look requires essentially zero daily stylings. We’ve talked and show various ways to wear a modern mullet but it is just as important to know where it all began! 24+ Best Waves Haircuts for Black Men in 2020, Elephant Trunk Hairstyle: 15+ Stylish Greaser Hairstyles for Men, 26+ Best Perm Hairstyles & Haircuts for Men, 20+ Modern Burst Fade Mohawk Haircuts for Men, Blowout Haircut: 25+ Modern Blowout Fade and Taper Hairstyles, 28 Modern Undercut Fade Haircuts – Find Your Unique Style, 30 Pompadour Haircut Ideas For Modern Men + Styling Guide, Cute Little Boy Haircuts: 60+ Stylish Hairstyles for 2020, 32 Curtains And eBoy Haircut Combinations You Should Try In 2020, 25 Best Faux Hawk Hairstyles (Fohawk) For Men In 2020.

V bangs are my long-time passion. The mullet is a haircut where the hair on the sides is cut very short, like a mohawk, but the hair in the back is left long. Uneven strands of hair for the mullet is surprisingly trendier than ever before. On your third haircut, you’re going to start to form the shape of the mullet. In true punk hawk fashion, the sides of the head were shaved so that all attention would fall on the top of the head. And we’re back to modern times and showing you the rise of the mullet among the younger generation – all thanks to Billie Eilish and by mistake. This cut combines Caesar bangs in the front, shaved-down sides, and an abundance of unruly curls in the back. It’s a highly technical cut, and there’s a clear distinction between a good mullet and a bad one. If you’re starting with a short hairstyle, such as a fade, expect to give your hair about three to four months. 30 Cool Ways to Wear a Woman Mullet & Rock It! This devil may care classic is achieved via the slapdash use of sheep’s sheers held in one’s non-dominant hand, and the use of a windshield instead of a mirror. Mullet with Short Spikes. Because curly hair adds a small level of impact protection, it is called a helmet. There are also some subtle pastel pink and yellow shades for a smoother transition. You can opt to slick it back, go with a modern quiff, or add a hard part to it. This bouffant earned its name from Americans seeking to cross into Canada during the economic collapse of 2008. This female mullet has a lot of volume on top and without being pouffy.

They can be timeless too! The El Camino automobile is known for providing bumpy rides and for suddenly spinning out on wet roads due to the rear wheels having poor contact with the ground. Did you know that while the mullet was born in the 1980s, it experienced a brief resurgence in the late 2000s? With short hair combed and slicked over to the side, let the mullet hang loose. The combination of jet black hair and the eye-catching spikes are the definitions of cool. We call this the mohawk mullet because the hair on top of the head – which usually lies flat on the crown – was spiked and styled to resemble a mohawk. For this style, you’re going to be pushing the hair forward and up. This look has major European vibes. Women all around the world wanted to look like her, or at least have Sarah's hair, and copied her voluminous locks. The mullet roared through the 80s and into the 90s like a modded-out Chevy Beretta; its tailpipe reaching upwards towards Mars. There’s no need to book an appointment at the barbershop for this style! “This is all a joke, right?”. Anyone with a super low fade should consider trimming the sides more often. Will the mullet dethrone fades, side parts, and quiffs as the dominant men’s hairstyle? Nonetheless, it’s paying homage to the spirit of the mullet. Follow our 25 expert tips and get yourself a silky smooth mane, man. Take time to invest in yourself and treat yourself to some great Beardbrand products. Sometimes just a hint of mullet is all you need to update your style!
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Finding a skilled barber or stylist that has experience with this hairstyle is important. You're coming off like you're Van Damme You've got Kenny G, in your Trans Am You've got names like Billy Ray Now you sing Hip Hop Hooray, By 1995 the mullet had fallen like a barrel going over a Kentucky waterfall. That being said and done, did you like any of the styles on this list? Apply a small amount of Styling Balm—a nickels worth is generally all you need, and you can always add more if needed.

At the end of your mullet, use a curling iron repeatedly for a tight cascade of curls.

David Bowie’s iconic character swung the pendulum of rock and roll, but the ripple effect extended beyond its implications on rock and pop music. You can opt to slick it back, go with a modern quiff, or add a hard part to it.

This is a very androgynous take on the mullet haircut as this shape can be easily worn by women and men alike. A buzz cut at the front opens up your face and lets the mullet work its magic in the back. There’s no need to keep it elegant if a messy and natural mullet suits you better. The tradition behind the Flavio comes from Italian immigrants to the West Coast in the early 1990s. Even though it may be oddly reminiscent of Kate Gosselin’s infamous soccer mom cut, this look has a silhouette that’s anything but uptight. Some care is needed to create the necessary graduation between the buzzed sides and back and the nest-like top. All eyes will be on this very cool look that mixes different shades of pink and which ends in almost white tips. 80 Caramel Hair Color Ideas for All Tastes, 45 Cool Balayage Short Hair Ideas Divided by Color. The mullet has long been associated with country music, and how can it not when Billy Ray Cyrus is practically the poster child? Then, a gel or pomade can be used to keep the sides in place while also adding shine. However, we are now going through a true revival of this much-debated cut so we’ve decided to show you some of the best woman mullet haircut ideas! In the 80s, however, things changed because the mullet … The modern mullet is a result of hipster influence, which has helped overcome some of the notion that only country boys get the style. Unconventional haircuts aren’t exclusively for young people and this salt and pepper mullet is proof! But we can’t forget Alan Jackson way down yonder on the Chattahoochee water-skiing in distressed jeans and a cowboy hat with mullet flowing out the back like a boat wake. The mullet has been surging in the country music scene. Blake Shelton? And what is your opinion on this trendy haircut? For the front, use pomade as well as a brush to create a stylish wave on the side. There’s a defiance to it—freedom to push the boundaries. This cut combines naturally tousled volume on the top with cleanly faded sides and a thick, well-kept beard. As a result, the mullet is more versatile now than it was in the past. Popular in the 80s, mullet hair can still be found in some rural parts of the United States. Whereas some people find it a low-class cut most men love it and also look fantastic in this classic hairstyle. This is a demanding cut that will require regular barbershop visits and plenty of devotion to your bathroom mirror in the morning for styling! The added combination of a curly beard and fade offers the right amount of texture. Let that mohawk stay wide, preferably the full width of the back of your head, while fading the sides into the top, and back of your hair.

The layers in this haircut are longer, they are well-balanced and the top layers are usually 'teased' for voluminous hair finish. Just as the bangs, they are also choppy for a more edgy look. Besides its shag-like style, this is a very classic mullet cut that draws in the eye thanks to its color: the very cool white blonde. The mullet is making a comeback. The Oxford English Dictionary credits the Beasties with being the ones to coin the hairstyle as a mullet. Regardless of what hairstyle you’re going for, using an all-natural, silicone, sulfate, and paraben-free Shampoo and Conditioner plays a significant role in getting your hair to do what you want it to. Typified by the short bowl cut combined with a narrow dorsal swoop, the SLB is achieved by taking the side buzz further toward the back than one would normally be inclined to do. A U-shaped cut around the forehead and a thin goatee offer a soft appearance in the front.

A dose of pomade or wax can help spike individual strands on their own to stick out on the top of your head. From the mullet fade to the euro mullet to the mullet mohawk, here are the best mullet hairstyles for men to try right now. This allows you to keep the length to the hair on the back of your head, just below the crown. Charlie Blackmon (@BlackmonMullet) and Bryce Harper brought mullets and beards back to the national pastime, taking over for a lengthy list of legendary Major League Mullets. It’s not for everyone, but that’s okay!

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